Gaye's Muzings

May Month 2011



31 May month 2011


I started to write yesterday but just couldn't do it on Memorial I decided to wait until today...


We had a wonderful weekend of fun, family and new friends....

I guess I will start with Friday evening and our trip to the movies to see "Hangover Part II" or maybe I should interject that we watched "Hangover" on Thursday evening. The second one was similar but certainly expanded its' was hysterical and seeing it on a big screen was quite different from watching the first one on the computer. I was still laughing when we got to the car. We then went to visit Lilli Mae and Jack for a while....perfect evening.


Saturday morning we met Jon, Erin, Jack, Lilli, Betty and Laura at the square in Arcata to view the participants in and the beginning of The Kinetic Grand Championship, The Triathlon of the Art World. All of the vehicles were people powered, had to be able to cross sand dunes, travel in water and be propelled for 3 days to the finish yesterday in Ferndale, California. It has been happening for 42 years. It was pretty amazing and we had some great chuckles. After they all got on their way we went to Tomo for sushi, tempura and all sorts of was delicious to say the least...thank you, Jonathan...afterwards we went across the street for some to get frozen yogurt. We came home for a while and then went over to the Ranch to do some art with the kiddies. Chet and I took our walk up to the gate and I can hardly impart the beauty of the sky, the ocean, the cows and sheep in the fields, the sound of their power generating windmill and the amazing rainbow that came just after the sky opened and drenched us with rain and hail....we were soaked and got a good laugh as we walked the 1/2 mile down the driveway to the house. Chet got in the car and I said goodbye so we could come home and get warmed up and dry.....what a wonderfully visual day.


Sunday was the day to go and watch the bay part of the race but it was blowing and bed sounded so much better so we listened on the radio. There was a barbeque at the ranch that afternoon so we showered and went to town to see the racers at the Natural Foods Market, took some pictures and headed towards the ranch. We passed many vehicles as they pedaled to their destination for that evening which passed close to the ranch. We met Jon and Erin's lovely neighbors and got to see family was very sweet...we were tired as I think getting cold the evening before took a bit out of us. I actually went to sleep before midnight....


On Monday we went for a walk and then to Ferndale to watch the racers complete their jaunt...they had to go in the water again but only 4 made it before the alternate route was used due to rough water. A great day of fun and frivolity, lots of pictures and a good Mexican dinner. Afterwards we went to Betty (Erin's mom) and Laura's for a nice visit and to see their new digs....just as we left there it started to rain so it was a perfect day.

The only boo-boo that happened was on Sunday when I managed to hit my hand that had 3, week old stitches in it and nicely remove the stitches and open up my incision...Erin to the rescue with butterfly strips and Band-Aids...that was really irritating.........


I hope you all had a spectacular weekend....



30 May month 2011


Memorial Day is a day to feel thanks in our hearts for all who have given their lives to keep us safe....I pause for a moment to feel these feelings.....I also feel deeply for all families who have lost loved ones, relatives and is a sobering thought.

I cannot write of my weekend at this just doesn't feel right...

My love, pain and you all....



24 May month 2011


We just got back from a walk and were just seconds away from completing an hour...we set the pedometer on our iPhone and it gives us our steps, a map of where we went, time and distance. Oh my, I am always happy when we are finished...I used to love running when I was younger and have never really enjoyed walking but I am so grateful that I can do it and that my knee isn't acting up very much at all....yessssss....the doctor told me to concentrate on using my thighs to walk and it takes a lot of pressure off of my knee.


I am thankful for what I have as I watch the furor of Mother Nature as she wreaks havoc across Alabama, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas...not to forget the good old Mississippi as it has slowly been moving south and flooding so many places...not even finished yet with heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones and their homes, pets; everything. What a tragedy is unfolding in front of my eyes on the t.v. I hope it stops soon. We are usually traveling back to Newfoundland by now but I am glad we are not on our way yet...


TOMORROW....Finally....The impressions for my bridge to be attached to my implants....5 months waiting for this and 2 more weeks until the can be attached...I will be so happy to smile without a gaping space on the side of my mouth...I sure am happy it is the side and not the am glad I have kept my son, Mitchell, well entertained....


Dr. Martey....I'm counting on you for them to hold and Dr. Kime you have the job to match colors...maybe I should have one of them done in pink...haha...what a gas.

We haven't seen the grand kiddies for several days due to colds that they shared with their parents....we miss them....


I haven't written in a while so I will bring you up to date...I have been to the dermatologist 3 times so far and had sun damage burned off and had a lump removed from the top of my right hand...3 stitches.....Jon and Erin had a pig roast barbeque for the people who helped them realize their dream home and I must say it is truly a work of art. There were probably 70 people in attendance and plenty of room for more. The party lasted for 6 hours and it was a really nice bunch of people right down to the lovely lady who took care of the purchase of the 160 acres....real estate agent extraodinaire, Lauren Smith; Erin's sister.


We have seen Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor and Bridesmaids. Pirates and Thor were total eye candy and Bridesmaids was hysterical. There was 1 other couple in the theater and we were all howling; the women more than the have been keeping up on our walks, had the Jeep serviced today but still need rear brakes and a set of tires we will get in Reno, Nevada, while we hopefully will be visiting some special friends.


Next week we have the motorhome serviced and the week after the new slide toppers installed that we ordered 6 months would have been pretty funny if we had forgotten. When I finish this I will get online and order a kitchen faucet for the cabin in Newfoundland and a bathroom faucet for the house.


I am almost finished with a blanket for a friend in Twillingate and have started another for our friends, Ellen and Adam, who are getting married. We and Brett were supposed to attend the wedding but won't be back on "The Rock" in time :_(.


Everything is great and we hope it is for you, too...





11 May month 2011


First....Happy 9th Birthday, Jack Weldon Flyer.....


We were all at the ranch for Mother's Day, but for Mitchell, and we missed Jack's birthday dinner tonight....I think there will be a celebration on Saturday with the extended family as it is Erin's birthday on the 13th. We hope Jack had a great day.


The past few days we have been doing things at the ranch...visiting, appreciating the peacefulness that we feel in the new house...even if there is commotion going on...there is peace there; special peace. Chet has been working on the frames for the stained glass windows which may get hung tomorrow or Friday...the large one still has to be repaired from the 2X4 that went through it....Monday evening I went with Jonathan to get the low-line cows into the pasture away from the canyon and I got to feed some of the momma's out of my is sooo neat to do...I just have to work on my head that keeps rejecting the fact that the cows are being raised for food; the sheep and the pigs....I know it sounds hypocritical as I am not a vegetarian but there is a disconnect when the meat I eat has not been touched by my gaze...I am trying...


Last night Chet and I went to dinner/supper with our new friend William....we had the loveliest evening dining together and sharing stories of our respective lives and families...we had salads, bread with fennel or anise in it, halibut on fresh pan-fried veggies and an amazing mango curry sauce...dessert was creme brulee for the men and I had fresh fruit....delicious food and excellent service. It is always so nice when you meet people that you know are going to have a special place in your life...we chatted for 3 hours and then went on our way. We hope to have repeat performances in the near future.....just like the title of the movie "Happy, Thank You, More Please"....


Today, we had to get up several hours before I like to, so I could get to a doctor appointment at 8:30 and then to pick Brett up at 10:30 to drive 210 miles to the airport in Santa Rosa. Alaska has stopped running its flights to LALA land from Eureka so he would have had to change planes in San Francisco. We were eating our food when Brett called to tell me he was home and we were still in Santa Rosa. It took him 1 1/2 hours to fly and us almost 4 hours to get back...uuuugh.


Jonathan promised us a nice romantic dinner if we would take Brett. We couldn't resist an offer like that and found a lovely Chinese Bistro. We had pot stickers, coconut soup with shrimp, clams and scallops, seared ahi tuna dipped in sesame seeds served on salad with ponzu dressing and pad thai noodles with shrimp and tofu. We sat outside right next to a fountain and small koi pond with a monster koi and some pretty big gold fish...we had the patio to ourselves through most of the meal and had fun with the koi as it sucked on our fingers...what a beautifully romantic setting and absolutely delicious meal...oops...forgot the coconut creme brulee we took with us to enjoy on our way home. Thank you, Jon....


Brett was up north with the family for 3 weeks and we were astounded it went by so fast. It was a pleasant visit all around....Brett got to help Jon a bit with farm work, gathering eggs and to drive the gator a few times...that was a thrill for him. He would walk himself up to the barn which was a good thing and accompany us on our forced marches from the house to the gate at the street and back...9/10ths of a mile according to our pedometer on the iPhone.


On Saturday night, Chet and I have tickets to the women's roller derby and are really looking forward to it. We have been to see them in Portland and couldn't believe how crazy the girls are...skating a concrete, flat track and on occasion landing in the would have been something I would have enjoyed when I was younger. I will let you know how it was.


Sunday, Jon and Erin are hosting a party for all of the people that had anything to do with making their dream of a house come true...I think around 100 people are invited. I look forward to seeing the windows I made hanging in their house. I am sporting a nice cut on the end of my finger from the broken glass.


What a gorgeous day it has been and perfect for my sweet Brett to fly home...we will see him in Newfoundland at the end of the summer and he will ferry and drive back to the states with us.


We haven't heard from our friends, WC and Leslie since they were deployed by the Red Cross to is hoping all is well with them....


We are VERY thank you and more please..... *-)



5 May Month 2011


Crystal clear water running under and above the Earth....sparkling and potable...thirst quenching and filling our bodies with nectar...captured, by man, in wells of all fashions...replenishing, soothing. Metaphorically, we go to those wells to look to be sustained but so often end up going to and returning to the well that is frequently empty; all dried up and filled with nothing to soothe our bodies and souls....the not to continue that behavior as the well will continue to give only what it has.....


We are being blessed with magnificent weather here in Eureka...just perfect as far as we are concerned...sweat shirts and my Uggs. We have had a few sprinkles on and off but mainly at night so it just washes the air for us.


My stitches fell out where the extra bone was placed and all seems to be healing the end of the month the impressions will be made and sent to the lab for my new will be strange chewing on both sides of my mouth after 6 months of using the left side only...Dr. Martey should know how well I have behaved....I did him proud!

Brett is still up here at the ranch as he didn't want to leave on Sunday...the question is how to get him is a long walk....


Mother's day is on the way and Jack's birthday on the 11th...Erin will be celebrating hers, too, on the 13th....lots of festivities.


Chet is outside sanding the frames around the stained glass windows that I made for my house in Pacific Palisades....there was some lacquer on the wood soooo he will do it and then they can be oiled...should look beautiful when they are hung.


Not much else to tell except we are well and happy...we miss our friends in Newfoundland....the following was sent by my friend Goldie Bath and I thought I would share it with is why we love our "home" so much....instead of forwarding it I will share it here.....peace....



FRIENDS: Never ask for food.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Always bring the food. And lots of it.

FRIENDS: Will say 'hello'.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss. More than once.

FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Call your parents Mom and Dad, and often.

FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Cry with you. And for you.

FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing, and just being together.
Then do the dishes before leaving.

FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you.
And most of the time know you better than you do yourself.

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' ass that left you.
Then walk beside you in the front of the crowd.

FRIENDS: Would knock on your door.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, 'I'm here!' If you are not home they will wait.

FRIENDS: Are for a while.
NEWFOUNDLAND FRIENDS: Are for life. And then some.

FRIENDS: Might ignore this.



25 April month 2011


Just got out of my new dentist's office, Dr. David Kime, and he is sooo nice along with his staff...very friendly people and he will be making my bridge after some more healing time for my implants. After we finished with Dr. Kime we went to our fav...Golden Harvest for breakfast....then to Dr. William Martey's office to have him put the pieces in my implants to hold the bridge. More Novocain, painlessly administered, to cut the gum and add more cadaver bone so my smile will "be pretty" and screw in the pieces to hold the teeth....not to be redundant....I look like Jack Sparrow....but how bad can that be...Johnny Depp is such eye candy.....just got my antibiotics and popped some codeine and we will go to the movies in a while to keep me still.


Our return trip to Twillingate will be put off for a month as Dr. Martey wants me to wait until the end of May for the impressions to be made...just so the bone is strong enough...I saw the x-rays and where he partially built my sinus up for strength....all so interesting but I have to be well entertained to make the cost of the whole procedure hurt less. We will be lucky to start the return trip at the end of June.. :-( I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Martey...he is the nicest and the best and caring and gentle and, and, and.....


We had a lovely Easter at The Lilli-J Ranch with 4 grandmas, 2 grandpas, 1 uncle, 4 cousins, friends and the sweet family. We ate a delicious meal and then walked from the house up to see the baby lambs hopping and running all over the place...the cows were mooing and the momma and baby pig were doing fine....guinea hens running around, the kids catching frogs, target practice, checking out Lorin's friends piece of property down the street from the ranch that they just is hard to figure how many years it has been since anything had been trimmed around the place. We had to duck through a jungle to get to the house and out buildings. It is a turn of the century old growth Redwood house that is in sore need of help. Being around Newfoundland, we can see what is possible to do to homes and know it could be made into a really cute place. The garden is sooooo overgrown but has many trees and shrubs that may be able to be salvaged. A lot of work and TLC....


Now that we have to wait the extra time, there is the thought of possibly going to Oregon for three weeks....have to have the RV serviced, buy tires for the Jeep, a new battery and have the Jeep serviced too...we will have to figure out how much fuel we will be burning first....our money tree stopped producing.


We miss all of our NL friends so much and the house...everything has a way of working out...the weather has been so bad that I don't want to be anywhere near the East any time soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate, Easter, Passover or whatever........peace.



19 April month 2011


We are starting our way north to Jon and Erin's new home and are very excited to see them moved in...Brett is with us and all is well...Chet just got out of his second shower....the first one when he over filled the water tank and it all came shooting back at him....poor baby...he works so hard to get us ready and then has to do all of the driving. I think I am finally out of conflict with myself over driving or not.....NOT won....


We are leaving Malibu a day early as Chet will be inducted into the Elks tomorrow at 6 p.m. It will be a good thing for travel as there is usually always RV parking at the lodges all over the country. We may have to stop keeping such screwy hours, tho....we will see....we like to leave late and drive late.

Three weeks in LALA land was a bit much but we got all of our doctor appointments finished and we passed with flying colors....two new pairs of glasses and the world is now easy to see again...a sweet visit at Mitch and Andrea's last night to say bye bye....


How quickly things change...Chet just had me start the RV so he could check the lights and then had me pull out and around to the office...oh, I did a splendid job....and then he took over. I drove all of 200 yards...Brett is happily sitting in my seat and I am on the couch with Twilly keeping a sharp eye on him to see if he can make it through the first half hour without getting carsick....we have made it 11 minutes, so far....I'm back..he didn't make it any further....poor boy....I have it down to a pretty foolproof operation with my plastic bags and paper towels handy....enough of that.


