Acrylic Art
By Gaye Flyer


Gaye's Muzings 2014

All right, All right...I Hear You....

10 April month 2014

I have been busy doing a lot of little things and nothing, so my excuse for not being on FB is merely that I just haven’t felt like it….it is really frustrating because if one doesn’t stay closely connected to people and pages, etc. FB has kindly stopped letting us see many, many people’s posts….yet another change in the big wheel….

Tomorrow, being my birthday, has me in a strange place as I think of all of the years I had to look forward to….aging certainly makes a difference and I find myself wondering what sequels I will be seeing in the future….that is very deep…LOL…I do find the wiseness that comes with age should have only been there my whole life….I think it is a process we all go through.

I have been recovering for 10 days from a very fast but violent fall a week ago Tuesday….I really didn’t want to post about it as I am starting to feel like the world’s biggest clod….we were walking, again, in the area near the Karate Studio and there was a Palm tree stump sticking over the sidewalk in front of a house….I hit so hard and fast, that I tweaked Chet’s back when I fell…this time I did not get up very fast as I really shook myself up, lost my shoe and had a headache from snapping and wrenching my neck and back that had just finished months and months of PT in Portland and here….I finally sat up for a while and eventually got up to wait for Chet to go and get the car….a bloodied knee and a bruise on my other leg….

The people outside came to see if I was okay and offered ice, a ride, etc….as soon as I took some pictures they stopped talking to me….litigious California….we drove back to the Karate studio and slowly walked around for a little bit and then home to the Jacuzzi…I called my doc the next day as I was really feeling fuzzy in the head….she told us my brain was swollen from the fall and it would take a week to 10 days to quiet down….the gods were looking out for me as I did not hit my head…I was ashamed to say anything on FB at the time!!! 8-/

Tomorrow we take Brett to get his blood checked to see if his blood levels are at the proper amount to start weaning him off of his other medication….I think we are all feeling a bit apprehensive but the doctor feels good about it….my “momma” gut feeling is he was having some siezure activity when he was getting the terrible headaches as that is what would happen when he was young….that is the “Doctor Mom” side coming out….we are also going to his internist as he has had a cough that has lingered for over 6 weeks….glad they are in the same building as time wise it is like driving to Lewispotre but less than 10 miles away….

Things have been going exceptionally well living together….only 1 blow up over his not shaving so I would say that is darn good…Brett is such a dear person anyhow!!!! Separating is going to be a bitch….

We just went to the 'grand opening’ of a restaurant that is run by the people who run Dinah’s where Brett works….it is Mexican food and we all agreed that it was DEEELICIOUS….they even sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish…

We are going out for a walk now to pick up some meds and then a stop by Costco….at least it has cooled off…stop laughing all of my Newfoundland friends….

I don’t know what we will do tomorrow but we will be near my favorite shopping center which is like Disneyland to me…”The Grove”….Randy, Tracey and Tia got to spend time there when they were on a layover in Los Angeles on their way to visit Matt….we were supposed to meet them but couldn't leave Pequena at the time… :”( at least I will get to walk through the ‘American Girl” doll store….one of my fav’s….maybe a movie and dinner at “The Cheesecake Factory”….

I hope you are all well…Chet is slowly getting the web page back together….things got corrupted and he is having to go through all of his emails to find my ‘muzes’ as far back as 2008….glad it is not me!!!!

I am working on painting # 20 now and it is really fun….

Have a wonderful weekend and hugs to you all…..I wish we were all together to celebrate tomorrow….



Creative Energy Sliding into Painting

5 April month 2014

Maybe my ability to write muzes has gone into my painting….maybe it is just the pain and stress that has been in my life for well over 2 years….I know I just couldn’t write one more thing about my pain and heartache and feel like I was inflicting it on all who read…in a way, I just now see, it would have been better to keep writing and not posting it….it probably would have been very therapeutic….

We have been in LALA Land for 5 months already and it has been the longest I have been here since 1998….it has taught me quite a bit….traveling is an amazing way to live but being away from the family was always something that ate at me….

It is over 6 months since we lost my beloved Pequena and hardly a day goes by when she is not in my thoughts….I think of how kind everyone has been through my FB ‘Family’….you took over holding me together when I felt I could put no more on Chet who was also suffering terribly….sometimes I pick up my phone to call her and then I remember her tiny hand holding mine during her last hours; never letting go for one second…

We came to Los Angeles and spent 3 months at Mitchell’s new home above the Pacific trying to help in any way we could….we then moved to the Malibu RV park for 5 weeks and then fell into another calling….one that I would have no other way…nor would Chet.

We took Brett to the neurologist, at his internist’s suggestion, and had an EEG done after an MRI the year before….Brett was experiencing horrific headaches that I could only relate to the seizure activity he had when he was younger….He has been on meds since he was a baby and changed from one to another around 2 years of age….there he has stayed since; having his blood levels and liver checked every 6 months….the neurologist felt it would be very beneficial to change Brett to a different medication and he couldn’t be left alone during that period of time which is a minimum of 3 months….the living together in his 1 bedroom apartment has been fun…we put a bed in the living room and rearranged the furniture…it turned out really cute….it has also offered an amazing amount of free time being here and not having to drive 2 hours to see him….the best part is the Costco 1/2 mile away where we walk to quite often….

