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8 April month 2015

It seems so much has happened lately that it hit me this morning that the best way to explain it is just to copy posts I have made on Facebook, as I don't want to have to write it all over again....perhaps I will do a little interjecting here and there....we'll see…I will start the interjections with this "…".

I will start way back here as our sweet Marilyn Ashbourne goes in for her 4th cancer surgery….strong, wise wonderful and 86 years young…

March 13 at 12:45am · A very dear friend whom we love very much is having a pretty serious surgery on Monday. Please, prayers, healing thoughts, positive energy, healing White Light, anything you can think of to help bring her through this.... Thank you

March 14 at 9:28pm · We just got back from a walk and it is my first time off the block and down into the shopping area. Chet and Brett both graciously walked through Pier 1 with me and then we walked a little bit further and came back. 1.2 miles today HOORAY......2,873 steps.... I was wondering when I was going to get off of the block it seemed so far away....

March 16 at 11:30am · Just got word that Marilyn came through the operation with flying colors and is in ICU with no other info as of yet This is going to be a bitch of a task as I have to go all through my FB page to the posts each time I copy one….oh well, where do we have to go besides the movies today….probably to see “The WOMAN IN GOLD”….A Gustav Klimt painting….he was my inspiration to start painting

March 17 at 9:59am · Nothing like turning over every day when I wake up to a nice hot cup of coffee that my love leaves for me... Now that is special 

March 20 at 2:50pm · Amazing Marilyn is home today after surgery on Monday her supposed nine day stay cut very short as she was doing so well. She is some tired....and some amazing lady .... I told her I asked people to send healthy fattening food.

March 23 at 11:56am · Edited · A dear friend we met on the road and had a very bad motorcycle accident last evening so if you've got a few extra prayers please send them Jerry's way and also to his wife Sue. Thank you... She has always been so supportive of me through all of my traumas these past three years and now it's time to send it back. I hope to God Jerry pulls through this okay….. 

March 23 at 12:07pm · My heart goes out to the man who lost seven of his children in a fire yesterday and is waiting to hear about his wife and one child that survived. My thought, how does one get through this? …..Since then I have read of another family trying to stay warm, a dad and his 7 children, dying of carbon monoxide poisoning…

March 25 at 12:22am · Edited · HAPPY BIRTHDAY my're all grown up now…. smile emoticon heart emoticon

March 27 at 8:47am · Edited · Prayer line friends...PLEASE PLEASE we need some more for our friend Jerry and his wife Sue. He is in intensive care in Louisiana after very bad motorcycle accident the other day.... he needs every ounce of help we can muster up.... Surgery yesterday on his neck that may need to be done over today and still he hasn't been awake....thank you very much in advance

March 27 at 7:31pm · We went to our doctor and had our physicals today and we are both in A1 condition.... Everything being perfect.....big yay...she told us that one of her patients had mentioned the last time we were there that we both looked like we were from Central Casting LOL

March 28 at 12:52pm · they are trying to reduce the use of the ventilator and get it out...our friend Jerry makes a little progress every day....all of the prayers flowing in certainly helps...please keep them coming....he took us up a mountain in the desert to a hole in the rock called the 'Eye of the Needle' and took my hand because I was petrified and just kept saying "little steps, little steps" have no idea how often Chet says "remember what Jerry Little told you....little steps, little steps!!!"

March 30 at 12:08pm · Edited · Patrick Sondheimer... Patrick Sondheimer is his name..... Patrick Sondheimer ….this is the name of the pilot and NOT the co-pilot of the plane that crashed in the alps….no one was even mentioning his name which really made me angry.

March 30 at 2:28pm · Most people take their dogs out for a walk... I take my knee March 31 at 8:41pm · We were supposed to leave for up north today but Chet wanted to have a week with no doctor visits so here we sit in the ER because he just slammed his Bejeweled Blitz finger in the tailgate of the Jeep. I had to drive for the first time in a very long time. We are waiting for stitches and an x-ray.

April 2 at 10:59am · We are off to meet some friends "from the road", Connie Lane Farquhar and her hubby Larry, for lunch in Malibu today.... It is always fun to see people who are doing what we are doing. It is usually few and far between but it's still great…. 

April 3 at 10:52am · Edited · THANK YOU, THANK YOU ....EVERY ONE of you who sent prayers and healing energy to our friend Jerry....this is Sue's post this morning as we both read through our tears.... Team Jerry! Hees awake!!!!! He did some head nods and shoulder shrugs in response to questions. Squeezed my hand a bit. Actually raised one eyebrow in answer to a statement. And raised both eyebrows in response to" youhave to wake up moretoget hugs from your pretty nurses. This all happened after we had bee in the room a few minutes and all we saw was the half awake blank eyes. I said to jenn I wish I could have just a small sign that hes there and a miracle happened! Praise God! Even his eyes were focusing! Thank you all for all theprayers...keep it up...we've got a long way to go but this was a huge step this morning. And all on Good Friday.

April 3 at 10:59am · now I am off to the surgeon's office to sit and wait to see him as I have had a week compared to the pain I felt before surgery...Chet called yesterday and told them if they couldn't get me in we would just come and sit until they did...when he called a little bit ago they said come and sit even tho they are running 2 hours behind...nothing new for his office…….

April 3 at 3:26pm · So the doctor visit went well. It was a four hour outing. Lots of x-rays gentle caring and new medications for swelling and nerve pain... Just the reassurance I needed

April 4 at 3:19pm · Edited · We are at the movies and Chet was adding salt to his popcorn and said it tasted like Kettle Corn....well, yes it would, as he was adding sugar....yeah my love…

April 4 at 11:55pm · Yet another high-speed pursuit going on right now. We are having to watch it on the computer. He's going between 80 and 140 miles an hour and too fast for the police to pursue because it is too dangerous but the helicopter is following. It is been going on for about 40 minutes and it is amazing that he hasn't hit somebody.... it's bound to happen because he's on a heavily traveled freeway right now. It's pretty scary to watch as I hate to see innocent people get hurt. The car is just flying in heavy traffic right now.

April 5 at 12:10am · The car just hit a truck right by the Marina freeway and the 405 freeway, went up on top of the truck and lost his front right wheel and then came down so it had to stop. Both people got out so the police have got them in custody and they're checking on the two other cars that were hit. Helped one man out of the truck and not sure about the people in the other car that stopped. That is the exact offramp that we take to Brett's place whenever we're on the 405. The car was flying from freeway to freeway around six of them. It is so hard to understand what causes people to do such stupid things because so often it's the innocent people that get hurt.... newscaster Gaye signing off because we won't hear anything probably until tomorrow. Have a pleasant night.

April 5 at 5:38pm · for all of you who have been saying prayers in support of our friend Jerry and his wife Sue, here is just a little update from today. I would say this is pretty miraculous.... So please keep your thoughts and prayers coming Andrea Sue Vinall Little posted "Now that I'm not jumping up and down and screaming (not really) I can post a little more info. He's off the ventilator and has a Bi-Pap mask. He is doing well with that. He's awake, alert and talking - a bit soft and a bit muffled through the mask, but talking! Nodding, shaking his head and telling me he loves me! What a huge leap today! So happy. Still a long ways to go but we're lapping the track! Thanks everyone for your prayers, etc!"