I picked Brett up this morning and made one last stop at Tommy's Famous Burgers and Chili Cheese Fries to have a picnic before we left....mmmm-mmmm. Tonight we will find a Wal-Mart to spend the night and to pick up a few necessities. I have to see Parenthood, anyhow.


We have been in so much sun since the end of January that heading up to the rain will be a change. We get our seasons all turned around and it does get confusing at times.


Tomorrow I will call my dentists, Dr Martey and Dr.Kime to double check my appointment times....I sure hope Dr. Kime is as nice as Dr. Martey....


Dang it really rattles a lot louder sitting back here in the living


Even though the ride has felt like we were going through sludge, it turned from very foggy to a sparkling day...we are stopped now so Chet can get some sleep and I can watch my tv shows...we will drive on later.



10 April month 2011


Chet, Brett and I went out for our third day of celebrating my upcoming birthday in a few hours...movies, dinners, walks, sweetness and fun....Brett started it on Friday and we have been on a roll ever since...going to see Arthur on Friday as my birthday gift from Brett, at the Rave theaters with reserved seating and wonderful wide, leather we went to the California Chicken Cafe for Chinese Chicken salads....Saturday, Brett met us at the Santa Monica Promenade and we walked and walked, then had supper and he came and spent the night with us in Malibu. Today, after 11 hours of sleep, we got up and had breakfast before going back to Brett's place. Gabby came home and gave me some beautiful and delicious desserts and a card....mmmmmm....


The 3 of us went to see "Hanna" this afternoon and it was really a good movie. The opening scenes were so magnificent and reminded us so much of our winter in beloved that amazed me when I feasted my eyes on the ponds, the snow and ice covering the sea. It made me ache to see that magnificence again. Unfortunately, that may not happen as I almost froze to death last winter, when we stayed, and it was the warmest winter in around 75 years.


I know my friends in Newfoundland look for the winter to end but this comes from a lady who only has the slightest recollections of winter in New York before moving to Miami when I was 4 years old. After that I lived at the Pacific ocean for 30 years....seeing the whiteness of winter was a memory I will never forget and the inability to stop looking as we drove to St. John's....oh the sea...the white sea and the islands all white, the stores sitting surrounded by white where the sea would normally be lapping against the stages...oh, oh, oh.....


It has been a good year and thanks to the Powers that be, Chet and I have a clean bill of health once again. We will be leaving Malibu in a week and a couple of days to head up to Jon and Erin's to spend a couple of months to finish up with Dr. Martey and my new dentist I am to meet, Dr Kime. It has been a long time waiting for my implants to heal and become ready to have the rest of the work completed so my bridge can be made and attached. Between that and a 2 month bout with bronchitis all else is well and we are back to walking and hiking again. That is a nice feeling except that our bodies scream



Two minutes until midnight....


and a Happy Birthday to me......



29 March month 2011

We pulled up stakes today and left Phoenix for Malibu. We will go half way today and head in tomorrow for 3 weeks. It is time for our annual doctor visits and I can get my new glasses which I am desperate has been a bad winter for eyeglasses and me....fortunately we were able to get someone to salvage my reading glasses until April. I sure have missed my blended bifocals which were flattened at Jon's ranch...mmmmm, my bad.


We had a great time in and around Phoenix for the past 2 included our time at Havasu and the Winterblast and then the return to Phoenix for the past month. It was going to be close to 90 F/32 C today in Phoenix and that is time for me to head towards the coast. Brett has been with us for a week and we had a great time doing a lot of nothing: TV watching, walking, swimming, going to the movies and of course, eating.


We just stopped at a rest stop and the police had a mobile weigh and inspection station set up for the commercial truckers. It was interesting watching all of the goings on and the two trucks that were moved by us to get the serious once over. I don't want to imply that there would EVER be any racial profiling but one driver was Latino and the other African American...this IS America...the land of the free.....


There is such a stark beauty in the land here with the huge Saguaro Cactus, the Ocotillo, which are leafing and blooming due to some rain, and the miles and miles of mountains with very strange formations. The desert is a beautiful visit....a far cry from the flora and fauna of Newfoundland.


We are going to stop at a rest area for the night near Desert is time to get the dish up and record our evening shows.


It was a warm night and a short sleeping one. Chet got up at 3:00 a.m. to head to LALA Land...I had 2 hours of sleep...we headed into town with a whole freeway full of people...getting to Brett's at 6:00 a.m. We went straight to bed for a few more hours of sleep and then unloaded Brett and his things. We stayed until noon and got to see Gabby for a while then we headed to Malibu for our 1:00 p.m. check-in....we mean 1:00 and not before...


I was reading on an app on my iPhone about the RV park here and couldn't believe all of the comments that were less than complimentary about the staff and rules here. What was really funny is the first comment was written by Gay F. from Canada....


It is the 31st now and we took a day for was HOT in town today so we went to the beach...haven't done that in was so much fun....walking in the getting in almost to my waist....watching a pod of whales and a couple of dolphins cavorting in front of us...sweet time....afterwards we went to the grocery store and got some veggies for the dinner to go with our portobello ravioli. It is so pretty out right now; we are watching Grey's Anatomy on the East coast feed which makes it nice...also know who got sent home from American was aaaaaaaaaa....never mind.....tomorrow I get to have a pedicure at my favorite place in Pacific Palisades where I have been going for 19 years.....ooooohhh what a treat.


I got some miraculous news from my friend being treated for colon cancer...the doctor told her it was a miracle that her PET scan showed no cancer...she has been having chemo every other week for the past 7 months...she had her first bout with breast cancer 17 years are in white light.....


Live, love and be happy......



22 March month 2011


As I lay in bed this morning, wiggling all over the place, I imagined a muze written from what I thought might be Chet's perspective, living with Gaye....what kept coming to mind was life for our dear friend Tracey with her husband Randy and daughter Tia....people we dearly love.

We are on our way to the airport to get Brett at an hour that we are usually fast asleep....8:45 a.m......we are seeing our first traffic since arriving in Phoenix. It is a good thing there is an HOV Lane as we have a way to go...


When it is time for bed, Chet gets up and goes to bed which is really annoying as he always seems to get there first. Gaye, still finishing her multiple Scrabble games, grumbling about having to take vitamins that should have been taken hours earlier, finishing stitches on a row on the blanket that is in progress, petting a cat or various and sundry other things.....eventually it is up to brush teeth, at least the ones that are there, sorely missing the upper right side which will be put together starting in April if the implants are all healed.


To bed I go, chattering away to a nearly comatose husband who continuously tells me that going to sleep means just exactly that....going to sleep. It is an incomprehensible concept for me, whose mind is going a mile a minute with thoughts that just keep flowing from delight to the morbid, waging wars with others that have no idea that they are at war or just thinking about an incident that perhaps happened that day....or any day. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and the sound of Chet's deep breathing is under way; asleep...I have counted many times. Then there is the lying there trying to figure out how one just lies down and goes to sleep in less than 11 seconds.....tossing, turning, getting the proper head position, wiggling feet, stroking the softness of the sheets, petting the passing cat, playing Solitaire, searching the internet to find the answer to a thought that has just passed through...and on and on it goes, as I listen to the sound asleep breathing next to me. I often wake to wondering how and when I fell asleep. Last night it was cold feet, which is more neurological than anything. Mad wiggling of toes, up and down and circling of feet in both directions seemed to really was amazing and will be experimented with again. All of this to the uninterrupted sleep sounds of Chet next to me.


We arrived at the airport with only one person causing us to hit the brakes as it cut in front of us in the HOV lane. We just saw downtown Phoenix for the first time since arriving here. We zipped right to the airport and through a tunnel that goes under downtown...what a clever idea. The airport was beautiful and there were people there to show us exactly where to go...what a pleasant experience. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and called Brett at 5:00 a.m. to say good morning. Gabby took him to the airport in plenty of time...6:30 and he called when he boarded at 8:10. We met him at 9:40 a.m. and followed him to baggage check and he found his carousel, got his bag, and off we went to breakfast. We went to our favorite bagel place and had a great breakfast then back to the RV and were all sound asleep by 11:30...Jon called on my phone and Brett's at 2:00 p.m. and we all slept right through the calls. Ho hum....guess we were a bit tired....


Back to Chet's perspective of a day..."I'm with a wife who is about 3 years old a good part of the time...unless she is mad and then watch out, whomever is in her way...our conversations going from the silly to the serious, lots of joking and playing, that I have had to temper to not play back too rough as I'm a younger brother who learned early to vigorously defend myself when attacked. My woman, who loves her hair brushed, has an itch on her back that eventually ends up making her head itch. There is some strange wiring there but wiring that is totally adored....a lioness when cornered and a lamb with the softness of kitten fur when feeling safe. I'm amazed at the talent that oozes from her and the innocence of her questions, and answers that are listened to with wide-eyed amazement as the words "My Professor" comes out of her mouth.


Last evening with just one touch of a key on the computer her screen went blank, that on a machine that has been disabled of many of its' functions due to her being digitally challenged. I had to figure out where all of her emails went and restore them. My lady can crash a Mac almost as easily as our XP Dell. I play in a swimming pool with a lady who is as at ease in the water as a cat sprawled out getting its' belly rubbed...she plays with a man who is not particularly at ease in the water after growing up by the hostile waters of the coast of Oregon...our trips through Costco and the things that have been crammed into the Jeep from Pier 1 consummate shopper that finds 90% off deals that just can not be "passed up". Watching television or a movie & encircling her with my arms as she sobs, or roaring with laughter together when getting off the couch with feet tangled in strands of yarn being a common occurrence..."


He loves me and I love him. Our life goes on and it is a life where thanks are given to each other on a daily basis...catastrophizing to the maximum is a daily thing for me... warmth, love, compassion...just blinks in a life of this man and wife...



17 March month 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who celebrate.....


We have started walking again and tonight we went 2 miles.....that is so exciting as we had worked so darn hard at Amazon and then it all came to a screeching halt with my infected teeth, my new favorite dentist, Dr. Martey, doing my implants, and then recovery ...4 months so far...and a terrible case of bronchitis which ended me up in a pulmonologist's office in Phoenix. All of that kept us from any exercise after 5 weeks of 10 hour shifts of working all night at I don't know how many miles we walked a shift there...enough to make me cry on more than one occasion. Two miles, yessssssssss.....and more to come.


It has been really hot here...well, hot for me. It has been on the upside of the 80's and even 91 yesterday....but what a beautiful night it is tonight. There was a hot dog and hamburger pot luck here at the park but we decided to not looked nice but they're really not our thing.

We went to a farmer's market late yesterday but there were only a few more than a dozen was hot out soooo we spent our 10 minutes and left. It gets so confusing as it seems like we are in the middle of summer...NOT....we really like it in Phoenix a lot....this time of


Brett will be here in 5 sleeps and will ride back to LALA Land when we leave here. Jon and Erin are starting to move in to their masterpiece but need some clear days to do the bulk of the move. They are very excited. Mitchell and Andrea are doing their thing.


I have been working on a blanket for my friend Bonnie, who is making a magnificent quilt for has been fun putting it together by email. We had chosen the colours and the designs for the flowers for the squares before I left Twillingate. She is working on the border now. I bought the material in Eureka when we were there a year ago.


We had a productive day today. Our day/night window shade over the couch fell apart a while back...I will not admit to when. Yesterday we undid the 3 screws that held it up which put Chet to bed for over an hour as looking up from his back gives him ocular migraines....I finished getting it down and it was not easy. Someone put a diagram on the internet how to repair them so today we tackled and successfully restrung it with 50 lb. test monofilament. It is rehung and tomorrow we have to figure out how to get the tension correct to hold it up when we raise it. We ran out of steam after our walk.


Chet is loving that I am typing, as he is fast into his boxing matches....I watch with major moments of disgust and excitement...I like the cage fighting when it is on....I really feel it is insane for people to box and fight as they lose brain cells...I will always remember Muhammad Ali at a picnic for Brett's school as his child also went was such a shame to see what boxing did to him and this was about 30 years ago.


We go to LALA Land for our physicals and my glasses....I am limping along with my chipped and walked on prescription glasses as my good blended bifocals got driven over at the ranch when we were at Jon's in December....just a couple of more weeks of being especially gentle and the insurance kicks in for new ones....yay....


After 3 weeks in LALA we head up to Eureka and back to Dr. Martey to get my implants ready for the teeth to be made...I am so tired of chewing on my left muscles will get all out of I will meet my new dentist who is going to make the bridge as I never felt comfortable with the dentist I was seeing there....I asked Dr, Martey to pick someone brilliant and as nice as he is...if that is possible.


Have a great few days...I will add a link about wrapping things and people in white light so you can do it for the people and reactors in Japan...oh what a horrible heart goes out to everyone who is and was involved....all of the positive energy we can send will help tremendously....bless them all..

May the Spirits in the Universe help Japan...we all have to send positive energy....wrap it all in white light....scroll down and follow instructions...


How To Wrap Yourself In White Light

Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Christ, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and other great Avatars who served as 'channels' for Cosmic Consciousness, and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.



11 March month 2011


We are turning into creatures of the night due to the fact that the weather has been on the upside of the 80's and I don't like that....we have a great salt water pool at the park which is so nice and warm that it is hard to swim laps in....we have been staying in during the day and going for great walks in the evenings. The air in the evenings is delicious.


Last night we became glued to the tv just as we were going to bed and finally went to sleep around 3:00 a.m.....what a huge and devastating earthquake in Japan. I have a nephew and niece living in Oahu, Hawaii.....Brett just blocks from Marina del Rey and Jonathan in Eureka, south of Crescent City, Ca where there was some damage from the tsunami. It was pretty scary in the beginning as they talked of where the water was going to hit...Brett ended up going to his brother, Mitchell's at the direction of his brother is a sweet thing having sons who so love and care for their younger brother...chances of anything happening in the Marina were pretty slim but Brett felt a lot more comfortable going to his brother's house in the "Hills of Beverly" and even got an afternoon at the movies with his dad and Irene who are in town right now.


There was a surge that went up Ballona Creek, which is part of the Los Angeles storm drain system, not too far from Brett's place. One day when Lorin and I were bringing the boat back from a day of fishing, to the marina, we saw a boat up the was easy to want to turn right before the entrance to the marina... pretty funny....he could say hey "buddies," I took a trip up the storm drain....


We took a ride to Scottsdale this evening to see Javier Bardem in "Biutiful". It was a fantastic and very powerful movie with amazing acting...he certainly deserved to be nominated for an Oscar.


Scottsdale is another "very high rent" area and is so beautiful filled with the spas and resorts....actually, Phoenix is beautiful..we haven't even seen any tall buildings or gotten stuck in any traffic jams. It seems like someone just squashed the city and it spread out in all directions; one area nicer than the next.


We are still enjoying doing not much of anything....particularly not playing


I had no idea that Japan had so many earthquakes there...had I known that, I probably wouldn't have been so encouraging when Mitchell went there to live when he was a model.