….we found a storage yard walking distance from his place so in we moved with our 2 cats….it has been a month already and our little cat Skipper is still freaked as he has only been in the RV since we got him…. he is a funny little cat that drives Moose, that we got in Newfoundland 5 years ago, crazy….Moose has grown into an 18 pound, gentle, sweet and very trusting boy…how I wish we could get another kitten from Cavell Rideout Adams….we want another Newfoundland cat due to their slightly idiosyncratic behavior….but only one we could bond with before it left its’ momma….

Life, as we age keeps teaching us lessons…some wonderful, some not so great….we have to learn to take the good with the bad….my heart has been broken into tiny pieces these past few years but my doctor gave me some great advice as I went to her to tell her I wasn’t feeling safe anywhere….I could take meds or start more walking…I chose more walking and I must tell you it has helped so much….gets the endorphins pumping and makes me feel better….we have had our physicals and one more year of great reports….I had to have several tests done regarding my stomach and pain in my side but it was all due to stress…the stress was not only from Pequena but from other matters that have come along that have taught me some very big lessons….

I have thoroughly gotten lost in my painting….no different than all of my artistic endeavors….I paint and I can hear them start to make noise too me….it is amazing to feel what comes from my tiny little brush I use as I put layer after layer on the canvas….then it comes time to stop but I have trouble finding that place….I find myself staring at them and smiling….

Chet did a lot of work on the web page but is still reconfiguring it and getting things to work correctly….he is a happy man playing on the computers….we have a constant stream of photographs on the 27 inch iMac….I get lost in the ones of Newfoundland and dream of returning….

We are off to see 'Captain America' shortly so I will close and send lots of love and good wishes your way….



10 March month 2014

…. I am going to try speaking this so that I don't have to type, as you all well now how much I hate to type. Well, maybe that's a strong statement, because I never learned how to do it properly. I think it comes from that thing I have about following directions…. never was one of my favorite things to do. This is amazing as it is actually working, except that I can't keep my husband quiet in the background.I seem to be all okay except I have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to hear about the results of my stomach biopsies and the final report on my CT scan…hopefully enough said about that….please….

I want to let you all know what the “Next Chapter” in our lives is….seems to turn on a dime at any given moment. Several weeks ago we took Brett in for a EEG to read his brain waves as he has been on seizure medications since he was 10 months old. We changed the meds when he was a couple of years old due to side effects and during that process he was vomiting and I did not get the proper information from the neurologist and his amount of meds in his blood dropped and he went into a status seizure….it is one that starts and doesn’t stop….we rushed off in an ambulance and I was convinced I was going to lose my boy….he was given injections of Phenobarbital to get it under control….I don’t want to go into all of the details regarding the neurologist but needless we did not part as friends….at my expense, he put information in his waiting room so people would be able to have more knowledge about seizures and medications…. Brett has missed only 1 pill in his life as I have monitored him relentlessly….he has always been very good about taking his pills….we all goof up sometimes, tho.

Over the past few years he has had a few blaster headaches that make him sick so in 2012 he had an MRI of his brain. He still had the headaches and so the EEG was ordered. There was no evidence of any spike activity but the doctor wanted to change Brett's medication to one that he felt would be better for Brett and it also helps with migraine headaches. It will take between 3 to 4 months to start his new meds and when they reach a therapeutic level he will SLOWLY be weaned off of the medication he is presently on. Brett started his new meds last week and increases to 2 pills on Thursday morning….1 in the morning and 1 at night….after 2 weeks we take him to have his blood checked and see where we go from there.

I called the neurologist and Brett’s internist 2 days after he started his new meds as he and all of us were more than a little apprehensive about what is going to happen…the internist left it at "do whatever we want" and the neurologist said "he felt the change would be very beneficial for Brett”. I mentioned Brett lived alone and thankfully Jonathan mentioned to me he didn’t think Brett should be alone while he was being tapered off of his present meds….I had been so stressed about myself that I couldn’t seem to even think of anything else….it certainly sounds selfish but I was feeling so sick and was crying every day….I so desperately needed to take care of me…. I posted 2 pictures of Brett’s apartment last night….it now has a new bed in the living room and Chet and I, and of course the 2 cats, are moving in to be with Brett as he makes this transition….his neurologist said he felt it would be safer if someone was with him the whole time during this time….we feel so much better and I am sure the rest of the family feels better that Brett won’t be alone. I wouldn’t have it any other way….and Bless my husband who married the whole family….

This will put a crimp in our plans with Jon, Erin, Jack and Lilli in April and our visit with Pequena’s family after that…then it was off to Newfoundland…. "We aren’t in", charge is very clear….life happens and I almost had myself convinced that maybe I might just possibly, perhaps start to think about entertaining the slight chance of flying to “The Rock”….this whole Malaysian Air thing is freaky… We will keep you in the loop about our ETL(estimated time to leave) for Newfoundland…. Blessings to you all and thank you one more time for all of your support…. SMOOCH……

21 February month 2014

I think I have finally found my sport to watch..... With all of the things to watch I rely heavily on instant replay because I lose the football when hiked, can't follow the soccer ball...getting a bit better with basketball, have no patience for is impossible to follow when the goals are made....twizzles and triple lutz are lost..all of the somersaults in skiing...well...they're just plain crazy...on and on..... there is my new favorite spectator sport....the rock go just fast enough for me to follow and I get a lot of giggles listening to the jargon in a foreign language....perfect...maybe we will go watch a real live game in Newfoundland this summer.. I have to admit I am ready for the Olympics to be over. I need to get back to my silly shows that I am missing....I think I will not bother you with a long list as we are going to go for a walk.... Blessings to all of you and hope the snow stops soon....XOXO