Yesterday at 2:45am April 7· One never knows when the next bomb will hit.. Brett went to bed, Chet asleep at 11ish and I was sitting on the edge of the bed playing games... I heard strange noises coming from Brett's room and I started calling his no avail...noises getting louder and violent and I experienced his first major seizure of his life. Chet called 911....4 EMT's and a fire truck off to the shittiest hospital around but the closest to his place....they said they had to take him here....1/2 of the ER closed due to pipe break, no blanket warmers so Mitchell and Siulan are on their way with a blanket and a heating pad, no ice for his headache, no pills for his migraine so Chet just went home and got them for him...they finally gave him some Adavan so he won't seize again.... I am sooooo f-ing wrung out. The Universe takes care as we were leaving in the morning to head out on our journey and Brett ironically has an appt with his neurologist at 11:00 am....guess who is not leaving her son!

Yesterday at 3:48am April 7 · Thanks everybody, very much. It's 3:38 AM and we're just a little tired. Still amazes me how everything is in such order. Just got home from the hospital, and Mitchell and Siulan came down and brought some chocolate so that made it all better. We walked out of the hospital and Brett promptly got sick to his stomach which is par for the course but we're home now and he is about 4 feet away from us sleeping on the couch. Chet is setting the alarm so we can get up to take him to his neurologist. Strange thing is his blood level is perfect so on to find out why….

Yesterday at 9:45am April 7· The out pouring of love from all of you is overwhelming and hard to read through my tears of feeling loved. We are getting ready to go to the doctor and then we will all come home and get in bed. We all have our interpretation of God and right now all I can do is put my hand in my God's hand and ask to be led through the next few hours.

23 hrs April 7 · We just left the doctors office and yes, he did have a grand mal seizure for the first time in his life. He is starting him on another secondary medicine at night time as that seems to be the time that Brett has always had seizures even though they haven't been for so very very many years but never a grand mal. Wrapping my young man in white light so he will stay safe.

April 7 22 hrs · Well, we got almost all packed up yesterday so now we get to stay another two weeks to watch him on his new medication. Whatever will be will be... I think I will write a song. We are so tired that we are going to bed. Nighty nighty afternoon 8 April month 2015 Good morning everybody what a wonderful bunch of catch-up sleep I have had. Our friend Jerry took Sue's hand today said her name and kissed her hand.... What a gift, what a feeling that must've been..... I can almost feel it. It is like when Brett looked at me at the hospital the other night and called me mom even though he was able to tell them my Just the sound of that word made my heart sing. ……well, that was not the easiest task I have ever done but for those who read these and aren’t on FB I felt is was the easiest way to keep you up to date….we are going to the movies later :)

Blessings to Brett, Sue and Jerry, Marilyn Ashbourne and all of our other friends….Allison, Ev, Suzanne, Loretta and everyone else who needs an extra Blessing….Chet and I will take one too…. Love and Light to you


Muze.....Just Muzing

7 March month 2015

It is so seldom that Chet and I are ever apart….he is my everything, my love, my protector…my strength when I have none left….the past 3 years have left me with no reserve and he has been by my side to buffer me from the world…. He and Brett are on their way home from the movie “Still Alice” right now with a popcorn refill for me….big smiley face…..

We had free passes to a ‘soft’ opening of the new Cinemark Theater for this evening and Brett has been so excited since Chet and I got them a week ago…I decided to call and see how early we had to be there to get the tickets to get in and the lady who answered the phone said she just received a memo that the opening was called off….we had a good chuckle over how they waited until just hours before to send her the memo….she told us to go to the webpage and there was an apology and when we do go after next Saturday we will receive a free ticket and popcorn as an apology for the mix-up. Poor Brett was crestfallen….they walked to the theater down the block….I chose to stay home….I just could not bring myself to see the movie….it was too hard watching my mom and my sister….I knew I didn’t have the strength to do it….

I finally got to go to PT yesterday for an evaluation….all of the frikin’ paperwork we are still waiting for….what a gift I got…a session of evaluation. work on the Pilates machine, ‘the RED ROPE’ one….I said I felt like I was in ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’…we all had a good laugh and she said she had been waiting for someone to bring that up….after my ‘bondage’ I had a session on the electronic stimulation with ice….let me tell you….I had such amazing relief…(this is starting to sound weird)….the heat in my knee has GREATLY diminished, the swelling has diminished, the pain has diminished… put my cane away and am learning how to walk unassisted again….OMG I can’t wait to go back again….hopefully by Wed or Thurs….

While my men were gone I had a nice nap and then went for a walk around Brett’s floor 3 times. It is so nice as the doors all open out to a beautiful jacuzzi area and landscaping so I am out in the air and it feels so safe because there is no one to bump into….so far I have been around 6 times today and plan on another walk before bed… I went to my own internist yesterday and she alleviated some of my fears regarding my elevated body temp and explained more about the recovery process…she had her knee done so I felt much better….feeling like I was running a fever for almost 2 weeks has not been fun!!!!

Enough, enough….thank you my family and my friends so much for your support and my Chet who dragged me out of bed last week to take me to Costco to ride the cart around the store…it really got me out of my head as I have really been afraid and living in my head is a hard place to be sometimes….the big ‘D’ starts to overwhelm me and as all of the ads say “depression hurts”….amazing what a trip around Costco in the cart does…LOL Bless you all……a special shout out to my sweet Cynthia….



19 February month 2015

On Tuesday I got to take my first stand up real shower in 3 weeks…the thrill of small pleasures. I was so cold and it felt so good that I just stood and stood under the water for the longest time and found I stayed warm for most of the day…we are not talking cold weather here either….mid 70’s to mid 80’s but the internist that my surgeon sent me to told me people can become anemic after surgeries. He asked me if I liked spinach and I said yes, I can put it in my smoothies and then he asked if I liked liver and I said no….then he launched into a discussion about how his wife puts all of the things he doesn’t like in his smoothies and then adds things to make them taste good…I have been astounded by the amazing kindness I have been shown by my doctors….not always a usual happening in the world of medicine, particularly when you haven’t had much time to establish a rapport.

Three weeks and 3 days ago I had my full knee replacement…strangely it was not the knee that the doctors had been telling me about for many years…they kept saying if it didn’t hurt leave it alone….so I did.

When we were in Oregon last September we had been walking a lot and doing water aerobics….I have spent so much of my life in the water that I am always more comfortable there than anywhere and it enables me to be the mermaid, ballet dancer, jogger, acrobat, etc., that I love being….plus there were many years of running, mountain bike riding, weight lifting, and never sitting still. We were stretching in the pool one evening and I guess I stretched a little too vigorously, hurting my knee….we were ready for our trek across the country to Newfoundland so I had 15 days to rest my knee which seemed to quiet down…we went back to walking and doing our thing but I knew I had to be careful. 