May the families of those lost in the earthquake and tsunami find some peace....



27 February month 2011


We had the sweetest day today...beginning around 11:45 a.m. when we got up....what a great night's sleep we had....guess much needed. Chet made our decaf, as he does everyday, freshly ground beans and all. We decided to go out to brunch as we didn't think we had ever really gone out to a brunch alone...


Dim Sum was the food of choice and we found a restaurant from the apps on our new iPhones...soooo off we went and had a great time choosing goodies from the passing carts. It was all so delicious and we were guessing how much the bill was going to be. We had not a clue how much each plate cost and couldn't read chinese so we guessed it was going to be between 35 and dollars 50 dollars. Chet came back from paying the bill, sat down and rested his cheek on his hand and looked at me...hmmmm...I was a bit perplexed and he said....$18.75, it was $18.75. We got a good chuckle on top of an excellent meal.


We wanted to go for a walk so we pulled over to try out our apps to help find a park. We just happened to be at a really nice industrial park so we decided to walk around it a couple of times. It was so pretty as the plants and trees were all greening and starting to flower. It is amazing what rain does in the just brings it to life. We took a picture of a pond which was actually a drainage was full enough for a few ducks and fish to reside there but I don't imagine that would work as I think all of the water will be gone by tomorrow, if not already.


When we got to the street side of our walk a child about 10 years old was playing with a ball across the street and it rolled into the street. There were several breaks in traffic that were safe enough to get the ball but she would not go after it. We watched as we walked and saw several younger siblings come out of the apartment looking at the ball. Chet went and kicked it over to them and we all waved at each other and off we went for another round around the buildings. The children were so cute and dressed in African we walked I said to Chet I wanted to go buy them a new soccer ball as theirs was in pretty bad shape and it sounded sort of flat when Chet kicked it. Once again, the iPhone to our rescue and off we were to Wal-Mart!


I, being the consummate shopper, couldn't just walk in and pick up the first ball I found....I had to check them all out and found a beautiful, shiny, bright red ball with black just sparkled so after testing all of the balls there I picked out the best one of the bunch and got a small hand pump for it, also. What a special feeling it was to buy the ball and off we went to give it to the children. When we got back, we pulled in their parking lot and when they saw us their eyes were so wide they almost popped. I opened the door and they came over and I asked them if they were playing ball earlier...yes was the answer with the sweetest accents and mouths full of bubble gum. I handed them the bag and they all said thank you and went running into their apartment. We left with a bulge in our hearts and were happy we could do the second random act of kindness this is such an amazing feeling...waiting to see if they came out would have ruined the magic of the moment. We started on our way "home" to watch the Oscars and here we sat with a perfect ending to a perfect day...


We spent 3 night's in Prescott, Arizona and it was so pretty there...a cute town with a lot of old buildings and artifacts from the "Old West", art stores, restaurants, saloons, etc. Mitchell and Andrea stayed up there and we came down to Phoenix as it was going to snow and we didn't want to deal with it. We took a spot in the park we stayed at when we were in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago...actually took the spot for a month which is NOT a usual thing for us to, a commitment here but it is about the same price as 2 weeks so it is a win, win....


We had dinner with some RV friends, Jerry and Sue Little, last night as they are in town , too. This Friday, some dear friends from Portland, will be here for a couple of days and we are really looking forward to seeing them.


I hope we will see Mitchell and Andrea again before they head back to LALA land. We hope they come here as it is so beautiful around here....if not here, maybe we will meet them for a day somewhere near.

It is off to bed now to begin a new day...pleasant dreams to all...


Uh Oh...Chet just found a police scanner app. on the iPhone...I love to listen to much for night-night.... :)



23 February Month 2011


We are on the road again....finally free of my bronchitis and still with a gaping hole where my teeth used to be...oh how my son Mitchell cringes and giggles when I smile but smile I will....have to call the dentist when we get near an area where there is cell reception...have to find out from Dr. Martey what the time frame is when I go back to see him before my bridge can be made. It is nice to feel human again...that is.....meaning very little exercising since we left our jobs which really gave us some super cardio and walking experience...yes, experience it was and now to start all over again...end of November, driving to California, December, having my dental implants, January, recovery beginning and then getting a massive cold and the beginnings of the stinking bronchitis that hung on until about 6 days ago....that was a looong time.


Mitchell and Andrea joined us Sunday evening at the fireworks...driving from Los Angeles and making it at the exact moment the main fireworks show started....being that the show was delayed and started 15 minutes late....we are now on our way to Prescott, Arizona and will spend some time doing some sightseeing, together, around the area. We were going to go to the Grand Canyon but it is going to be 17 degrees tonight on the way there....not what we want to do. It would have been fun and I would have loved to have shared some photos with all of you. We are driving through country that looks like the back side of the moon right now....miles of lots of nothing except for some pretty mountains that have just appeared on my left. We don't even have cell reception and yet we see motorhomes parked in parks where there is nothing....some people enjoy that but we haven't developed a taste for it and doubt we will.


We were in Phoenix for almost 2 weeks after our adventure in Quartzsite....where I dragged myself through the tent show for the RV'ers and a week or so at "Boomerville", where we meet up with our friends from the road at the yearly gathering. The bronchitis was a repeat performance of 2 years ago and I attended none of the activities, as I felt like crap. From there to Phoenix and eventually to the pulmonoligist and a lot of meds that I had bad reactions to....10 days on prednisone, inhalers, antibiotics and then we left to go to the Colorado River to take it one day at a time to see if I could make it to Winterblast or if we were going to go to Los Angeles, to familiar medical care....


We had a beautiful spot at Cattail Cove State Park right along the Colorado River and stayed for 2 weeks. It was so peaceful and I was able to start walking and taking some small hikes. Being near water is always so soothing to me. The weather was gorgeous except for the rain that came the weekend of the fireworks show. "Mother Nature" took good care of us and the rain seemed to stop just in time for the fireworks and the yearly "Ed" birthday party pot luck, that is held for the Boomers group we belong to. It is really a man named Dwayne whose birthday it is but 2 years ago his wife, Betty, went for a birthday cake and all that was available was one with "Happy Birthday Ed" on it. The lady in the bakery department told Betty that Ed had died and she could have the cake for 1/2 we have an "ED" party every even stopped hailing and raining just as the picnic started.


We would go to the park where the show was and park at 2:30, so we could get a front row spot & we could sit in the car and see the worked out perfectly as it gets COLD at night and I didn't have to breathe the cold air. We had a lot of hours to read and knit and for playing this new dumb game on our iPhones called "Angry Birds". I call it dumb as it is hard...the birds are shot from a slingshot to kill the pigs that stole their is difficult to put it down.... :)


Oh, the new iPhones and the learning curve...I spend a lot of time calling people I have no intention of calling and have a LOT to learn. It is so sensitive, I keep touching things on the screen by accident. I do like my LED flashlight app., tho. It has a light switch on the screen...pretty cute.

Mitch brought the dog in our RV and I think it was the first time Moose actually saw a dog in real life...Chet held Twilly...there was a small bit of hissing and some very puffed up hair on Moose...Twilly just sat in Chet's was pretty cute and I bet they would be friends within a coupe of days if Lana keeps coming to visit.


Mitch is in his new Mercedes Sprinter Van and he and Andrea stay in it or check in to a is huge inside and really cozy but not made into a camper. Life is always a trip with Mitchell and some of our fondest memories are when he and Andrea have been with us as we never know what to we were up til 2:30 a.m. and they were gone to town when we got up at 10:00. Mitch had come in the motorhome to wake us but we heard nothing....soooo he let us know an hour before we had to be out of the park that we were moving we are on an adventure....miles of flat nothing and we just climbed at about 25 to 40 mph to 4,700 feet in about 15, this is beautiful.


I will keep you posted.....



14 November month 2011


First, HAPPY VALENTINE'S you all...


Things are definitely on an upswing in the TAJ MHL.....our motorhome....going on 5 days of feeling progressively better. This is a good thing as I was really getting tired of these 4 walls.


We are at Cattail Cove State Park south of Havasu. For those of you who don't know, that is where they bought and rebuilt the London Bridge....for real...right out here in the middle of nowhere back when they did it. It is where many things take place such as car races, geo-caching, art festivals, music, the Winterblast pyrotechnic convention, which is why we are here, and lots of other things. The weather has been beautiful and it has been such a thrill to get outside. Today, for Valentine's Day, they had an ice cream social and music here at the park....we stayed as long as we


We met a nice couple, next door, and had fun going out for Mexican food on Friday night and then to the Desert Bar on Saturday. Yesterday, Chet and I went in to town to an art festival which caused us to sit down, after we left, and start our day was the worst one I have ever been to, with booth after booth of stuff that made me feel sorry for the people that had to pay and tote all of their wares to set it up. We had Mexican food again and then found the Escapee Boomers, dry camping a few miles south of us.


It was fun sitting around the campfire chatting and having some good laughs. We would go stay there but we need the air-conditioning for the cats so they won't cook. Wednesday we will return for a brunch and then the Winterblast festivities begin on Thursday...Sunday we may take another trip to the Desert Bar with the Boomers. The ambiance is so mellow out there and it is a fascinating place.


I hope all of our Newfoundland friends are surviving the snow...glad we stayed last year.... and to our friends and family in the are having some strange weather, too.



3 February month 2011


Today is the day of the new iPhone orders...all of the available pre order phones are order date is the 10th...lucky we did ours at midnight last be arriving here next Thursday. Yet another "thing" I have to learn how to use...someday...there is hope as I do have a Mac and an iPad...


Yesterday, a fun day...NOT...Jonathan, my middle son, barfing his guts out and covered in hives and his momma going to a pulmonary specialist at the suggestion of my internist in LA...I just can't seem to kick the bronchitis and the exhaustion...soooo, chest x-ray and a bunch of new meds. I did explain my EXTREME sensitivity to meds but the young doc told me I wasn't a youngster anymore and I had to bite the bullet and take my I new antibiotic,---used for anthrax and malaria along with bronchitis etc---...within 2 hours I was almost having an out-of-body experience...I was trying to play Scrabble and my body was pulsating....I was FREAKING out...all of the time saying, "I did what I was told to do"....aaahhh yessss. First, 5 mg. of Valium and then more hysteria as my hubby was bundling me up to go to the Emerg.... another 5 mg. of Valium and we are at the hospital....never having taken 10 mg. of Valium, I decided to sit in the waiting room to see if I calmed down...we were there about 45 minutes and I figured I was going to stay in my body and there were too many people there with coughs so we went home....I tried to type but couldn't concentrate, so we sat in bed and read...4 hours after the last Valium, I took one more, as I was still pulsating and finally fell asleep around 2:30. I think I really scared Chet but I was scared, too. I guess the doctor didn't listen too well, to me, when I said I have strange reactions to meds.


Today, I am on a new antibiotic, not as strong as the one yesterday, new nasal spray and a new inhaler....I am a bit jittery but NOTHING like last night. We are still waiting for the x-ray results. My mouth is healing very well and Jonathan is feeling better....didn't even remember speaking with me yesterday.

Mitchell was jonny-on-the-spot as he has bad asthma....he was so supportive. Boy, I sure feel for him having to live this way. It is a terrible thing not to be able to get air.....


I have had a better day and we went out for several hours which was nice. Our water hose was frozen this morning and it is going to freeze again tonight. We are having unusually cold weather for this time of the year, here. Strange weather is happening around the world.


I think it will be an early night tonight as we are really tired.


I hope everyone in Twillingate and on New World Island is enjoying the was a long time coming.


Thanks, everybody, for your concern.....



28 January month 2011


I am a very lucky person to have a court jester in my keeps things lighter when the necessity arises...I call on it, and I do often, as laughter is so good for the soul. Being a very visual person, I live in a head that sees everything in pictures and stories. At any given second feelings of glee, fear, love, pain, compassion, war, creativity, resentment, forgiveness, sorrow, gratitude, regret, peace, just to name a few, can flit through my brain in mere seconds. It is a very colorful, very dark, very funny, very bright, very empathic, and sometimes a very difficult place to be, as it is so seldom at rest. Sensitivity abounds...towards other living things and against myself...


I relate thoughts to Chet and ask him if he thinks thoughts like I have related to him, and he tells me he never even could imagine coming up with the things I think about....Ahh to be so uncluttered...…I tire, but I wouldn't trade me for the world, as this is what I have been given, and I certainly experience such a vast myriad of things....the beauty is overwhelming as the pain equally so....


When I woke this morning, I put my foot up in the air and was looking at my shin and my much improved ankle, since our job... realizing it is probably the only place on my body that the skin didn't look a matter of fact it looked pretty is a strange thing to be looking at my skin and remember how my mom's looked as she aged...yowzer...enough...


I have been put on a regimen of cortisone and inhalers for bronchitis...a repeat performance of our trip to Quartzsite 2 years ago. The cortisone just makes me climb out of my skin. I get so jittery and just plain ornery. Fortunately, I found the bottle that had the directions from 2 years ago and have been taking 15 mg. a day instead of the 40 mg. I was told to take the first day...I shudder to think of what would have happened if I had taken the 40 mg. I have very extreme sensitivity to medicines. I will be on a decreasing dose for 15 days. The first night I was still chattering at 2:00 a.m. and poor Chet was about to put a pillow in my mouth. It was pretty funny. At least I am starting to feel better. I have been told by my oral surgeon not to bend over due to my sinuses being so clogged as it puts too much pressure on my mouth...blah, blah, blah.....


Yesterday we went to see The King's was profoundly well acted and showed the human side of the monarchy, which is usually not the way the movies depict it. Afterwards, we drove 30 miles to see Rabbit Hole. It is one of those movies that sends me out crying as it takes a while for the despair to sink in. Nicole Kidman is always a pleasure to watch. The next movie we are going to see is Blue Valentine and then we are also going to check the 2011 Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale next week. The pamphlet for it is filled with exquisite examples of art.


We think we are going to stay an extra week here and then go over to the Colorado River to attend the Pyrotechnic Convention held in Lake Havasu. It was so much fun 2 years ago. They were blowing things up that it seemed were really not supposed to be blown up. One example, being, one anvil on top of another with the gunpowder in between them. They were trying to see how high they could make it was a riot along with being a little insane...


This morning we were watching the replay of the tennis match between Murray and was great until my husband decides to look up the final score...when I asked him if he peeked at the score on the computer the expression on his face just spelled the winners name...I almost popped him as it took all of the fun out of the end of the semi-finals of The Australian Open. We are going to try and stay up for the women's finals but I don't know if I will make it....I am crashing.


We had a really sweet evening having dinner with WC and Leslie and their 2 grandsons, Jax who is 6 and Joshua who is 2. We ate at a diner in town and then went to their son's house while they babysat and we played dominoes. Tomorrow night we are going to a great Mexican restaurant that we found here 2 years with a huge duck, goose, and swan pond in the middle of it. The kids really get a kick out of it and I must admit, so do I.


