Looking South Across Hayden Bay-Portland, Oregon

We traveled North America from September of 2003 until May of 2015 with our cats and lots of Love.

In 2007, we visited Newfoundland, Canada and found in Twillingate, Newfoundland a Home (as my Wife loves to say) we couldn't NOT buy...

We considered this our 'summer home' and the RV our main Home. Life on the Road suited us well, and we made good friends and saw amazing sights.

We started our travels with a Lance Camper on a 1-Ton Crewcab Ford pickup

and after 13 months in 11 feet of living space, my wife simply said, "That if we were going to continue this lifestyle, we needed something bigger... "

Gaye's artisic talents have led her to painting with Acrylics...
Acrylic Painting #1
Mother and Child Acrylic Painting
Woman in bright Acrylic painting
Painting of woman with hand and tree limb over face