Some friends came from the States and stayed with us for a few days and we did a lot of sightseeing. We then went beach combing with our sweet Tracey and Randy and my feet were not on flat ground so BIG OUCH….a few more days of sitting and then we went for a celebratory walk when we got our Canada Select rating….up to Hospital Pond we went and our second time around when we were near the swimming area, I took a step and my knee just went “CRUNCH”….it buckled and I screamed as I held on to Chet’s arm….oh boy, was I sucking air….we stood and after I caught my breath we somehow got over to the parking area by the little beach and Chet, fortunately, was able to drive over to get me….all of the Twillingate people are familiar with where I was and if it had been farther around the pond he would have had to have gone for a wheelchair or a wheelbarrow or something….home we went and I spent the next few weeks almost incapable of moving as he unloaded and repacked the motorhome to leave and winterized the houses with the gracious help of our Newfoundland friends. Marilyn Ashbourne loaned me her walker which was so helpful as I really was in bad shape and besides Tuffy, our kitten, would ride along on the seat…he is such a character..he fell into the tub the other day when I took my shower…

We watched or I should say, Chet watched the weather VERY carefully so we could pick the perfect night for crossing to the mainland…there was a 1 day opening and I swear it was calmer than when we went to the island…what a man…they wheeled me up in a wheelchair and delivered me back to the motorhome…. The ‘Polar Vortex’ was well on its way in the States so we made a beeline to my brother’s in N. Carolina and re-invited ourselves for a visit as we needed a safe spot for a few days and knew we certainly would feel safe there. We had planned on 3 days but couldn’t get around the weather so we stayed for 2 more nights. It was great seeing him and Lynne and all 3 of their children were there for the first time in so many years. My grand niece was there for the weekend too. We also got to see his newly married daughter and her hubby. We had some great meals and some great conversations and it couldn’t have been more perfect if we had planned it. We skirted the weather and luckily (well planned) made it across the country without a hitch….we were on our way to the doctor in LALA Land as I was barely walking.

I went to my doc and she sent me for an MRI and had me make an appointment with the doctor she had her surgery done by. I had met him before and did not like his abrasiveness but had to schedule something. I called my boy’s dad and he and his wife got me the name of a doctor who had a Pedigree a mile long and who had done their friends hips. I called and it was going to be a couple of months before I could get in so the receptionist and I were just talking and goofing around and all of a sudden she said, “Wait a minute, I just got a cancellation, can you come in the day after tomorrow?”. It was all serendipitous and was I lucky. He is one of the top surgeons in the country and he holds patents for many of the devices and procedures he uses.

We went to the visit and a nicer person he couldn’t have been. He gave me a whopping cortisone shot and explained about the side effects regarding blood sugar etc. Well, I managed to have them all and I hated it and felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. It worked for about 2 weeks and when we went back to the doctor we talked about my knee, him never pushing surgery which we all knew was inevitable. I had all of my questions to ask and I was NOT going to have another cortisone shot nor was I going to choose to live my life in pain and walking with a cane. I had already established with him that I did not want to be put under and he had absolutely no problem with that. He said he had a patient who played on her iPad and I could listen to music. I was ‘on board’ and surgery was scheduled for Jan. 26.

There was a class to go to to explain everything regarding the surgery, blood typing to be done, registration, chest X-ray’s, special soap to bathe in the night before and day of the surgery, etc. It all was very organized, I had to go to his internist for more tests and then stay well and unscratched by my kitties up until surgery. That produced some good anxiety….. Finally, the day arrived and I went to pre-op. Chet and Brett were with me and got to stay with me til I went in. We got to meet the anesthesiologist and we discussed my being totally awake ( which I had checked on a couple of times). He offered all sorts of things but I said no thank you very much….he said he had done about 6 or 7 of these before and assured me if I needed anything he would be there to help….there were actually 3 anesthesiologists present. It was so cold in the pre-op and the operating room was an ice box. They got me set up on what felt like a 7 inch wide table and proceeded with my spinal. Finally after 3 pokes it worked and they laid me back to prepare for my reconstruction. I started to shake uncontrollably, obviously from my waist up and my jaws were clenched they were chattering so hard. Finally the lady anesthesiologist mentioned I was shaking so hard due to cold and they completely covered every inch of what was not numb with a warming blanket…even around my head and I felt like I was in a cocoon….there was warm air being pumped through the plastic blanket and I stopped shaking.

I have to admit I came pretty close to saying that I couldn’t do it. I tried every bit of meditation, mind games, etc. that I could think of. I finally realized I had been listening to the same song over and over again and the lady who was at my head the whole time helped me take it off repeat and explained everything to me as they went along. I could hear the docs talking but not clearly and I could feel them wrenching my leg around in my not numb stomach area. I wasn’t afraid, I even tried to play Solitaire on my phone but couldn’t see well enough without my glasses. I turned off the music so I could eavesdrop. The doc by my head was so cute and said to turn it back on and they found something else for me to listen to so I wouldn’t have to hear the construction any louder than I was.

They let me keep my wedding ring on by taping it and they let me take my teddy bear “Ted” with me even though he was in a plastic bag. It was so comforting just holding on to him….he sleeps under my neck every night...Jon and Erin sent him to me years ago with a beautiful bouquet for a birthday gift…..Even with my earphones in I could hear the saw, the sander and the hammering that went on….I just pretended I was in a construction zone…they worked hard and I was so impressed how instantly on top of my blood pressure the doctor was….I watched it constantly and how quickly they would make adjustments to fix it. They kindly told me they used a non latex cath as I had told them I have gotten infections from them before….everything was covered….well, I would guess everything from the warming blanket up…LOL…it was weird as sometimes it seemed my legs were turned to one side and sometimes it seemed that my knees were bent….it wasn’t so but it just felt that way.

It seemed like it took a long time but it was about an hour and a half. When they finished they released the tourniquet and I started shaking like crazy again. I asked why and they said all of the carbon dioxide and blood blasted back into my body and it just needed to get organized. I was rolled out to post-op and very shortly they brought me juice and applesauce and it was nice to be alert and feeling fine. The anesthesiologist had it pegged and my toes were wiggling by the time I was in post-op. It took several hours for my bottom half to wake up after I had my plate put in my leg and my ankle screwed back together. That was in Portland and the anesthesiologist was really pissed at me for not letting him put me under….I had to remind him whose body it was and that the doctor had already agreed. That was in 2003 just as we were embarking on our life on the road. It was great to be able to drink juice and have a snack.

I got to order dinner which had to find me in my room about 2 hours later. I had to sit up and dangle my legs and then get up and take four steps to one side and four back…then back to bed. Chet spent the night and he at least got some sleep….I had 2 hours the whole time I was in the hospital. The physical therapist was in the room at 6 am to take me for my first walk which was from my room, out to the hall and down to the next nurse station and back….he was amazed and I said “great, do I get to go home today”….he said he would see how I was doing later when he came back. My doctor came and saw me and laughingly asked me if I heard any of the expletives in the OR….I said no my music was playing but that I certainly heard the power tools…I mentioned that he didn’t tell me about the hammering and he grinned and said they usually didn’t go into that….I said thanks!!!! He said I was doing great and I said thats’ wonderful and could I please go home…he said possibly. 