I like it here in just appears to be so clean. We are in a park closer to town, rather than the one we usually stay at, as the full hook-ups are a big draw. We love the Cave Creek Regional Park but it doesn't have sewer connection and I love to run my clothes washer. I think I will go and start a load right now so I will sign off and say good night...


Enjoy your jesters, call on them often.......



20 January Month 2011


Maybe I can start putting together the past few days..starting with Monday last, when we left Malibu. We had an appointment to have a part put on our Norcold refrigerator due to a safety recall. The appointment was scheduled in Burbank at 1:30 p.m. and then were going to meet WC and Leslie at the Salton Sea that evening. They left at 10:30 a.m. and I will tell you about their trip later. It was a power packed day....


We got to Burbank and called to ask if we should unhook the car before trying to get into the repair place. They told us it wasn't necessary so we went into the alley by the repair shop to unhook. The alley had a turn in it and some cars were coming but had to wait for us. I was sitting in my seat and watched something I couldn't believe. Evidently the boat business in front of the RV place had some boats stored in his lot and they were in the way of our getting into the lot.


All of a sudden the man who was going to fix our 'fridge had a psychotic break or was on some very powerful drugs. He went after two of the men in the alley who were in our way and flipped out-how no one got hurt I don't know. Finally, one of the men backed out and the other one was able to get out. We unhooked the Jeep, turned the corner, and started to back the RV in when the guy came and opened the door, with a smile on his face, and told us to get the "f***" out of there and that he wasn't going to do the "f***ing" work. We got out to talk to the people there and to get our Jeep which was around the corner. The guy was at the boat place and what a tussle took 4 men to pin him to the wall, arms and legs flying everywhere. It is a family owned business, so someone called his parents to come over. All of the time we were getting the Jeep out of there, he was screaming every profanity I have ever heard and probably more....kidding...there weren't any more. He got away and climbed into his truck, punched it, flew by me and told everyone he was going home for his guns.


Chet pulled out in the RV and I went across the boulevard but couldn't find him...all the time on the phone with the police and everyone telling everyone around there to go inside the buildings. I saw the truck go back to the alley and then saw Chet...we got behind a cinder block wall as the police were arriving...This must have gone on for 20 minutes....the guy left again and the police questioned us...I told them it was an unprovoked incident...the guy even took a swing at his mother who must have been in her 80's....evidently the RV place and the boat place have running battles over the use of the alley...needless to say, this was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to what do the police do????...they start talking to us about motorhoming and living on the is a gas...we got on our way and I just busted up and bawled from the adrenaline and fear..the side of my face where my surgery was done was pounding and wouldn't stop. It took about 2 hours to start to calm came pretty close to one of those things you see every day on tv in LA.




We hear from WC and Leslie...they had a front tire blowout on their Jeep they were towing and WC saw the rubber flying in his rear view camera. They were on a 6 lane freeway and had to get over, only to find the rubber from the blowout had ruined their radiator and done some nasty damage to their bumper and fender...lucky they did not to have a fire or worse...they had to get the tire changed, so waited 45 minutes for roadside service to come and were going on their way when a trucker came up beside them and signaled for them to get off the road...their gear that disengages the tranny didn't hold and they were pulling tires sideways. They ended up looking up Don-A-Vee Chrysler and Jeep Agency and went there on Martin Luther King Day.


Come on now, one has to make appointments for everything here but they were so nice to help two people in distress. The Service Manager, Eric Westphal, couldn't have been nicer and replaced their radiator and found them a steel rim. Then they had to go and find 2 replacement tires. .....Kudos to Don-A-Vee and Eric Westphal....


The RV place we went to was where WC and Leslie had been the week earlier...all was great for them....the guy did a great job and they even met the mother that almost got popped in the face. It was really freaky to see someone come apart like that...we called to see if he was ok and the father told us he was but sounded as worn out as I felt...I called Norcold and told them what happened and suggested they find a different factory authorized dealer....they were kind enough to give us the name of someone to use here in Quartzsite who had a disconnected phone number...maybe Phoenix...


We got to the Salton Sea several hours before them and spent 2 nights there. Chet and I spent winters there for about 4 years but I swore I would NEVER go back due to the poverty around there and the fact that the owners of the park never even changed the shower curtains. It has great mineral baths but it isn't worth it to me to be in that area just for has been taken over by KOA and is being worked on but it was even more depressing than before...we did have fun taking them around the area to see Salvation Mountain and Slab City, the bird sanctuary and Taco Tuesday at the American Legion Hall...great tacos amongst the most depressing area called Bombay Beach at the shore of the Salton Sea...Google all of the areas above and read the is different...the sea was caused by a break in a levee but is dying due to lack of replenishing water...


We took off on Wednesday for Quartzsite and after some shopping, started up the pass to get here. We always stop for gas just over the Arizona border and have to wait in line on the street to get in to pump fuel...we can't fill where the truckers do as our gas receptacle won't take the gas as quickly as the truck pumps we wait our turn...until 2 small trucks pull around us and get in line in front of us...needless to say...I had another major adrenaline rush as I had words with the two men who pulled in front of us...thank goodness I don't get clocked in the mouth when I get mad...I stood in front of the lane where we were waiting to go so no one could get in there so we did get our 100 plus gallons of fuel...grrrrrrrr...was my face hurting today I slept and stayed inside so I couldn't get myself into any trouble...


After being put back on antibiotics 8 days ago I have heard from Dr. William Martey's office several times...just to see how I am mouth is healing in spite of myself...but I am doing what I was told except to avoid any extreme adrenaline rushes...ha ha...perhaps tomorrow I will take myself out of self-imposed exile and go is very beautiful here and the weather is perfect...we are 4 miles off the road with about 70 other is the peace Chet and I need as I don't think we had ever had a chance to recover from Amazon....on Sunday a bunch of us are going near Lake Havasu to the Desert is so neat...built out in the middle of nowhere with solar cooked hot dogs, burgers, drinks and a band...only open on the weekends during the winter when the weather is a kick...try and Google it too. It has a steel chapel facade for weddings and the bathrooms are open air with walls built of huge sheets of steel...can't imagine hauling all of it in there as it is a bit of a trek on gravel....


Our last time here in Quartzsite is when I had the terrible bronchitis that took me to the hospital, first in Eureka. Thinking the desert would be just what I needed we gleefully came here as we had been doing since 04. We lasted 3 days before the clinic, urgent care, and trips to 2 hospitals all in one by ambulance...after I told them I had bronchitis they checked for congestive heart failure and then took blood for blood gas tests and said maybe it was a pulmonary embolism....I kept insisting I had bronchitis...on no...too easy and not enough tests run to make the bill large enough...after checking me in to a room the doctor came by to tell me I had bronchitis....still never got the right meds until I returned to LA to my internist....the best...Dr. Roberta Smith....she listens to me...and so does Dr. Martey....what a gift... be listened to....


Thank you and good night.....



16 January month 2011


I like typing 2011 better than I liked typing just feels better to my thought for the 12:07 a.m.


Gads, it has been a while since I wrote a muze...we arrived at the Malibu RV Park 11 sleeps ago and have had only 1 partial day to ourselves. It is so wonderful seeing the kids but it is exhausting....also our friends from Texas have been here, too, so we have tried to show them around town a bit.

I am back on antibiotics as something is infected in my oral surgery....uuuugh..


We saw Brett's new apartment and love it....we had a lot of pictures to hang and a little bit of rearranging to do but it is just a lovely setting. We got to meet his roommate, Gabby, and have really good feelings about the situation. She is a counselor who helps Brett out on Sundays. We have wanted him to have a roommate for a long time but knew it would happen when it was time....Gabby was so exceptional when we met over the phone and on Skype.


She did things for Brett that no other person who has helped him had ever done...a good example was driving him to the airport at 4:00 a.m. to send him on his way to us in Newfoundland...I was impressed as no one asked her to do it...she just volunteered. Other things stuck in my mind that she did that were extra caring and helpful so she was asked if she would be interested in rooming with Brett and helping him with scheduling and a few other things. I guess it was supposed to be and they are both off on a new adventure.


We have seen Mitchell several times which has been a real treat as it is not easy to pin him down...he is a dear soul and we have had some great conversations and real hard laughs with him. Tonight, after a deeeelicious dinner/supper at P.F. Chang's that consisted of scallops, lettuce chicken wraps, shrimp, Moo Goo Gai Pan, stir fried eggplant, honey chicken, dumplings, brown and white rice and a wonderful noodle dish, Lo Mein, he took us and WC and Leslie on a ride all through LA. We went from Santa Monica, near the beach, to downtown LA....from the music center, the new Disney building addition to the music center complex, to Chinatown, past the blocks and blocks of homeless, to his building in the downtown area that he changed from a mortuary to artist lofts, through the garment, flower, produce and textile districts, past the Staples Center, the Convention center, all of the civic buildings and much more. It was a clear, beautiful night and a thrill to see all of the lights and the buildings. What a sweet evening we had.


We came back to Malibu and Mitchell had to wind his way back to the Hills of Beverly as the Golden Globes are taking place right down the street from where he lives. I wanted to get this started but have to quit to go to bed as we have a full day tomorrow, starting with brunch and then back to Brett's with WC and Leslie to spend some time before I have to say good bye as we 4 are leaving for the desert on Monday....g'night and more later in the day.....


Well, it is a whole lot of hours later...I have slept the night, gone to brunch, shopping, to Brett's, to dinner/supper and home to watch the Golden Globes...hated saying toodles to Brett but feel so much better that he now has a roommate to talk to....dropped them off after we ate and I felt better seeing them going in to the building together.....may this venture meet with resounding success...


I always look at my computer in the morning and at night...along with many other times if the opportunity presents itself...tonight no laughs as I saw a friend I play Scrabble with died this evening...she went to Jr. High with my 2 older boys. She found out the end of October that she had stage 4 esophogeal cancer...that isn't even 3 1/2 all started with a terrible stomach ache...a trip to the ER and some meds then a trip back to the wards...the big "C" boom...she is gone....DAMN, Xina....I didn't get to say goodbye....


I honor you, sweet lady, with a moment of silence...... 3.-(. .



5 January month 2011


Today was the very first inclination I had to drive this bucket in 2 years, except in and out of my brother's driveway in N. Carolina. I thought about it for several hours and then told Chet I would drive. I was really getting bored and feeling guilty for not spelling him on occasion. He was happy as he dreamt about his nice nap he was going to have. I took the wheel at a rest stop and reviewed all of the bells and whistles. I then called my son, Mitchell, who just passed his Class A drivers license and can now drive 18 wheelers or what ever he wants...we said 10/4 good buddy and I took off. The speed limit was 70 mph but all I could do was 55 except for a few times I almost hit 60. I came up behind a double trailer load of plastic pallets and the guy was going over the middle line way too many times. I was down to about 43 mph so I had to take a deep breath and decide to pass him....I am far from relaxed when I drive, but am a good driver and stay exactly where I am supposed to. I am beside the truck and Chet yells, "honey, honey, get over closer to the yellow line"...the guy was about a foot away from me and then he saw me and moved waaaay over to the right. My heart was flying all the time I was driving, Brett was telling me what a good job I was doing...he is so sweet. Whew...the pleasures of other drivers on the road....


We went up a hill and saw a brake check area, so I pulled in so Chet could have the wheel back...I did it...38 whole minutes...probably 3 too many. Poor Chet never got his nap....but he was able to get from behind the wheel for a while. Oh, it will be a while before I do that again, as we will be in and around Los Angeles and driving to the desert is NOT anyplace I would drive as it is solid truckers.


We will be arriving in Malibu tonight as we decided to give ourselves a break and have a decent night's sleep before we take Brett home in the morning. We will then get to see his new apartment....yippeeee. It is about a half hour in no traffic to Brett's.


We just passed Pismo Beach and what a beautiful is a beach you can drive on and camp there if you don't mind having sand in everything. I have never been in favor of that and we would stay at the State Park in town and then go down to the beach to drive.


We have 2 1/2 hours to go to get to Malibu....I probably added to that rather significantly...8-/


We have arrived and it is loooonger than 2 1/2 hours....I lived in LA for 33 years and have traveled up and down the coast time and time again. We were heading south and I directed Chet to follow the Coast Highway sign....soooo we ended up on the OLD PCH and traveled along it for 7 miles until we could get back on the freeway. The GPS was trying to send us through the valley and across Malibu Canyon, then north on PCH to the RV Park. We decided to go down the PCH not remembering that we had to pass the park several miles and make a U turn then come back to the park as there is no left turn from PCH into the park. After we started down the PCH, we ended up at a detour sending us back to the valley route, over the canyon, and north to the park arriving at 9:15 p.m. We are all so rattly after over 500 miles in the candominimum...that is a loooong drive but I did do 38 of those minutes of those miles...


It still is a good year!!!!



4 January month 2011


3:00 p.m. and we are on our way South to Malibu...the world of tight bodies, and every kind of plastic surgery ever do I fit in....overweight, no plastic surgery, as I had made the decision to try and age gracefully and leave all of the sags alone...I tried to bargain with Dr. Martey, my oral surgeon, to do my eyes instead of my teeth to no avail....I have such a thing about anesthesia that I don't think I could do it...nor could I even imagine having my face torn away and lifted up by my forehead....aaaaaahhhhhuuuuukkkkkkk...I could catch one of those specials in Costa Rica that my friend's mother sent her on...$, meals, and all....she looks great but I am a bit of a when several people suggested I go to Algadonas, Mexico, to get my dental implants....uh, NOOOOO....the RVer's line up at the border to go for all sorts of things from eye surgery to dental work, etc....I won't even have a taco!!! I know they can do your eyes with local injections which is what I would choose if anyone would like to send me to have it done in LA.....someone in LA even uses acupuncture. My birthday is April 11th..... :)


We got off to our usual several hours late start but Brett was buckeled in to MY seat for about and hour and 1/2 before we left...He is looking forward to his new with a roommate...he and Chet are all settled in with their big jar of peanut butter filled pretzels, a jar of Pub Mix, and a jar of plain pretzels. I am on the sofa with my feet on the chair across from me trying to type with Moose placing himself in various positions from my shoulders, my arm, on my chest, which is very problematic, due to the fact that I cannot see over him and his side is in my mouth. It is always interesting riding in the living room as I get to see all of the things roll around and some fall on the floor.


Twilly did his usual carsick trick about 10 minutes after we left...that is always fun and I try to be prepared but Moose was lying on my plastic bags and paper towels....oh well...Twilly is like a dishrag asleep in his bed on the chair my feet are on....I must say my feet are happy, as they are housed in my new Christmas Uggs that look just like motorcycle boots...oh was I excited when I saw them sitting on the shelf in the's almost as if they were glowing and calling my name as I knew I would NEVER put my feet in real motorcycle boots again as I am not in to torture...that was for my younger years and how I loved wearing them with my skirts...certainly NOT on a motorcycle.