Later, Chet ran into the doc in the elevator and mentioned I wanted to leave and he did not seem to object…. When the PT guy got back for my afternoon walk my whole leg wrapping fell down to my ankle and he got some scissors and cut it off… I then looked at my knee and my bandage was barely hanging on at the bottom so back to bed and the charge nurse came in and lifted the same bandage up and taped it back on. I asked the nurse why they didn’t clean my leg and change the bandage…I should have called the doc at that moment with all of the precautions that were taken including wiping myself down with special antiseptic cloths just before I put on my gown. You don’t just re-cover an open bone wound with a contaminated bandage…. I have already talked to the hospital once and told the doc yesterday and am not finished with the hospital yet. He was mad to say the least…. I mentioned to the nurse about going home and she said my release orders were already written…. HOORAY 25 hours from start to finish….oh was I glad to be going home to my bed…. All of my sons were there and my grandson…what an exceptionally lucky lady I am…the support from them and my ‘Angel’ who has done everything for me. 

They all played such a big part in keeping my spirits up. I would only suggest doing what I did to someone with a very strong constitution and very strong opinions regarding medications…I have had a lot of time to reflect about why I do things the way I do….I hate taking meds and react to sooooo many of them….I tried cutting down after one week but that didn’t work but was completely off the meds the 2nd week….I went through some pretty uncomfortable days and sometimes woke in the most horrid pain due to sleeping in strange positions but Chet has gotten me through it all. I have cried, gotten extremely ornery, laughed a lot and felt the most intense gratitude.

I had my 3 week visit with the doctor yesterday and saw a lady I had met in the hospital….she was having a rough time with the meds and she said she never would have done it if she had any idea what it was like…yes, pain like I have NEVER experienced but I was not willing to live like I was. I actually walked all around the apartment last evening with no cane or anything…like a bird taking off from the nest for the first time…I couldn’t believe it….it has been a looong 6 months to be in such pain to render me almost incapable of walking and having difficulty even getting to my seat to see a movie….I have had 3 weeks of PT 3 times a week at home and a machine to move my leg back and forth. We have bags of frozen peas and they have been so helpful. I have made arrangements to go to PT as soon as they get my paperwork straightened out. Brett has been so gracious and has tolerated the 3 cats so well….the little one is such a rascal… I am a blessed lady….truly blessed….it was time to finally share about it….

The Knee Saga and Some Answers

10 December, 2014

I had my appointment with a knee doc was not the one I was supposed to go to as I couldn't get in for another 6 days and besides I had seen him one other time and he was like fingernails running along a blackboard.....abrasive....Yes I want the best mechanic, but every ounce of my being was fighting me about going to him again but he was who my internist wanted me to see...."listen to my heart"

I put in a call to my boy's dad, Lorin and he had Irene call their internist and get the name of a different knee specialist....I took a chance and called the office on Monday to hear I couldn't get in until the 16th of January. The receptionist said she would put me on a cancellation list and then we continued to chat and were really giggling about something....during that time she said 'wait, you can come in on Wednesday at 10:30 as a cancellation just crossed the screen'. To say the least, I jumped at it as I was delighted to get in sooner. I really felt I was supposed to be there, too, as it was no coincidence that i was able to get in so soon. My leg had really been hurting the past 2 nights and I needed to take a codeine each night to get some sleep....taking drugs is not my favorite thing to do sooooo.....I figured I would see if he was any less abrasive and besides he had one heck of a pedigree from some MAJOR schools...just what I like to see....

I just got home from the doctor and he was absolutely lovely, perfect bedside manner, a very gentle and kind man. He explained everything and took a lot of fluid out of my knee to check it for gout and then gave me quite a whopping shot of cortisone which has slightly put me over the edge as far as nervousness. It is how I react to cortisone. Having the liquid taken off my knee certainly relieved the pressure but it makes it move in all sorts of different directions and that hurts. He told me to 'slow down' and to come back on Friday to get a shot of cortisone in my right knee because it is hurting from overcompensating. We are trying to take care of it without surgery at this time. ALSO, he is perfect because will do the surgery without giving me a general anesthesia. He said 'you do not have to be put under at all if I choose not to be'....a block would be used and my decision was made instantly that down the line he is my is just one more of those examples of being in the right place at the right time as I was supposed to call last Angels were surrounding me!!!!!

He was also very careful to tell me that cortisone can really mess with blood sugar levels and to be one has ever told me that before....I felt really squirrelly and out of breath for a few hours and am resting with my legs up and an ice pack on my knee...I was given strict instructions to 'slow down' as it not something I compute well....I have a cane and I was up to 2 miles, 2 days ago (not all at once)....that was a no no but my physical therapist said to keep active....funny....she cancelled for today and I have decided not to return unless my new knee doc says to....

All is well in my 'elder world'...I hope all is well in your worlds too.... much love

A Huge Dose of Reality

10 December, 2014

Chet and I decided to go to the movies this afternoon to see "The Theory of Everything" about Stephen Hawking's life. It was a beautiful movie, very touching, sad, funny.... After going to the same theater last night to see Interstellar, we saw it was 'Senior Day' on Monday so we thought we would participate. I am still reeling from my dose of reality.

My stomach is in a bit of a knot as many of my friends and I talk about how we are still, 'inside looking out' and we are the same people that we were years and years and years ago. There weren't a lot of people in the theater but when it was time to leave, I felt like I was leaving the senior home where I used to go to to visit my parents. (It was always a gut wrenching experience.) Everyone had a walker or a cane and in my head I didn't belong there....but all I have to do is look at my skin and it tells me that I am not 35 or 40 years old anymore.

I may be sporting purple and red colors mixed in with my gray hair which is very very long for someone my age and wearing my hand painted fedora. The problem being.....when it was time to stand up I could barely get out of my chair due to the fact that my knees were killing me. I finally got myself into a standing position and I pranced out of the theater because I decided I was not going to be a 'hobbler'.... I just cannot be a 'hobbler'.

I walked myself to the ladies room and out of the theater, down to the car and home we went. I must say, I told Chet that we would go to the movies on Tuesdays when the prices are the same as Senior Day because I found it too depressing.... I am trying to age gracefully.....

hmmmmmmmmm    I am in the ranks of the elderly in body only but not in mind. Have a wonderful day!!!!


Deep Breathe....Deep Breathe...

22 November month 2014

We just left the Pilot Truck Stop in Big Spring, Texas…..we are both trying to breathe deeply and lower our blood pressure….what an experience….some good, some a real source of aggravation….(nothing against Big Spring WC and Leslie)….

We pulled in and had to circle all of the pumps to get to the outside pump and lo and behold a sweet little mommy and daddy with an obviously sleeping child must have thought they were in the McDonald’s parking lot….grrrrrrrrrrrrr….we are angled in behind them in a very obvious position to get fuel…they get out of the car one at a time and open the back door as they goo goo over their little boy forever, I suppose waking him to go into Mc Donald’s which was attached to the truck stop….

We waited and waited…finally the mom picks the boy up and ambles over to McD’s while the dad watches…totally clueless that the gas station was full and there was another RV behind us waiting….it was like the first day of class on 'how to fill your car 101’… the steam started coming out of my ears and finally he decided to fill his car, during which time he gets back in his car and the pump clicks off…we sit and sit…I am not very mobile at all right now so I started the process of moving the pillows from under my leg, finding my shoes, opening the floor to get to the door to open it….he finally gets out of his car and goes to check his gas pump…finally full…now to pay….finally pays….AT LAST…we may get a chance….

Noooooo….he shuts his car door and starts walking to McD’s….I nicely shoved the door open and yelled in a soft and gentle voice, NOT, ‘would you PLEASE move your car?' and with this Chet , who very rarely lays on the air horn, gives it a blast and the guy turns around and looks all befuddled….I have learned over the years to temper my mouth considerably….boy was it difficult today. He starts to walk back to the car and gets in and then his wife comes out of McD’s nicely walks to the car, puts the boy back in, slowly buckles him up and then they remembered how to start the car and they left….still breathing deeply….

We were at a very bad angle and almost had to pull away as the back of the coach was precariously close to the concrete barrier protecting the pumps….I got out and Chet pulled forward at an angle but was still close enough to pump fuel…I hobbled in to the cashier and she said ‘I hope you are having a nice day’…..I made some gurgling sound and we smiled at each other….I managed to keep my mouth shut. I gave her my credit card for the $450.00 of fuel we needed…. and then I said to her with a smile, mind you, ‘have a nice day’….

Chet came and helped me back across the lot, as it was a sloooow pump, and it had been raining and there were glops of mud on the ground….we got our fuel and he told me he had spoken to the lady who was stuck beside us and she told him it took her 30 minutes before she could even get to a pump and it was the worst place she had ever been…. It was time to go BUT….the car was going to hit the concrete….even though he got the RV by it….having to unhook is a REAL pain in the arse so I added a bit of driving time to my 100 feet of backing down the driveway in Twillingate….we jockeyed the RV while I steered and Chet turned the wheels on the car as you can’t back up with the collapsable tow hitches on many RV’s….we did about 2 feet and then I would ease forward and Chet would turn the wheels on the car….we made about a 5 point ‘ease’ and cleared the concrete….ready to turn left and a Toyota Rav parks in front of where of where we had to go….smile more….breathe more….smile more….let cars by…smile more….let people walk by…smile more…and finally the Rav moved and we were on our way….OH BOY..

The good part of 'being exactly where you are supposed to be' was we missed the very red rain cells on our ‘My Radar” app that we were headed for…we had already been through a few and one crack of thunder made me jump in my seat…..the skies are clear and all WAS good…. A car hauler passed us and beeped and we couldn’t figure out what was going on….all we could see looked and felt perfect….when the cars finally started beeping Chet saw the one of the bay doors was open and nearly invisible as they go right up by the side of the coach….flashers on, slowed down and off at the next offramp to close it all up….

We are on our way again and had wanted to make it through Texas today but will have to see how it goes due to the delays….we were going to stop and have a meal with WC and Leslie and, if we had time, we were going to stop and see their daughter and their church they are remodeling into a “chouse”…darn….we are so sorry but I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and my knee was aching so much last night I took a Tylenol and codiene….we had walked very slowly about 3 truck lengths last evening…it felt sooo good to be outside and not freezing…oh well,  We had a most wonderful visit with my brother and family…

At first we thought we were going to New York and D.C. to sightsee, but my knee took care of that and the huge freeze that hit the country….we changed our route from heading West farther north due to fear of ice and went to Charlotte, where we had planned on going around the beginning of December and having Brett meet us there….we stayed 3 nights at my brother’s and Lynne’s to visit and then 2 more to wait out the wind and rain…it dropped to 14 degrees there and broke a record…we were all toasty and warm and safe…safe was important…it was so great as I haven’t seen all 3 of their kids at the same time in years…Kimberly, Krissy and new hubby Jason(Mr. and Mrs Meyer) and David and even my grand niece, Evanne, who really does me proud, came in for the weekend from school…it couldn’t have worked out better if we had written a prescription…

It is starting to warm up and feels so nice not to be wrapped in layers of wool….I hate our forced marches across the country but we will try and plan differently next year. We are at the mercy of my knee right now but are heading to LALA Land for Turkey Day and I will get to see all 3 sons, wife, girlfriend, and my very grown up grandchildren and their cousin….that sounds sweet to me as I love their faces…. We were bound and determined to get out of Texas today but will have to see how my darlin’ holds up….

Our new kitten, Tuffy, has been a champ about the RV riding and seems to amuse himself almost anywhere…he is such a sweet little cat and has an amazing personality…we see a lot of our Twilly boy, we lost, in him which is nice…. aaaahhhhh a much needed rest area…. and clear skies ahead!!! My most exciting news is I am able to upgrade my phone as of today….woo hoo….not going to happen…not enough hours to spend doing it…. Be well and safe…we miss you and love you all!!!!! So sorry we couldn’t stop and see WC and Leslie… :( Breathing easier now….

Leaving Newfoundland After a 3 Year Absence

10 November month 2014

It is 11:53 am here and the sun just started blazing through the clouds….we are on our way to the ferry for a midnight crossing after our driving prayers and sending our Power Animals out to watch the roads for us….Chet is such a great ‘Wagon Master’….he always keeps his eye on the weather and picked the Monday night crossing as the best one…..actually a bit of Monday night and the rest Tuesday midnight to morning….

There were several days the ferries weren’t crossing due to the winds which were ferocious….I was in my chair in the bedroom yesterday and could feel the floor trembling from the wind…it blew like that for 3 days with gusts up to 130 km….Chet had to do all of the packing and prep work as I couldn’t take the chance of going out to help…I had only gone outside 3 times since I re-injured my knee a week ago Friday. We went to supper at R&J’s with our dear Joanne on Saturday night as the water was off and she was visiting us and doing some healing work on my knee when we all realized we were starving.

After supper the Hann family and the Legge family and Ted Stuckless all came by….what a gentle, sweet evening we had…the kids had a time exploring the house and whatever for a few hours…we all sat in our, what we call, 'studio apartment’ warm and toasty sipping tea and eating brownies and ice cream…the morning before, Dianne and Robin stopped by to say good bye and were the first to come and greet us when we arrived….we were sorry we missed Bonnie and the Dalley’s…..they were knocking and we never heard them when when they came in and yelled….we stay very insulated in our room/studio apartment.

We had been talking to Joanne earlier about the two kinds of lives we live….we could never explain to people who haven’t been here exactly what we mean as we can’t put it to words, very easily, what being a part of Newfoundland is like…besides being a slice of Paradise, the people are amazing, just amazing….there is a genuine kindness and open heartedness that we are not used to….in part, because our lives are so much wider….I mean the contrast to the Twillingate Island and New World Island and where we come from, just in size and the lack of need for interdependence to survive over the years….it has been an honour and a privilege to partake of this life.

The first year we were at the ferry stop in Nova Scotia, talking to a Newfoundlander and he told us how nice the people are….he then said, "ah, every once in a while you will run into a ‘Rube’"…and then had a good chuckle….it has been so true….it started the moment we got to the island and the men helped us ‘arc’ the solenoid to start the RV. We were going to Pippy Park and within 10 minutes of getting set up, someone was at out door with supper….we became friends with Ellen, who worked at the park and invited her to go out to supper with us. It was so sweet as her parents brought her and picked her up at the restaurant so they could meet us, the time we were lost and the man in his big Cadillac convertible heard us asking for directions and he told us to follow him as he led us right back to the park, waved good bye and went on his way and that was just in the first few days of 07….it has been like that time and time and time again….but yes, there is the occasional ‘Rube’….