Moose has finally settled with his head on my left shoulder and is very happy. I had an 11:30 appointment this morning with Dr. William T. Martey to get the okay to leave...I have very explicit instructions about what I can and can not do as I still have a lot of healing to do and besides it just plain hurts when I bend over or walk uphill...gee, maybe that means I can't vacuum for a while have an appointment to see him again April 21st so he can finish what he has to add to my implants and then send me on my way about 3 weeks later to get my bridge made.


Then we head east and begin our journey to Newfoundland and our amazing home and mostly finished cabin...I think I shall call it "Gaze at the Sea" feels good to be moving again; the beauty of the Redwoods and the rivers full to brimming and no rain....see IS still a good year!!


We had dinner at Jack's and my favorite restaurant last night...teppanyaki...where the chef cooks on a grill that we sit is never easy to say goodbye particularly when Lilli Mae looks at me with those beautiful eyes and says "why do you have to leave, grandma"....OUCH...I am trying to make it until April without my blended bifocals and just using my straight readers...they sort of got run over at the Lilli-J Ranch...that hurt a lot....


Thank you, Jon and Erin, for was splendid as usual...and we will miss you all until we return in April...I just realized I have to change my appointment with Dr. Martey as we have our physicals scheduled on the 19th of April in LA...

Best to you and safe travels for us!!



1 January month 2011


Here we are at the beginning of a new year...the beginning of the eleventh year of the 21st century; a new decade. I used to fantasize about the new century, being a grandparent, and that came true as both of my grandchildren were born in the past decade...their beautiful little have Mitchell find some peace and contentment in his life, to see Brett having a room mate which just happened as Gabby moved in on today and will be there to assist with Brett's independence....I had been asking for several years for his counselors to help find him a room mate to no avail.


Gabby started working with Brett and exuded such foresight, insight, and caring that I asked if she would have any interest in sharing an apartment with Brett and helping him with his scheduling, and a few other things he needs help with. It will also give us peace of mind, as we don't live in LA nor does Brett's dad and wife anymore.


I so wanted to find my Chet to marry....someone who would hold my hand when we walked, open the car door for me, adore me, kiss me goodnight every night before we go to sleep...thIs I have missed so much since my mouth surgery....good sweet kisses. I too have seen, as the world has seen, the horrors that have taken place in the past 10 years- man made and the fury of Mother Nature...& cried many tears.


I dreamed of seeing the first African American or female president. I don't want there to be wars. I have had my gall bladder removed, broken my leg and ankle and tore all of the ligaments in my leg and spent 12 weeks off my feet as we prepared to start our adventure of living on the road. I had both hands operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome, slid down a ladder and had an open dislocation of a toe that I almost cut off and was carried to the truck from the motorhome by my son, Jon, to go to the hospital to have it put back in place and stitched.


I have laughed until my sides have hurt and experienced the life that my mother and father lived for 6 years of their lives; living on the road. I have seen the country through my husband's eyes and it is such a pleasure as he had spent most of his life in Oregon and hadn't traveled much.


We traveled to Newfoundland, a place I didn't really know much about until we decided to visit it. We saw the beauty and experienced the kindness of the people and fell in love with a house that called to us as we drove by. We had to leave Twillingate for 3 days to think straight and try and decide what to do about buying the house. Obviously we decided to do it..... We decided we had to bring with us where ever we went, the same openness and hospitality of the Newfoundlanders. It is impossible to go anywhere and not end up in a conversation...we have actually started talking to people in restaurants in our travels in the States....the norm in Newfoundland. We do get some friendly responses.


I told Chet of my dreams of childhood when my family used to go to the beach when we lived in Miami and I would look at the houses and dream of living on the water someday; to have a stream on the property...I now have one and a heart shaped pond that we dug. I loved my dolls and always wanted a dollhouse....I have my collection of dolls and my mannequins and found my dollhouse on the North coast of Newfoundland in a town called Twillingate....I love that word, Twillingate. It just rolls off my tongue so effortlessly. Twillingate, the place we have our stick home as the RV'rs call them. We have the beauty of the North Atlantic which is crystal clear, cold, beautiful, dangerous and the place that holds the Titanic. I have spent years of my life in and on the water in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans but I cannot make myself go out in a boat in Newfoundland as I know the coldness of the water would never let me save Chet or myself if something happened.


I have always been a swimmer, for fun and for competition and teaching babies how to be water safe and adults not to be afraid of the water. I have the utmost respect for the water and how insignificant we are when we are in it. I am still trying to get myself, at least, out in the harbour....we will will be the only way I will ever get to Exploit's Island with Ted, Joanne and Sam or to see Audrey and Owen there. Suck it up Gaye...last year's tragedy in Twillingate did not help with my fear.


We have spent the 1st day of 2011 doing absolutely nothing except watching tv, eating 2 meals and just hanging out....what a lovely way to start the year and as my friend, Heidi, has been a good year so We have 2 days left to see Lilli Mae and Jack Weldon Flyer, our grandchildren, who are so very precious and beautiful and who graced me with such a day of sweetness and pleasure when we went to do their Christmas they were so polite and careful about how they spent their money. It was a glorious day, one I will always cherish.


I have had all of my "oscopy's" done while wide awake and watched on the screen as they were done...managed all of my surgeries without general anesthesia except my gall is great to get up and walk away with no reaction to the meds. I wrote a note on my stomach to my surgeon when I had my gall bladder removed asking him and God to bring me back to my family safely. He really got a kick out of it.

I have just had a relatively major procedure done in my mouth which is slowly on the mend. My very favorite dentist in the world, Dr. David York, of Los Angeles, had an accident and sold his practice to a real gold digger so I have been flying free for several years...I knew for several years I had to have my implants done but just needed a break from the dentist. I have done my time over and over since my first root canal in the 6th grade. I had to establish a relationship with a dentist somewhere so we chose Eureka as we could stay here and have a place to be quiet and recuperate. I was sent to an oral surgeon, as the dentist I went to could not see anything that was causing the recurring abscesses in my mouth for the past 8 months. We even took a job in Coffeyville, Kansas, working the Christmas rush with 500 other RVer's. We made it through 5 weeks of 10 hour shifts, 4 days a week and were starting a 5th day when my teeth started acting up again and I was running fevers with a lot of puffiness in my face. Two trips to emerg and 4 antibiotics later we resigned and took off for California early.


I cannot tell you how we did what we did as it was absolutely excruciating....the pain was unreal and I had to play mind games to get myself through the last shift which ended at 4:00 a.m. and I am talking about body and foot pain. I was changing shoes three times a was to pay for part of my implants but oh well... From the moment I met Dr. William T. Martey, I knew he was the one who was going to do the work....he said he needed to talk to the dentist who sent me there first. I said no as I was paying the bill and I wanted him to do the work. He is a kind, patient and very gentle person. I hit the jackpot with him. I go on Tuesday for my last check up before the 5 month healing period that is necessary before I can have my bridge attached to the implants that are held in with cadaver bone. It has been a strange process as there are still times I think the 4 teeth are still in my mouth. I have to really be careful when I brush my teeth as I, from habit, go to brush as I always have. Here is hoping my visit to Dr. Martey on Tuesday goes well and gives us a pass to go. I also hope all heals well and I will singing his praises when it is time for my haven't mentioned the other dentist here as I am still not convinced that he is going to be the one who finishes the work...just doesn't feel like he is the my gut. We are driving Brett home and plan on meeting WC and Leslie Earnst in will be good seeing them again. Poor Brett has been sick the whole time he has been here but I do believe he was supposed to be here as I haven't seen him this sick in years and years.


We have only 2 days left to see Jack and Lilli Mae. Sniff....we will miss them and Jon and Erin terribly. They will be starting to move to the Lilli-J Ranch and the fabulous home they are having belongs in a magazine...Erin's supreme art project...their cows, sheep, chickens, guinea hens, and Geraldine the pregnant sow and a windmill to produce soon as they get it working has been a loooong hard battle to get it in and now to find out it isn't running the way it is supposed to...more to be revealed about the windmill.....160 acres of magnificence 3 miles up from a 180 degree view of the Pacific, the river below and the pasture is spectacular.

We are going to have sunny weather for the next few days which will be so is raining in Los Angeles now...


I could go on and on about the past year and decade but I will try and condense a bit...I lost my sister, my two old cats lived to the ripe old ages of 17 and 16. We have our 2 young Newfoundland cats that I have held since their births....they are a joy and really funny...far from the greatly domesticated American cats...Twilly and Moose have brought a lot of joy but the hole in my heart still hasn't closed after losing first Freddie, who appeared out of nowhere the morning after my daddy died...I woke to his face in mine as he was asleep on my chest...he came in through the window I used to leave open for my 10 cats. He is buried at the Lilli-J Ranch and got to have 2 burials. Erin told us where to put him and Jon said it wasn't a good place as it was fill dirt that was going to be moved sooooo...need I say more...he is now buried by the pond. Spotty, a year later, died from cancer and we have him buried outside the bedroom window at our home in Twillingate. Sometimes it seems they are still here with us.


I am a very happy lady as I have so much...that is my health, the love from my husband, my children, my Erin and my grandchildren. All of the other things are window dressing which add to the pleasure of life.


I have found and outlet for my creativity in my Fabric Art as knitting is one of the few things one can do while living on the has been a great adventure as I can't read a pattern and only know 3 is the mixing of the colors and yarns that makes it so much fun. We had 2 amazing Art Shows in Twillingate and Newfoundland the summer before last. I hope to be able to make some leaded glass windows for the house this summer.


We will be married 10 years in April and hope to take a carriage ride in San Francisco for our anniversary...any big trips will have to be put off as it all will go in to my mouth...and that is NOT fine food!!


Thank you to all of my friends for being such good friends and blessings to Brooke, Gail, and Xina who are fighting the battles of their lives....


Peace, love, happiness and good health.....



27 December month 2010


Dang, that was was just a nano second ago that I was writing that it was just minutes until Christmas. It certainly did come and go quickly. It was a sweet Christmas Eve and a very wet and quiet Christmas Day.


Brett was sick and not at all a happy camper on Christmas Day. Chet and I went over in the early evening to see the kiddies and see what they got from Santa. Everyone was blown out and tired...we stayed for an hour then back to our wheel home to Brett. I haven't been around him where he has run a fever for 4 days in years...have to be hyper vigilant with him and switch between Tylenol and Advil every 2 or 3 hours to ward off the possibility of a seizure. I always have to stay a few steps ahead of him and am still learning lessons....even after 36 years at it...he would always tell me he was vomiting when he had a cold and I could never understand why...Lesson # 3,497...(right)...being with him in the tin can I discovered he was not vomiting at all but was just coughing up phlem...we explained the difference to him and all was well...he was doing what needed to be done but couldn't put the words to it....WELL, wouldn't you know...Brett just woke up and went to the bathroom and literally came staggering out across the room practically falling on to Chet and then fell on to his bed telling us he felt sick to his stomach...that was cloths on his head and an Alka-Seltzer later he seemed a lot better and he is back in bed...such a drag but no siezure activity I could discern...I hope. I think I will change the subject now.


Today, Chet and I went to the ranch to see the latest progress at the kids is amazing...truly amazing...we didn't stay long as we wanted to get back to Brett. We took him out for a little ride for a change of scenery and then back here to watch the NCIS marathon on tv...we have been watching it for hours. It will be nice to get back to doing some walking.....soon...still healing.


We have an apple tree and 2 climbing roses to plant outside in my mini garden here...still hoping the sticks we transplanted will produce some leaves by the time we get back in May.

Just a small is so nice to keep up with everyone on facebook and through the emails...we miss our friends.....


Take care and have a nice day.....



24 December Month 2010


Only 56 minutes left until Christmas here in California....we are all stuffed full of prime rib, creamed spinach, pan roasted potatoes, flaky biscuits, chocolate cake, pecan pie, and lemon coconut cake, ice cream and some very unpopular Fussell's....we tried. It was a lovely evening at Jon, Erin, Jack, and Lilli Mae's...cousins, aunts, uncle, Brett, his and Jon's dad and wife Irene, and several friends. The only one missing was Mitchell and his brood.


Brett was coughing a lot and didn't feel well so he spent a lot of time resting in front of the tv. It was too bad that Brett was feeling so lousy...he infrequently gets sick but we will take good care of him....We gave our gifts to the kids and Jon and Erin and they gave us ours...I don't see us going over at 7 a.m. It was nice as everyone had gone home and we had a few minutes of gift exchanging time...we had some ornaments for the kiddies made by a glass blower at the art show in town and they put them on the tree for Santa to see.


I went to my oral surgeon, Dr. William T. Martey, on Thursday instead of Wednesday as he had been sick. Three of my stitches had fallen out that morning as they were cat gut but the silk ones have to stay in until the 4th of January and then we can hit the road again...he said everything looked really good in my mouth...I never even got any black and blue marks to show for all of the work he did...kind doctor he is. I am so glad to get the teeth taken out but it is amazing experiencing phantom pain and really thinking they are still there at times...


Brett will be with us until then and then we will drive him south to Los know I have no problem with that...then we will get to see his new apartment. After that we hope to hook up with WC and Leslie somewhere in California or Arizona.


We have seen a few movies but it is not fun as I can't eat popcorn for 3 months...what is a movie without popcorn???...a hell of a lot better for all reality!! We saw "The Fighter"...excellent.."The Tourist"...eye candy and "The Black Swan" which was interesting...particularly because of my love for the ballet...especially Swan Lake. The best performance I have ever seen of that was danced by men and I saw it 2 nights in a row...the strength and grace was perfection...I wish it would come around again. Living on the road we really miss the symphony and I, the ballet. Tomorrow may be a movie day as I think the kids are going over to Erin's sister's for there is a 100% chance of rain

I hear the wind was really howling in Twillingate today...I hope nothing blew of our friends said it was the worst she remembered in 30 years. It should put to test the new windows and doors that have been installed in our cabin (used to be fish market) across the street.

Wayne and Calvin are doing their magic and should have most of it finished when we return in the spring. It is doing a great job of howling here, too...we had to put the satellite dish down again tonight so it won't get damaged. I wonder if there are any big breakers at the mouth of the harbor here.


Our wheel home is doing okay...we had to order new slide toppers for the living room and bed room slides...they should be in, in a couple of weeks. We have the major service to do on it and on the Jeep....when it rains, it pours....


By the way, I want to thank you all for your wishes while I have been going through this mouth drama...5 months and I will be back to get my bridge made and attached to my implants then off to Newfoundland....oh we miss it is raining here more than it rains there and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY.......


Seventeen minutes til Christmas....