Chet and sweet Barry Crane, (whose wife Marilyn, I am so sorry I missed saying ‘bye to)….winterized most of the house and Cottage…Chet finished it up yesterday as we stayed in the house and used buckets of water for whatever we needed….oh, what the heck…to flush the toilets and used bottled water to wash the last of the dirty dishes…etc….the wind was so crazy that Chet had to park into it so we didn’t lose a car door…he would hold tightly to me as one could easily lose their balance…. Chet would bring clothes, shoes, yarn and bags and bags of things in to me from the RV so I could go through them and then repack…we are not sure if we have more or less things with us….we found things we had completely forgotten about that had ridden with us for 3 years…fun, fun….

We just spent a couple of hours in Corner Brook….had some errands to do and wanted to use the wifi at Mickey D’s…..there is snow on the ground here and the wind prediction at the ferry has gone up a bit….eeeeeek There are few leaves on the trees so we get to see more of the miles and miles and miles of ponds, lakes, brooks, sea water, etc…it is so very breathtaking…. We saw 2 big somethings running along the side of the highway earlier…we are guessing Caribou as they were light-colored and had patches of brown…are we correct as we have never seen light colored Moose….

The 2 and 2/3 months we were here flew by….we just hung out after moving in, spending 16 days sick between the 2 of us, and my knee which just decided it had had enough after so many times injuring it….I was a fanatical exerciser….distance swimming, uphill running because I loved running down, and mountain bike riding….weight lifting….my knees have taken a bit of stress in my lifetime as I never knew when enough was enough….sometimes even now :)….sooooooo we are headed back to LALA Land to my doctor who will get me exactly where I need to be….the bad thing is I don’t think like an ‘Elder’ person and just la de da through life not imagining I AM older now and my body cannot lift heavier weights than some of the men working the circuit at the gym….you wouldn’t think I would puff up when I did that would you…HEH HEH…

...after arriving in Nova Scotia, it is a beeline South to try and get below the Polar storm that is expected with fury….will probably end up on I 10 or going by way of South America…kidding….last year it snowed all the way to the shore….sorry we will miss our East Coast plans but I guess we weren’t supposed to be there….we were pretty undecided re: New York and Washington D.C.(my birthplace) due to the unrest in the World right now, so not to worry….Sorry Kymm but we will find many special places for Tracey….we are honored….we will get our 1st photo to you soon…. :)

Saying goodbye to Marilyn Ashbourne is never easy and I would love to steal her and take her with us….she is such a dear lady. A friend of hers fell because of the wind and munched her hip some bad….she was going for surgery. We noticed how spry Marilyn was this year and walking with such ease and without a cane…she told us about gin soaked raisins….covering them and soaking them in gin for 10 days and then eating 10 a day helped her tremendously with her arthritis so we did it too….it helps so much with joint pain that it is amazing….too bad it doesn’t help torn whatevers…we also learned about sleeping with Ivory soap in our bed for leg cramps in Nova Scotia…it works for a couple of months and then stops so we put in new bars…all of the above can be Googled...

Well Newfoundland friends….we will see you next year and some family and some friends we will see you soon in the States…. Have a blessed day…. p.s…..Tuffy has been a champ doing fine with the traveling…he was just standing by me howling so I picked him up and he is very happy snuggling right now…you know how I hate that….NOT!! The other 2 have been keeping an eye on him…. …entering Wreck House now….so glad it is not blowing….`8-/ WE ARE AT THE FERRY LANDING…

Birthday Gone Awry...

16 September month 2014

……soooooooo the reason Brett had a miserable 2nd day of his Las Vegas trip and wanted to stay in bed instead of seeing his second show, spent 2 days in bed at Mitchell's house sleeping and sleeping, then looked horrible on Skype last night when he got back to his apartment, hardly having enough energy to make supper and patting his chest then going to bed at 7:00 pm.....calling me at 3:00 am, his time, coughing terribly and my telling him to drink warm water and go back to sleep....he called me at 8 am his time, had called the doctor, was in a cab at 10:00 am for a 1:00 pm appointment....they took him in at 11:30.....2 hours later he and the doctor called me to tell me he has pneumonia in his right champ knew he needed help....he is on 2 antibiotics and has to go back on Friday for a work, no Karate for a while....I feel so bad for him....

Brett has been away with his dad twice in his life...the first time when he was young and Lorin and Irene took him to San Diego to do all of the touristy things there...I got a call of total panic from Lorin as Brett was throwing up, non-stop, all over the two hotel rooms....I mean non-stop....he asked me what to do and I said take him to the hospital immediately as vomiting and seizures do not mix well at all....he took Brett to the hospital and then called me and told me they were back at the hotel and he was still vomiting like crazy....I told him to get Brett back to the hospital immediately....Lorin was in a total panic so I jumped in the Red Cabriolet and literally flew down the freeway to San Diego....

I have no idea how I didn't get stopped but I was on a mission....that little rabbit really flew....I got to the hospital, took one look at Brett and knew he was going to be okay....I had to comfort Lorin....they had gotten a room for me to stay the night but I said no and went back to LA....needless to say, it has been about 30 or 35 years since Brett went away with his dad....I asked Lorin if he would take Brett away for his 40th birthday and he said he probably would...trip planned, first class ticket, a suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Brett being packed for a week and looking so forward to a great time seeing a Michael Jackson Cirque du Soliel type show and then he was supposed to see an Elvis Show the night of his birthday....

Major overload as his brothers, wife and girlfriend show up for a surprise all in good fun....Brett rode with Mitchell and Siulan on an overnight trip and one thing he is NOT supposed to do is become sleep deprived on his new can guess the rest....

I think I will have to tell Lorin he is never allowed to take Brett away again...just kidding of could that happen twice....not fair as it was hard on probably, in hindsight, would have been better if it had just been Lorin and Irene and a low key trip....whould'a thought???????? Thank you to Lorin and Irene for a good try.....



Well, We Finally Moved into the House...

25 August month 2014

…geez, almost September….here I sit in my gorgeous home and only my hair and 9 of my fingertips don’t hurt….where is the ibuprofen…

I really haven’t had much of a chance to sit and write but here goes…we have been sleeping in the house for 2 nights, finally….

After a 5,000 mile trip…and being fall down tired, we had to drive to Grand Falls on Friday to take the cat to the vet….I drove the 2 hours there and Chet drove home….it is not easy as my eyes watch for all of the normal things we look for but constantly scanning for Moose is quite an added burden…they’re soooo big…please, someone tell me why we didn’t stop on our way by there on Thursday….we figure exhaustion…

We brought the cats in the house on Saturday and Skipper was totally overwhelmed…Moose ran around like a kitten, rolling and rubbing all over the floor, crying and crying…he did want out but we think he was also looking for Twilly…. :( :(…. Skipper had great expectations of getting in the “Village”…so far, some VERY firm no’s have worked wonders….Skipper is finally feeling better and is “back” to his old silly self….