15 December month 2010


It's finished...I survived...I am eating mashed potatoes on one of the first sunny days we have had since arriving in Eureka....where am I???...on the couch under the covers with my 2 kitties snuggled up next to me....


I am in a small town where my son, wife, and grand kiddies live and decided to establish a relationship with a new dentist. I was sent to William Tetteh Martey DDS, who is an oral surgeon. I liked him as soon as we met. He listened to me which is not the norm...he actually listened. I made my appointment and then my busy head started questioning what I was doing. I made a list of things I wanted to ask him and he sat patiently and answered every question I had. It is always comforting when a doctor takes the time to talk to you.


My oral surgery took about 2 hours with several shots of non epinephrine is fast acting so takes a bit more..amazing...not one pain when he was doing the surgery...not even a drop of pain when he gave me the shots....that's when I knew it was going to be okay...he pulled 3 teeth and had to take out the packing from an old root canal that was left after the root dissolved...I have paid my dues in a dentist chair, having my first root canal in the 6th grade...never forgot that pain. I have had some really bad dentists and now two extremely gentle caring ones. I had to establish a new relationship as my dentist fell off his bike and broke his hand and eventually sold his business to a real jerk.


I have known I have had to have this done but put it off for 2 years...the recurrent abscesses finally made me accept the fact it had to be done...unfortunately, we couldn't finish our commitment at Amazon as it would have greatly helped with the cost. I probably have the cost of a Bentley in my mouth and am always told that I have served my time in a dentist chair..Dr. Martey told me he was a bit nervous about the amount of work and my telling him about my drug sensitivity. He raved about what a good patient I was and how much he liked it when couples come together as he feels it makes for a better experience.


We left and Chet got my meds and some juices and cream of wheat...I have to be on mush for the next week or so. I took 2 Tylenol 3's and then 4 hours later I took 2 more. I expected a great night's sleep but as usual I had one of my medicine reactions...I got all pepped up from the meds and had a real hard time sleeping. I put ice on my face and left the bag on the table which leaked all over everything...when I got up at 5:30 I took 3 Ibuprofen and have had no pain since then. I have an amazingly high pain threshold, often to my detriment....


We slept on the sofa bed last night so I could stay elevated and get up and down easier. My sweet Chet was right by my side...


We have to stay around for about 3 weeks to see Dr. Martey before we can head south to Los Angeles and then the desert. Brett may stay when he comes back next Wednesday and ride down with us...still haven't seen Mitchell..8-(. We come back up here in May to get the crowns put on the implants. I sure hope the cadaver bone holds and mine starts growing...I made peace with it and welcomed it with gratitude into my is like dehydrated granules that they add water to and then pack it in the holes where the extractions came from.


I think I shall take a nap....



13 December month 2010


It has been a while since I have certainly has not meant that my head has been rarely is.


We have been with the kids for a little over two weeks now and have had a fabulous time running amongst the rain, rain and more rain drops...we go to walk around the inside of Costco or Target for exercise. Lilli Mae's birthday was the 8th as well as my Mitchell. Unfortunately, we did not get to see him but had a sweet family birthday dinner and then got to go to her party on Saturday. How absolutely adorable the girls were...doing art projects and decorating cake size cupcakes. Much to Erin's 'undelight', we gave Lilli a giant size cupcake pan for her birthday..Erin made enough for everyone to decorate and boy were there some majorly iced cupcakes with all sorts of wonderful sprinkles to add to the icing. It was fun to watch and they all decorated with glee...Jack's was the one that got cut up for the adults...


Saturday night, week, we went to Art's Alive in evening of festivities, music and open stores and galleries. It was a lot of fun and we were there for 3 hours. Brett arrived on Monday and was here for the week....leaving earlier today for home. He and we had a special time as always. His big brother let him drive the 'Gator' at the ranch, which was really fun for Brett and he is looking forward to doing it again, when he comes back in 9 days for the holidays.


There was an amazing art show here last weekend with some really beautiful arts and crafts. We went twice to look at the goodies there. Friday night we went to Arts on the Square in Arcata which is the same premises as what we did in Eureka the week before. Saturday night after Lilli's party Chet, Brett and I went to the Trucker Parade. Lots of pretty lights and horns honking a monotone Jingle Bells. It was fun. Yesterday we spent the day at the kids house while Chet cooked baked beans Newfoundland style...all that was missing were the scrunchins. He used salt pork and they were a little different but still delicious. Today, we took Brett to the airport and then we went for our walk around the inside perimeter of Costco. It stopped raining, so we went to the ranch to see the progress in the house which is getting closer to completion and took a nice loooong walk from the barn down to the pond where our Freddie is buried and then on down to the house. We saw the granite tops to the cabinets and the new front door which is amazing. Walked back up to the barn and drove up to watch the calves romping around in the pasture...I do think I would like to stop eating certainly hits in a different way when reality smacks you in the face.


It is a bit difficult rattling on about my teeth after we just found out a friend of my sons from Junior High, who we play Scrabble with on Facebook, was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer. She started chemo the other day just after her 44nd birthday....she said at the best they told her she has a year to live....please send energy....


After 2 trips to the dentist I was sent to an oral surgeon and he did a CT scan of my sinuses. I explained my past six months of 3 different abscesses in my upper right side of my mouth. The dentist couldn't find anything which didn't surprise me after 4 different antibiotics. The CT scan showed a break from the root in one of my teeth and my knowing the teeth holding my 1 tooth bridge is loose. There is also a piece of root in my mouth from a prior extraction. Tomorrow at 2:00 I get to have 3 teeth pulled and get the root taken out then have 2 implants and cadaver bone put in to prepare for my new bridge...oh joy and celebration....Merry Christmas to us all...especially the dentist. I refused vehemently sedation and opted for non-epinephrine novocain. Somehow I have to embrace the cadaver bone and thank it for helping me so I won't freak out. I will let you know how everything turns out. I don't know how long we will have to wait before we can head to Los Angeles and then to the desert before returning to have my crowns put on.


Every once in a while we have seen a yellow unidentified light in the day sky...somehow thinking it resembled sun. I know the redwoods need the rain and the little garden we transplanted from Jon and Erin's house that we had planted where we used to park when we stayed there. We have a couple of green plants and several stick bushes...hoping the "sun" or daylight and rain will make them grow some green, too.


I finished a blanket that I started over 2 years is a beauty and is on our bed. I have started one for a friend in Twillingate who is in the process of making my second quilt...they are so of our bedrooms is named "The Bonnie Rogers Room" as it houses the one quilt and anxiously awaits the second....she is absolutely amazing.


It was pouring so hard earlier that I thought we were going to start floating. I am afraid to feel around all of the windows for leaks...the joys of tin can living....

You all stay well and happy...I will write in a few days...



28 November month 2010


We are on the San Rafael Bridge right now....had to stop to look at San Francisco is perfectly clear and what a beautiful day it is...9:04 a.m. and NO traffic...what an unusual pleasure. It rained quite a bit yesterday and last night, which washes the air here.


We crossed in to California yesterday after an uphill drive that seemed to go on forever the evening before...we had to cross the mountains and then dropped to the desert to start the trek across the backside of the moon...the trip through Needles, which can go from 120 degrees in the day to 20 degrees at night. We usually go on Interstate 10 which is desolate but not as desolate. We stopped at a little place for my chili rellenos and then by-passed Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We toyed with going up through Reno, Nevada but fortunately decided against it.


It being Thanksgiving weekend and everyone coming and going to "grandma's house", the traffic can be horrific. Several years ago we were returning to Oregon from Los Angeles and decided to leave late Saturday. We have to go through the mountains along what is called the grapevine. It is the main artery from LA to the North. We were in bumper to bumper traffic for 360 miles. We stopped for gas and a bathroom; the lines were huge and I was in line behind a lady that I ended up behind 2 hours and 60 miles later. It was unbelievable. I spoke to a man at the gas station this morning who just came down from Reno and he said it was a 12 hour ride....which should have been 4...


Since leaving Kansas we have stayed 1 day in front of all of the storm fronts all the way across the was amazing as we made it through the central part of the country just in front of solid rain and through the mountains in Arizona and the Grand Canyon area just before the snow really hit. We were able to by-pass the grapevine and I 5, taking I 99 which parallels I 5. We stopped at a rest stop last night and it rained quite a bit. It is a sparkling day today as we wind our way through the Redwoods... we were just talking about the difference between them and the trees in Newfoundland. There are many trees that look just like the dogberries in Newfoundland, that are heavy with berries... hmmm...wonder if they're related and are any indication of the winter. We are less than an hour away from the kids house and will be staying at one of their places that they put in hook-ups for us. It is right on a canal and a half of a block from Humbolt Bay that just like Twillingate, looks straight out of the mouth of the harbor to the Pacific....without the islands we se from our stick house straight. This happens to be one of the most dangerous bars along the West coast and the waves are wild when the storms come in...on occasion we have to head for higher land....


Erin's mom will be in town on Tuesday through Thursday for a job interview as they will be moving up to Eureka soon...gee...who'd have guessed that the one place Lorin and I almost moved to when the kids were young would end up as the gathering place for the McGrady's and the Flyer' never knows what lies ahead.


I have slept so much on this 6 day trek as my valiant hubby teeth started hurting again on Thursday and my face started swelling again...ran out of medicine yesterday morning. It will be good to get to the dentist...well, as good as that whole experience can be but it will be nice to get the infection out of my body.


I think Brett will be up in a week or so...can't wait...


I will be hugging my grandchildren arms can feel them already.


We are looking forward to seeing the five new baby calves that were born this past week and their house that is getting close to completion.


I look forward to crossing the country one of these days not destination just laze along and see some more sights that we pass. We always seem to be on a mission.


I hope you are all happy and well...


It is now the next day, Monday, and I got a cancellation at the dentist this face looks lovely today...well half of it does...hopefully we will be on the way to getting rid of this stinking infection.


We are nestled in our spot but have to go get some more sewer hose as we backed in this time ...much easier...


It was so sweet to see the kiddies and Jon and Erin...


23 November month 2010

Aaahhh, happens and happens and happens...we have decisions to make when it happens. A decision we made, and we are on our way to another adventure...


A week Tuesday, my tooth, that is one of the ones that has to be extracted, decided to abscess...I wouldn't be surprised that all of the time I spent bending over, due to the inability to squat or kneel due to my arthritis which was a side affect of my broken ankle and leg, may have greatly contributed. I kept trying to sit on a stool when counting the bins near the floor but getting up was quite problematic...excruciating... but I kept trying and was able to get up and down about 15 times on Sunday ankle is literally half its size, which was a direct result of the amount of walking we did...Sunday, well, it must have been Monday morning I walked up the stairs and did so well I flashed on "Rocky" and a big grin crossed my face...I wanted to yell, "Yo, Adrienne"...I succeeded...I did it...yeeeesssss!!


I started taking Keflex on Thursday week and by Sunday night I was having chills, fever, puffy face, sore ear, sinus, and felt like there was something in my eye. After five hours I reasoned with my stubborn self and told me that my boys would not be at all happy with me if I did not take care of myself...getting a fever after taking antibiotics for four days didn't compute in a positive fashion. Our boss, Carol, sent us to an ER about 40 miles away and my antibiotic was changed.


I had two days off and went back to work last Thursday. It was like having a "get out of jail free" Monopoly card. We then had our weekend which was Thursday through Sunday evening. Friday night came and we had a nice evening going to the movies and then cleaning the RV. As I was vacuuming I noticed pressure in my face, an aching tooth and was starting to feel like I was going to run a fever again. We took off for the ER and this time I ended up getting a shot in my butt that they had to add lidocaine to as it was going to did...I was sent packing with yet a prescription for a fourth antibiotic...


I had called two dentists in California and discussed the procedure I had to have on Thursday, as I was beginning to think I needed to get to a dentist sooner than later and that was only on antibiotic two...after our second outing to the Emerg, we decided we would make a choice after we talked to the dentist again on Monday. I was told I could get in a week from Tuesday, we chose Wednesday...


We went to HR at work yesterday to talk to them we were leaving and they were great...Amazon had just announced a few days prior that one only had to give a one week notice when leaving. The lady said to me "you mentioned that you were thinking or resigning two weeks ago, didn't you?" I looked at her sort of dumbfounded and shook my head yes to her smiling face. They wanted to keep the door open to the possibility of us working again in the future. Uh, I don't see that happening any sooner than I see us spending another winter in Newfoundland... :)


We put things away last night and got on our way at 1:38 this afternoon. It is just in time, as it is supposed to possibly snow on Thanksgiving in Kansas...we are heading southwest towards Amarillo, Texas. We want to take Interstate 40 to Jon's as I 70 would take us through Colorado and this is probably not the right time of year to do that..


It is so neat the way things work out, as Lilli's birthday is December 8 and so is Mitchell's. He is planning on being there and I have to say that loosely, as planning for Mitchell is like an act of isn't often I have all three of my sons together in one place at one time so I am putting major amounts of positive energy towards that about some help....


We finished almost 5 weeks of work and I must tell you I am DELIGHTED not to be there right was different when the pain was so severe as it wasn't possible to think about much. As the pain subsided, the reality of the "job" was sinking in and how much I didn't want to be doing it...I would have finished our commitment had my tooth not stepped in and put us on a different path. It was sad to say goodbye to our boss and all of our new "friends" we met...what an amazing experience...we counted bazillions of things...some of them nice and some of them so ugly that it was a kick out of the XX rated things.....(8-)


I was talking to my son Jon, the evening before our last day, and he asked how I was doing at work. All of a sudden "I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it...." on and on...when I was able to stop I mentioned that it was the first time I had said that...then I started in again...we had a good laugh as I told him he was the first to just started flowing out of my mouth....he asked me "you don't like your job????" We had another good laugh. Let me say it was like the top exploding off of the top of a pressure cooker.


Let me was a double edge is my life and personality. Oh, how I hated the pain and exhaustion, but I will forever be grateful for the "forced" marches I made back and forth, back and did wonders for me physically...never believing I would be able to see an almost normal size ankle and never understanding how athletes could have a break like mine and return to exercising and playing again. My doctor would not prescribe physical therapy for me and said Mother Nature would take care of it...well, I guess he was right... seven years later and I was doing it...


I will FOREVER be grateful for what I had to do and for the fact that I had a boss and other co-workers that were so understanding and down right kind. After one night on the third floor, I said I just couldn't do that anymore so I was kept mostly on the first floor, except my last two days of work when I was on the second floor. By then I had built up enough strength to do the stairs. The trick will be keeping it up...forever grateful for the physical therapy.


All of us who live on the road are a bit quirky...we have to like each other, as we are together twenty-four seven, three hundred sixty-five days a year. I happen to have a dear husband and friend that makes it a pleasure. Now we are half-timers and still love being together at our stick house in Twillingate...we just enjoy each other's company and want to have the opportunity to experience that to the max.


We decided that people who work at night are a bit quirky also..gee, is that why we fit in so well???? lol....we chose to do it so we could have some daylight hours every day. It was also a bit quieter during the night shift...not that the constant din of the twenty-seven miles of conveyor belts and the sound of the exhaust fans that tried to cool the million square feet of the building ever stopped...quieter meaning less people...every time a new group of trainees showed up we would look at their wide eyed expressions. Truly, it was a positive experience; a learning experience. I now ask myself how important is it when I go to buy something as most things are a minimum of one hour of work...


We have crossed in to Texas, but are way up at the skinny top, so it won't take 2 or three days to go through it. It is the next day now and I am doing some editing... I sure miss the Newfoundland ponds and the North Atlantic around almost every corner on "the Rock". What a gift to find it.....I honestly didn't even know where it was until we started to plan our visit...our beautiful corner of "Paradise". It is pretty windy and we are being buffeted quite a bit...every mile getting me closer to my family...


I realize we can't just bop in and have everything be all rosy, and it is necessary for all of us to have an understanding and respect for space, but the initial glimpse and then hugs are worth it all...the smell of the see their faces...we are fortunate that we get to see Brett as often as we do.

We saw a most beautiful sunset and as we turned west on Interstate 40 and we entered the Canadian Valley...pretty cute. Now all we have to do is head in a straight line until we hit near Los Angeles and then we head north by-passing the city.


I am not looking forward to the process at the dentist that will probably take a year but...oh well...I may have a strange smile for a while but it will all be fine.

I so look forward to seeing my grandchildren and my is a treat that I wasn't expecting....happy dance...


We are at Walmart for the night and about 30 miles from Texas. Now all we have to do is retrain our bodies how to not be creatures of the night anymore...even though there is something neat about it...


On to the next chapter....


Happy Thanksgiving!! :)


15 November month 2010


I have been wanting to write for some time but have not even felt like doing much of anything...particularly nemesis. Today I am home alone, which is not the usual for Chet and me but I have a few days of sick leave from work.

There are so very many things I want to express that it may take a while and may get done or not...we will see how long I cant make my fingers fumble across the keyboard.

I guess I should start with my experience of staying in Newfoundland for the almost 18 months that we did.

Chet so wanted to experience the fury of a winter in Twillingate so I somewhat, down deep inside knowing it was too long, reluctantly agreed. I wanted to see it too but did not want to be away from the states for that length of time. I miss my family too much and it has been a first to be away from them as long for the first time since I had the boys. We did get to go home twice to see them and Jack and Lilli which soothed the emptiness in my heart. We all have our own lives and they are changing, which they should, and we are finding our ways to enjoy the time we were put here to live. It is not always easy as we all know, but we make our choices according to the way we want to live happily with our mates...I believe that things are providential and happen when they are supposed to...having a beautiful family with Lorin and then parting to wait to enter the next chapter in my life...being with Chet; more gentle and loving he couldn't be. He is my rock and I his "project" and we carry each other through thick and thin...he, the patience, tenderness and understanding of a saint.

We painted the house the summer before last but never finished, looking to finish it after the winter....what a surprise we had in store for us....

Winter was amazing and I have never been so cold in my life. It just happened to be one of or the warmest winters they had in 70 to 80 years. After the first month of trying to keep the downstairs slightly warm we were rudely awakened by the cost so we moved our living, eating, sleeping, tv watching, entertaining, etc., into our bedroom which used to be the formal parlor. We kept that, the bathroom and the kitchen warm and got our heating expenses down to a reasonable amount...we were fortunate that we only had two to three REAL weeks of winter. I remember as we ran from window to window every time we saw a few flakes of snow coming was so exciting and our faces fell when it went away. Finally we had a storm and I would sit at the window and watch the snow blow sideways straight down the street, all of the time wondering where it was going to end up...the wind sounding like a freight train and solid white outside...oh it was magnificent...what a novelty for a girl who lived in Miami and at the beach in Los Angeles...I couldn't get enough clothes on to stay warm to go out for insides would get so cold that I would start to shiver when we got home so I would have to sit in a bath....I was dressed in wool leggings and wool knee-highs for months...we didn't venture out too often except to go to friends for suppers. We had a New Year's Eve party that was so much fun and a triple birthday party that one of the people couldn't attend due to an illness in the family. Both of those nights were bitterly cold and almost three months apart. We had fireworks at New Year's and the first round came straight toward all of the spectators...I am sorry we won't be there to celebrate with our friends this year but I don't see that happening again in my future. I did my winter time...we got to see our harbour freeze one day from side to side which was a was fascinating to watch how salt water freezes. We had the opportunity to drive to St. John's during the winter and see the frozen ocean and the white islands out in what was water in the summer. There was a time people would drive their cars across the ice from arm to was fun seeing the hockey set-ups on the ponds and the ones that were made in peoples yards with garden hoses. The beauty was inexplicable...surrounded by white splendor....far from the beaches I spent most of my life on; barefoot and mostly in a bathing suit.

Winter waned and it took forever for us to get to start painting and the first paint I put on bubbled and then we discovered the disaster of the decorative wood and window sills that were peeling down to raw wood...not wanting to re-live the feeling of total defeat we felt, I will tell you only that our summer of fun we had planned turned into a nightmare of scraping, sanding and repainting and very little else...we have still not finished the first floor or the front porch so I figure this will be an on-going project that should be finished just in time to put another coat of paint on the clapboard...we were crestfallen and tied to the job every day of nice weather we had except when Brett came to visit.

Brett's visits are so loved by is a long hard flight but he is a champion...his own room awaits his return. His presence fills me with glee.

We have made some wonderful, genuine, loving friends in Newfoundland and we miss them very much when we are away but I so needed a break...I was suffering from traumatic sensory deprivation...when we got to the states and went into the huge shopping centers all I wanted to do was drink the colors and textures of what filled the stores; to go to the restaurants..having Mexican chili rellenos three times in one week...oh, what a gastronomical treat, to see masses of people, to have so many choices. You can take the girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of the girl. I wouldn't trade the serenity, magnificence and raw beauty of Newfoundland for anything but it is not what I am used to so I feel 6 months at a visit is perfect in my world....that doesn't mean I don't miss it when I sit here and listen to the roar of the traffic on the road in front of our RV park which we have renamed the lakes to the muck ponds as we trudge all of the yuck in the front door from the rain...getting them to put more gravel down is quite a has been done once but it sorely needs it long of a wait will it be this time. Chet built a four by eight foot deck in front of the steps to help a bit. I am beginning to think adversity builds character....ha!!!!

Little did I realize my PTSD would soon be filled to the maximum when we took the Christmas job at We are in the much coveted quality control, ICQA, section and couldn't have found people to work for that are nicer if we got to hand pick them ourselves. We came here as our dear friends WC and Leslie did it last year....I have NEVER done anything more grueling in my life and I have done a lot of hard exercise in my younger years from competitive swimming to weight lifting, biking, running, etc...sometimes I have no idea how I will be able to withstand the pain for one more second as it knots my stomach and makes me shiver but I close my eyes and go to the memory of my mother. She had bursitis in her shoulder when I was young and I so vividly remember her grabbing the top of a door and watching the pain on her face as she hung to straighten the arm she couldn't lift higher than her shoulder. Then there were the hours at the beach when she would be in the glorious warm water just working her arm back and forth and around...she won the battle...I ask her to pull me through the last few hours of the night. We took the night shift so we could see some daylight hours each day. It seems funny to say good morning at four o'clock in the afternoon when we start our shift...our five foot three boss, Carol, with her Kansas twang talking at the top of her voice with her arms raised saying "good morning, is time to start our day". Nicer she couldn't be. We are in a million square feet of space that is filled with almost anything imaginable..we get to count what is in the bins or on the pallets. They have been kind enough to let me stay on the first floor as the stairs were killing my knee. We have tried several types of shoes and various inserts, lots of ibuprofen, icing my feet at breaks and many tears at the end of the 10 hour shift and some even on the way in to work...I don't know how we are doing it but we are....this week started our mandatory overtime from forty hours to fifty hours a week...please send us all of your strength and positive energy...I am finding that the walking, and it can be for some, up to 15 miles a shift, has done more for my ankle and leg that I broke in 2003 than anything I could have done for it. The circulation is coming back in my feet and my ankle is shrinking down to a more normal size...this is Curves on steroids or X a thousand...

Last night I finally think I hit upon an insole that may work...I only made it for 5 hours of my shift before I had to have Chet take me to the emergency hospital...seems the very teeth I have to have replaced with implants, with the money we are working for, decided to abscess on Tuesday night...Wednesday morning I started taking antibiotics and the pain started to subside until yesterday when I looked in the mirror and saw the puffiness in my face and realized I was running a fever...that doesn't compute well when one is on medication for almost 4 days...I asked my boss where to go and she sent us to an ER about 40 miles away...the doctor changed my medication and checked my eye with drops and a black light as it felt like I had something in it...he gave me a doctor's note excusing me from work until the 17th....I feel like a train hit me and hopefully my face swelling will start to go down soon...I took my Chet to work and here I am all alone listening to the steady twenty percent chance of rain...I was told not to do anything and even got a crash course on how to work the tv...

I am so proud of my sons and how they have each made their lives work for does my heart good to see them seeking out their own happiness; not without a lot of work and intestinal fortitude...pages could be written but I am just going to say how very much I love them....

I am going to make some supper and settle down with my knitting and the tv...

First, I must say we live a blessed life and that is done by making choices...second, I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends we have made along the way...and how I adore my family.....


Bless you all!!



13 October month 2010


Our wheels are spinning again after a fantastic week of relaxation with out dear, dear friends, WC and Leslie. We met them on the road five years ago in Quartzsite, Arizona, when we were buying our Motosat Internet dishes for our motorhomes. It isn't all that often couples meet where both spouses click and on top of that all four click......we were lucky!!!!! We were sad to say goodbye this morning but we will meet up has been two years and we picked up without missing a beat. That is real friendship.


The hills are awash with the sound of music and beautiful colors.....even more vibrant than Maine...WOW.....


We did a whole lot of relaxing and had fun eating in a bunch of different restaurants, chatted, laughed, played dominoes and went sightseeing in the Great Smoky Mountains. We went on a loop drive yesterday with a whole lot of other people and saw old houses, a really neat Dutch style barn, a black bear that of course disappeared by the time Chet got there with the camera, saw deer and wild turkeys. There was a beautiful stream and cascading waterfall gently passing over the boulders where we stopped and listened to for a while.


Last night I was mesmerized as I watched the miners being rescued in Chile. I saw the first four come up and saw them load number five in and went to sleep. When I got up in the middle of the night, I saw number eight start his ascent and woke to watch numbers eleven through the beginning of the ascent of number was time to stow the dish and be on our way.


Leslie gave me two pairs of shoes to wear at Amazon....I tried them out and my knee, which has awful arthritis from my leg break, felt soooooo much better. They are shoes that are thicker in the middle of the soles and rock backwards and forwards. After one day, my knee was soooooo much better for walking. Today it is stiff but it was from all of the riding and getting in and out of the car yesterday.


Here is hoping the miners keep safely getting out until we stop somewhere for the night and can get back on the tv....


Brett is going to have a BIG adventure....he is moving to a two bedroom apartment at the end of the month and is going to have a roommate......he is very excited and so are we. They have a beautiful apartment and it will be neat as he will be moving for the first time without me directing....a great learning experience for both of us.


We are going to stop at a rest area in a few minutes so I will bid you adieu.........

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8 October month 2010


Well, here we are in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., the famous home of Dollyworld.....there is every imaginable attraction here that you can think a small Las Vegas without the gambling. There is even a replica of the Titanic....will have to see if the photos I took worked out.


We will check out the flea markets after we make the run to Knoxville to get a urine test for our new jobs...wouldn't be so bad if we hand't made the same trip yesterday.....drove in circles for 45 minutes as our new GPS was better behave today or it may find itself being returned. Seems the girl at the lab was confused too and said she couldn't process the paperwork. It is only 36 miles but it takes over an hour to get there due to the traffic. The traffic makes me long for Newfoundland.


We have been having a really sweet visit with our friends WC and Leslie....we met them in
Quartzsite 5 years ago and have met up in several different places in the country during our travels....we have such a good time with them...lots of laughs.


We are at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains and the leaves are just starting to get a smattering of color...sort of hard to change colors with the temperatures in the high 70's to low 80's. We were lucky enough to see the leaves awash with color in Maine.


We have to stop at Camping World to get a new water filter for our drinking water as we don't want to drink filtered water that has gone through the RV antifreeze we had to use to winterize the coach.

We hope you are all well and happy



6 October month 2010


Leaving family and close friends has never been an easy one for me....the older I get the more I realize the depth of my love and the things I did when I was young and just didn't know better or wasn't aware enough to know I may have been causing harm.....along with that comes the ability to say I'm sorry!

We just pulled out of my brother's and told him we have to keep ourselves well so we can see each other in the future....too many years passed as we raised our families in different places in the country and we lost a lot of time together.


It was a sweet and pleasant visit. We got to spend time with my niece, Kimberly and her daughter Evanne. It was pure delight. We had wonderful meals together, got to go to Kim's farm and see Evanne ride her horse and just sit and watch tv with Craig. He spent a lot of time with us and we went to work with him one day to keep him company. It really touched me when he said he would like the company as we had to drive about an hour and 1/2 to get where we needed to be...I have had my need for Mexican food whetted a bit as we had it three times and once Italian....which was great. We even got a pot luck in the mix. It was a pleasant easy visit and as always so wonderful to see how

Evenne has been loved so much and has grown into a beautiful young woman....sorry we didn't get to see Lynne but she is in Hawaii at their condo visiting Krissy and David.


We are headed to Asheville, North Carolina, and may check out the Biltmore Estate I have been in the past and remember how beautiful was. I hope we see a rest stop soon as it is well past breakfast time.

I did a great job of pulling the motorhome out of the driveway twice and that has been the extent of my driving on this trip so far....




26 September month 2010


On the road again and our wheels are still round after sitting still for 18 months...only problem being is a water line to the bathroom so only a trickle of water which is be a bit of a problem magician of a hubby will figure it out.

The ferry ride was great and we had a nice shower and a king sized bed to snuggle up was rolling from side to side more this time as I didn't feel it at all the last trip....I was all set to watch some tv but Chet in his stupor told me to hit everything but the cable button on the remote sooooo....I was ticked and played solitaire til I decided I had better try and sleep as I wasn't enjoying the rolling.

As usual, we planned to have the motorhome packed so we could just get up, turn the key and be on our way....NOT....and I can't even blame it all on the Igor. We just can't seem to do it.....armloads were thrown in and after two trips back in for things we forgot, we were on our way....thinking later that we had left my computer and iPad...fortunately not but we think we left our registration stickers for the Jeep, which will not impress anyone here as it hasn't had them on since 08...we are going to ask Randy and Tracey to have a "luksee" and see if they can find them in the house before calling Oregon for some new ones. Also forgot our "AA" batteries. Other than that we did well....