Randy and Tracey Hann came over for a visit Friday night and it was soooo good to see them…we sat in the house for a while and then went out to the RV for snacks and coffee…it was comfy and a long awaited visit with a whole lot of laughs….it was a gas!!!!

#1 thing to do was to get the water running and for me to vacuum up all of the dead bugs that had accumulated in at least the bedroom and bathroom…uuuuugh….the water was turned on at the street on Friday and we had all of the appropriate places covered, we thought….yes, cold water, flushing toilets, filling water heaters….all going well until I heard water coming out of the washer spigot….turned off and cleaned up…no biggie….then I hear a waterfall and water was pouring out of the ceiling above the cabinets that hold the downstairs water heater, and beside it, somehow miraculously
missing the tv….it was almost circling it...all over the shelves in the living room with our beautiful old books, oil lamps and my grandma’s china pieces….one teacup filled to overflowing….many oversized bath towels later and books and old records spread out over two rooms and 2 dehumidifiers running full speed ahead….it is dry now, 3 days later, and Chet just came in to tell me the washer is spewing water….this is a drag…

We finally got into the cabin on Saturday after getting the keys back from Randy and Tracey….once again we were stunned at how picture perfect it is and what a view…if you sit in my favorite chair it looks like you are on a ship as all you see is water out the window and the french doors….we are definitely going to go ‘away’ and spend a night or 2 there this year….curtains or not!!!!

I was saying last night, moving in to Brett’s apartment, moving out and now moving in here and then having to move out is a LOT of work and very tiring….somehow we are going to find time to just relax which we don’t do that often.

Saturday night we went to listen to Ada sing and it was so calming. We saw several friends and lots of hugs were exchanged….how warm and sweet.

Yesterday was gorgeous and we went for a drive….just soaked in the sights and saw a small iceberg in Herring Neck…so we did get to see our ‘berg’. We stopped and saw our friend Kellie for a while and then we stopped and ate our little lunch we packed, went to the grocery store, and then home to start cutting the grass…I love to mow the lawn…I was first, running the weed whacker and never realized how hard it is to do …it always looked so easy….Barry Crane came over and helped Chet get the mower to start and I was off and running tackling the 5th summer of no mowing….Chet would have to come and restart me and the mower several times while he was cleaning up around the back steps and the area between the garage and the stable so we could park the RV somewhere besides in front of the back door….I mowed and mowed until I was ready to fall down…what an experience under the gorgeous sun with the sea right in front of me….friends stopping with freshly picked blueberries….thank you Eddie and Linda and Bernie…I sat on the front steps and picked currants off of the bush there…

We came in and couldn’t move for quite a while, drank water and finally mustered up the energy to cook supper….deeeeelicious red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, onions, and italian sausage and baked potatoes….pure hunger was pushing us as we were physically hurting….it has been 3 years since using a free standing oven and I burned my finger….just enough to hurt….we ate our dinner, watched tv and crawled into bed…until a horrible cramp in my leg woke me….oh my….Chet went to find a bar of Ivory soap and couldn’t get the package open, I was squalling, so he just put all 10 bars under the back of my knee….the cramp went from my foot all the way to my stomach….the soap started to ease it immediately but it took about 10 minutes for it to stop….I was pouring water into myself as fast as I could….you can google ‘bar soap leg cramps’

Gotta’ go run a lot of errands now so I will say “later”…

…may your day go well...

if I can move….30% speed will do….crazy me wants to get back and mow the lawn some more….

oh, the most important thing….we got to use the bathtub….and it was not a tannin colored bath….clear Twillingate water….




21 August month 2014

......we finally arrived after a beautiful drive through the forests and by the ponds, over some gorgeous rushing rivers and along the ocean. Oh my it was some gorgeous.

We pulled in the driveway to 4 years of uncut lawn as we only trimmed around the edges the last time we were here as I love the natural beauty....right now there being way too much of that as everything is completely grown over. Several of our trees are alive but many didn't make it. Only the heartiest of things survive here. I haven't actually taken an exact count yet. We sat for a bit and looked at the peeling paint not loving it too much....the back field was blowing in the wind and was as high as the fence. We donned our heavy jackets and finally ventured in for a 'look see'.....

Chet opened the door and in we went.... My hands first over my mouth as I was muttering oh my god over and over again....I stood in the kitchen and just stared in awe and disbelief.....I kept saying I can't believe it, I can't believe it....I was as overwhelmed as others must feel when they walk in for the first time....being out of the life I have lived for sooooo long was shocking to me. I could barely drink in what was there....

When we stepped into the dining room I immediately walked to the china closet and touched, ever so gently, my mother's china, the plates, the tea cups and my eyes filled with tears....I turned and started to take in what else was hanging from the walls and sitting everywhere....what was inside the glass front cabinets, the table and chairs....everything....old locks, keys, bottles, tools, etc., etc., etc....I put my hands over my face and said, "Chet, I can't do it, I can't let it go"....he gently held me and told me not to worry....we went into the living room and sat down and just talked for a while as my eyes went all around the room and stopped at my grandmother's china pieces and the owls with the glass eyes, that I got from one of my rentals in Oregon, that were sitting in the beautiful marble fireplace. "Oh my gosh, Chet came out of my mouth again....

We were soooo exhausted and wanted to go across the garden and see Marilyn before it got dark so I turned on a few lights and we went over for tea. What a bittersweet and lovely Gordon... His pillows still in his chair....sweet Marilyn telling us it is some lonely without him and how she stood on the deck of our cabin across the street while the family put Gordon's ashes in the water. There will always be a part of him there for all of us....we were honored.

We had our tea and went home again....I did a little vacuuming and looked at 3 years of dust and bugs....ick!

Hunger took over and we went out to the RV to make supper so we could collapse. We heard voices, we had visitors....Dianne and Robin Vatcher came by to welcome us home....we were so touched and the scared little girl in me felt so much will forever be appreciated!!!

They left, we ate and had to go to bed.... We had only put out the bedroom slide so sleeping would be easier.....

I will sign off for now and tell you about our fun filled day today when I write again tomorrow....




Finally on 'The Rock'

21 August month 2014

The most adorable thing about this trip is how precious my hubby is….he is totally manic and has been a constant stream of chatter since he woke up this morning….I love it and am also grateful that he is not like me who can be like this several times a day and just the opposite…morose….

I know we had said we were going to make this trip calmly and not push too hard….’eating the elephant one bite at a time”…we really did well for most of the 12 days it took to get here….once we did it in 9 days….maybe I was doing some of the driving at that time…but, I did drive 38 miles one day out of the 5,000, just checking to see if I could still do it in case of an emergency and also to see if I could really help…weeeeellllll, I can drive this baby perfectly, easily and as straight as an arrow but the abject terror is not worth it so there you go….

As we got closer, the miles per day increased and we would do our usual drive, he would sleep and drive again, no matter what time…driving through Maine was much like here with many “Watch For Moose” signs…it makes for a lot of tension.

We sailed through the border crossing again with the least welcoming person yet, but he was in work load or sexually frustrated or perhaps constipated….did I just say that???? Yup!!!! C’mon, a little levity is always important.