Chet drove to the ferry and then drove all day to Houlton, Maine where we spent the night in a rest stop. We got some stuff put away but he was so out of it he just climbed on the bed and was out. I worked for about 2 more hours and went to sleep on the sofa as the bed is covered with things. In the middle of the morning hours we found enough room to sleep together as it was the first unavoidable time we have ever slept separately.

We sailed through customs and when the guy came in he was probably horrified to see what a mess he had walked in on...oh well...all he took were a couple of rotten avocados and saw we weren't smuggling anyone in....really, we have found customs to be very nice coming and going as we tell the truth so there is no worry.

We are on our way to the coast of Maine to meet a FB friend that I used to play games with. Kept a few and deleted all 7.000+ gamers. Chet just doesn't play and doesn't bother deleting the people either...oh to be so uncompulsive.....

The trees are in all of their splendor and I am glad Chet is getting a chance to see them...we had left one month+ earlier in 08 and just got the tail end of the colors. The oranges are florescent, the purples and magentas are magnificent...not to forget the reds...the hillsides are awash with the most magnificent colors and the trees are regular size trees, not small ones like the ones in Newfoundland....our poor trees at home were barely covered with leaves and the hurricane blew one of my last ones to get its' leaves bare..poor is amazing that they survive. We had to stake 3 of them before we left as they were practically laying down from the wind.

We did fine during Igor except for some water in the living room from the bay window and the window in the dining is a rather unique window as Helen Ashbourne never could find the leak. There is a hose bib coming out of the top of the window so we attached a hose that goes to a bucket like we were told she of the special things about our house...we will miss it but almost 18 months there was a bit much and it feels soooooo great to be in the motorhome again....first trip without our old boys, Freddie and Spotty but we will have our hands full with Twilly and Moose....they remember they were brought up in here and have adapted well to being on the road again....

Several people said they had never seen it rain so much and so hard before during Igor. The wind just howled and the harbour was astounding. Some said they had never seen the harbour like it this before...we went across the street to our cabin-to-be and watched the water several times and had to change our clothes each time....ooooohhhh it was startling. No one expected the hurricane to turn and hit the island as hard as it did...we got the outside edges of a category 1 and shudder to think of what would have happened if it had been any closer or stronger....I still can't get over Katrina and all they haven't done to make it better.....I had better stop here...

Rolling again and love to you.....



23 August month 2010


I was so happy with how beautiful the spindles and lower rails on the porch looked....yummy....we needed to take a bit of a break from the constant scraping and painting so we went blueberry picking.....they grow wild all over the place...this year there seems to be less berries and they are a bit smaller but still delicious. There is an abundance of partridgeberries that will ripen when the weather cools...they are similar to cranberries. The all grow pretty low to the ground so it is a lot of stoop labor...I get around it by kneeling or sitting matter how fast I pick I can't seem to keep up with Chet...We will start freezing them for next year as we have them in is so beautiful to sit in the fields and watch the clouds and the sea...what a magical thing.

Oh, I got sidetracked...the painting. We started on the green columns yesterday. As Chet was peeling near the yellow he ended up peeling almost a foot of freshly painted yellow. I am ready to turn in my brush or bulldoze the whole porch. We will try to get as much primed as we can or should I say re-primed while the weather lasts, until next summer. The cabinets in the dining room and pantry are being painted and the couple of cabinets in the kitchen. The house is upside down for a week or so....

We started cleaning the inside of the motorhome has been a year + so it is time. The cats have been in and out and definitely recognize their first home. It is going to be a bit of a problem keeping them in when we hit the road again as they have had several acres of open land to roam and hunt on. It is cute to watch them disappear in the tall grass. They keep bringing shrews as presents...sometimes to the door and sometimes in the house. Chet was lucky enough to step on one when he went outside yesterday...gross.

We still haven't completely kicked the crud...the worst part being the exhaustion we feel...time, time, time.

I made a throw and gave it to our neighbor, Sheila, across the street and a felted sweater I decorated with crocheted designs to her daughter. They are the wife and daughter of Paul, who drowned. It was so touching and felt really good to do it.

It almost feels as if fall is coming....waiiiit...summer hasn't really gotten here yet...there are still two of my trees that haven't even gotten their leaves.

My moods have been swinging a lot has a lot to do with the schizo weather, the tragedy that still lingers here, the pressure of getting the hall I sold empty by the end of the month and on and on....we are supposed to be retired,,,,not just plain tired.

Oh I miss my family.....




20 August month 2010


Soooo...the paint.....I guess around the beginning of June I started to put a second coat on the green posts on the front porch and they were all bubbled the next day...I saw a split on the handrail and of course had to pull at it and the paint peeled in strips right down to the bare wet wood....from there down to the spindles, bottom rail, other decorative pieces...all around the house, stable and garage. Everyone said they had never seen that before....we were heartsick. Last year, five men working and we still didn't get finished so we thought we would be able to get it completed this summer....well, summer has barely come and Chet is still peeling while I the spindles and the handrail finished on the bottom half and some of the border around the house....have made a few color changes much to my liking....we will NEVER get this finished this summer...maybe it will go on until it is time to repaint in 5 years or so and all we will have to do is the body of the house. HAH HAH

Chet called Pittsburgh Paints and got so frustrated he hung up soooo I called back. I asked for someone who was not totally bored with what I had to say. He said he had just talked to my husband and he hadn't sanded the house....I said to him " you are sitting on the other end of the phone line and telling me we didn't follow the exact directions on the can...and on top of that we used your primer instead of the primer from the paint store as we were told it was the best". We scraped and sanded and never saw another color on the house....when it peeled we saw several other colors. The primer congealed with the paint and became a stripper...fortunately NOT on the clapboard...I went round and round with the rep and when I told him it was not a small house and was in the newspaper he quickly changed his story and said they would refund the primer costs....whoopie but at least it will pay for the extra paint we have had to buy.

Looks like the weather may hold so off to work I go.....the inside of the house is upside down as the cabinets and pantry in the dining room are being painted a luscious red and the cabinet doors in the kitchen will be a sage green.

This is NOT the way we planned on spending our summer....we did get to pick the first blueberries of the season yesterday while watching an astounding sunset.

Love to you all



19 August month 2010


I said I would be back on the 12th of July...guess it took a lot longer than I expected. I think about writing often but there is so much going on that I don't want to take the time to do it...perhaps if I could type faster and with less mistakes.

So much has happened in the last 5 weeks that has been a life experience that has been heart wrenching. Our Fish, Fun and Folk Festival was to start on the 18th of July month and last for a week. Brett was here and that was a beautiful thing. I woke on the morning of the 18th and saw several cars across the street at our neighbor's house. Chet had been up and already on the computer and read of a boating accident here, right here in Twillingate. He mentioned that two men and two boys were lost during the night. Our neighbor across the street, his friend and two young boys that I would believe everyone in this town knew. They were everywhere and always on their bikes, eating ice cream cones, their faces covered in it. They were always at the wharfs as the boats held a fascination for them. They were the first people who came flying up when we moved in and were around often to say hello. They were on their ATV almost every day going across the back of the property from here to their house and had cut a nice path back by the hills behind our place. I would watch them and they would stop and I would yell for them to be careful. They said they would....back and forth and up and down the rock road on the north side of our land. Strawberry blond hair and freckled faces....boys to the core. Josh and James....Joshua and James...we will never see them again.

When Chet mentioned it to me I thought there were a lot of cars across the street right next to our fish market...I said I hoped it wasn't some grandparents with their grandchildren and then I said oh god, I hope it wasn't Josh and couldn't be....the island wouldn't be the same. I say island as we are three islands off the main island of Newfoundland that are connected by a causeway. We asked our neighbor's, Marilyn and Gordon Ashbourne what they had heard and they confirmed my worst was Josh, James, Paul from across the street and his friend Danny who had just come home from Yellowknife three days before.

The men were working on the engine of Danny's 3 meter boat and the boys asked if they could go out with them. Their mom brought them their life jackets and off they went around 4:00 pm. The story I have heard is that they were having some engine troubles but people had seen them outside of the harbour and all looked fine. A fishing boat came in around 10:00 pm and reported they had seen a life jacket and a cooler floating. The search began and during the early morning they found 1 of the boys. Hours later they found Paul and the other boy. Danny has never been found. He had a 60 or 70 hp engine on the boat and a high sea came on. If a wave hit the boat it would have gone right down due to the weight. People say life jackets are just for finding bodies due to the temperature of the water here. Hypothermia is the silent killer.

It was so different experiencing this tragedy here then all of the ones we would hear of when living in Los Angeles....a county of 10 million people. Here there are around 3,000 people and the whole town was devastated....the grief was palpable and cast a pall over the island that is just starting to lift. The festivities of the 1st day of the festival were called off and the next night there was a candle light vigil at the wharf where about 1,000 people came. I could not contain my grief... actually we met the boys while we were negotiating to buy the house. They were told there were cameras and alarms that would sound if they passed the gate on the side of the house. Sweet boys, there were never any cameras or was just another lie told by the man we bought the house from.

Twillingate cried, people wept everywhere, such a tragic thing to happen. The festival just never pulled itself together as everyone's hearts were broken.

We went to the Josh and James funeral. We got to the church over an hour early and were in chairs on the very last row. Many people couldn't get in....They were my little 10 and 12 year old friends. Josh had been in our car the week before helping us return a cat to a little girl up the lane to the south of us. James and his friend Nicholas were running along in front of us.....the three of them often on the ATV together. On the 17th of this month we went to the cemetery and I put roses on Paul and the boys graves. The two boys were buried together in the same casket as they were never apart. Little men....time is starting to lift the pall but you are so sorely missed...I still get a start when I see children on bikes near the house....

It was hard to deal with and I was sorry Brett had to experience it...there wasn't a window we could look out of without seeing almost all of Twillingate stopping across the street. We walked over to see Sheila just as the RCMP came to tell her they found Paul's body. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing the fear in their faces as the cold water took them...oh, it will never leave me.

I have wanted to write but just haven't been to able to until now.

There is more to tell but I will do that at another is about the disaster we had with the paint on the decorative wood on the house...enough now.

Live and love to the fullest every day while you have life to do it.....


An Ode to James and Josh

by Gaye Ann Flyer on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 1:37am


Little men, just on the edge of the prime of your young lives....when we first moved in to our house, there you came, flying up on your bicycles to see who we were and ask if the alarms were still on. The alarms that were never really there in the first place...just a story told to you by the man who owned the house before we bought it from him. We talked and told you who we were and that you could come back whenever you wanted as long as you used the driveway instead of the lawn with your respected that wish and only had to be reminded once. Josh, you were around more often and your freckled face was always covered with ice cream as you were gobbling down another cone. Will the ice cream place ever be the same again??? No.

Just two weeks ago you both helped us find a house where we could return a kitty to the little girl who was trying to get it to come home...James and Nicholas running so fast ahead of us and Josh in the back seat of our car giving us directions....your spirit will always be there, the memory of your sweet face.

You reminded me of my two older boys who were much like the two of you...everyone in our neighborhood knew them and they had the same spirit for life that you did.

Riding your ATV across the back of the property sometimes three of you and I would stand and fondly watch....sometimes calling out to be careful. you even told me where the old well for the property was. We walked on the path that you cut through there and I was going to ask you to be sure and keep it driven down every year......

Little men, I feel your fear and wish I could rock you and tell you you would be safe. You are being rocked by something much greater than me now.<

You were the first two I thought of when I heard the news this morning...the North Atlantic took you and Paul, our neighbor across the street, and his friend tears joining so many others that openly wept today and will openly weep for days to come.

I had a little bit of ice cream in honor of your memory tonight....I am not supposed to eat it but had to raise my spoon to your memory....

I will miss you, my young friends....I will miss seeing you, so much.

I have been told we are put on Earth to do what we were we were put here to do and when we were finished then it was time to leave.....

Why? Why you, little men, why? What lessons did you have to teach us.

The whole island just went black as we just lost the electricity...there is a whole lot of lightning and the sky is crying for you...the blackness of the island depicts the blackness in the hearts of everyone on the island.....we collectively grieve.

We went to the candlelight vigil tonight and I watched the wreath in the water and sent a were loved by the precious boys will lie together for eternity.....what a comforting thing to know......


12 July month 2010


I have really missed writing my muzes....I got all tied up in Mafia Wars and Farmville and lost my life for a very long time....went cold turkey and am delighted...I do miss my farms because they were really cute but life must go on. One other BIG reason for not writing is I really don't like a certain ex knowing all about our lives except that I have found the most loving, gentle, patient, caring, sweet, intelligent, delightful, precious man to be married and breakfast in bed...what more could a woman ask for.....I am going to give it a try again and see if the same passion is still there for the writing. I have to say I have certainly gotten much better at my typing but FAR from good.

I don't even know where I left off but here we are at extremely hot, muggy day with air that is so thick it could be cut with a knife. It has been awful for days and we have slept in the motor home the past 2 nights and will be there again tonight and until it seriously cools down. It is like having a motel in the back yard. We had a 50 amp hookup installed so we can run both of the air conditioners at the same time....heaven.

We have been in Newfoundland for a little over a year now and spent our first winter here. Chet wanted to so badly so I made the 6 month commitment to do so and I promise I will not do it again. It was amazing even though it is one of the warmest winters they have had in about 70 years. We wanted to see the fury of winter and wore holes in the floor running from window to window to look for snow. We would see flakes and I would yell blizzard....we wanted to see it sooooo badly. Finally around New Year's Eve we had 2 weeks of real winter and would sit at the windows and watch the snow blow sideways past the house and wondered where it would all stop. It was just amazing....white flying by and the wind was just like a train as it would blow for days by the was so exciting and I would get so cold if we went out that it would take hours and a hot bath to warm my "linings" up. I was frozen from inside as we would be dressed so no wind would touch our bodies. It was really a pain having to put on all of the layers of wools, gloves, hats, scarves, jackets and my life saving double wool 33 BELOW hoodie. We would leave, come back, undress and start all over when we went out again. I remember my momma telling us that is why we moved from New York when I was 4 as she would no sooner get us dressed and we would have to go to the bathroom. It took a while to learn how to properly layer as we would go in the store or a mall (not in Twillingate) and the perspiration would start running down my back...ugh....

We had a lot of friends to do things with and were busy all of the is so interesting to learn a way of life that is so very different than what I was used to after living in Miami, Los Angeles, and then Portland, Or.....BIG cities with everything at one's fingertips 24 hours a day and then here in Twillingate, Newfoundland, with 2,500 people, 2 small grocery stores and 2 restaurants that stayed open for the winter. As a matter of fact, almost everything closes down the end of September. We would go to or have pot lucks, play games, watch movies and tv and just visit. It was quite an experience and more of a social life than I have had since high school. I will finish later.......





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