We drove all the way to the ferry and arrived at 2:30 am Wednesday morning and had a bit of fun with wifi and then crashed. Chet had to take 2 Bonine as his eyes and equalibrium started to bother him just as we pulled into the lot to wait for the ferry…all he can do is sleep in the dark when that happens…we were wakened in the morning to prepare to get on the ferry for the 11:45 am crossing…he was still out of it a bit so it was a good thing all he had to do was drive on and park…we had reserved seating in the middle of the ship so he wouldn’t be next to the window. We usually cross at night and I decided we would do that in the future as I do not like watching the water….it was a relatively good crossing but…I still don’t like it….

I can hardly explain how tired we were on the ferry…there were only 63 passengers on a ship that holds close to 600….4 of us were in the reserved seating…that was a pleasure…all of the people were on the night crossing, as we were supposed to be, as the largest ferry that usually makes the 15 hour trip to Argentia was going to Port Aux Basques to refuel soooo I guess they like to ride on it….we have a few other times but were too excited to wait until the 11:45 pm crossing…also, I figured the cats may sleep more in the daytime than the night as they LOVE to get themselves into trouble at night. We have to remember that Moose is used to the long hauls and is in his homeland now but Skipper has only traveled from Arizona to Oregon in short legs…I can’t say he is really enjoying it….

So, as soon as we get to the border, someone graciously stopped and let us make a turn and then at the first stop we made a trucker pulled up beside us and smiled and waved…yes, we were in Canada…you certainly don’t enjoy that kind of gentleness in the States…you don’t need to say…’so stay there’….but the difference is palpable…we know we are in Newfoundland now as everyone has to talk and it is so sweet….we were talking to a couple at the Visitor Center, in Corner Brook, who had never been here before so we were telling them about the beautiful spot beside and behind the Walmart to take pictures of world class scenery…they were really sweet and on their way out of the parking lot they had a little fender bender and we felt really bad…guess all was okay as they parted amicably…with no info changing hands.

We were blotto at the Visitor's Center but there was a dump and potable water there so we wanted to shower….poor Chet had to sleep before he could muster up the energy to even do that…we never even had supper. We had some sketchy wifi but I was too tired to mess with it much….sleep, and sleep we did…oh soooo tired.

It was very different getting off the ferry this time of year…we usually come just after winter and everything is very bleak and that is a complimentary word.…yesterday we got off to beautiful fields of yellow and pink flowers, green shrubs and grasses everywhere, the trees looked happy and it has been like that all along the road. We also had a big honking’ moose wander onto the highway, look around and then saunter off to the other side…we figured seeing one was enough…all of the truckers with their moose lights and moose guards on their vehicles. Even if we had been awake enough to drive last night, we wouldn’t have due to the fear of meeting a moose….my sweetest told me this morning we would probably drive again next year, as we did this year, because he felt the past three years of tension and stress was more than I deserved so he wasn’t going to make it any worse. Now that is LOVE!!!! and soooo deeply appreciated.

It is so neat to see all of the cars along the road and people picking berries…also cutting wood and loading up for the winter.

I was so out of it, this morning, that I nicely took my 2 white pills I take every morning and then went back to my pillbox later to get another thing. I opened it to realize that they were not my pills….I had bought a new pill box and mixed my green one up with Chet’s, fortunately, vitamin box which is a close blue…I took 2 of his glucosamine instead of my Metformin….hmmmmmm…won’t do that again.

There is sooooo much water we drive by and realize all of the rivers and “ponds”…lakes are snow and rain fed as the island is all rock. Amazing amounts of water are everywhere and it is magnificent.

We should get to the house around 6 pm Newfoundland time…4 1/2 hours later than the West Coast, and hope for a happy day tomorrow when we get the water turned on and the cable and wifi hooked up. We can’t wait to see our neighbor, Marilyn Ashbourne, who has looked for us for 3 years…she is such a darling….we will have to mow a new path to her house after probably having to drive the car through the field several times. Tomorrow our longest Newfoundland friends, Randy and Tracey Hann….just lots and lots of hugs and great fun...then on Saturday night off to listen to listen to Ada sing….

We are so happy to be here…it has been such a long 3 years…we just hope there are a couple of lobsters left for at least one meal…signing off for now

Two VERY happy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some Lives Saved...

16 August month 2014

This was a morning we were able to help avert a possible tragic situation….I want to say that now so you know we were not in danger….

….sometimes we are EXACTLY where we are supposed to be at the right moment….

We spent the night at the travel plaza with the truckers last night….there actually was an RV area where we went first but our rig was too long so we pulled over with the ‘real‘ rigs…LO...we watched some tv and then off to bed around 2:00 am….a great sleep until 9:30…

We saw we could get potable water at the RV area, last night, but Chet was too tired soooo this morning we went to the plaza and asked how we could get back over to the water seeing there were one- way signs everywhere….not kidding ones!!!! The girls told us to go ahead and go, watch for the trucks as they fly on the off ramp and not to worry as the police had just left….

I walked towards the water area and Chet went back for the RV….it was okay as there was a bus area we could have pulled into if needed….all was clear and he went into the area against the do not enter signs that I mentioned were everywhere….he turned around and we got our water….all finished and ready to pull back into the main lot which took us across the off ramp road….this time in the right direction….

Here comes an”elderly” couple (remember, I can say that now as I, too, am one). They were pulling a trailer and they start heading out along the OFF ramp for the cars and trucks, RV’s and anything on wheels into oncoming traffic ….Chet laid on the horn and we waved and Chet continued tooting the air horn which is far louder than a toot…they finally figured we were trying to tell them something….we waved them back and pointed for them to come in where we were so the “elderly” man backs up a bit and starts to turn in and then stops to try and talk with us with his trailer sideways across the OFF ramp…he then starts to mention he was trying to get gas….Chet started yelling for him to move off the OFF ramp and get in where we were….finally….when he got in a safe area we told him we would lead him over to the fuel….which we did but they were the big islands as the car fuel was still in a wrong way area and the man couldn’t figure out that all he had to do is pull into the empty truck area right in front of him….we followed him as he was still trying to figure out how to get to the car area….we were trying to flag him to the other pumps….he gave up and eventually got back on the freeway….whew!!!! I think...

We have to say thank you to the ‘powers that be’ that we were there at that moment….

I don’t have fond memories of the Ohio Turnpike anyhow….it is where our remote control door opener decided to stop working our last trip along here, on a weekend, and Ohio AAA didn’t come onto the turnpikes to help, even though we pay extra for RV coverage….it took 4 hours, a slightly bent door and we are sure the reason for the broken seal in our double paned thermal window which causes it to fog up….a nice kid who wouldn’t leave us stranded….we were able to get the $400 back from the Oregon AAA. This trip we have Coach-Net roadside assistance...

We are at the next travel stop now to make breakfast….Chet said we passed the “elderly” couple and we are looking to see if they come in here….

Chet just said "now we have first-hand knowledge of how the wrong way freeway accidents happen”….and I thought I would share it with you!!!!

thank you God…..


It was a Good Day Today

15 August month 2014

We woke up at 7:05 this morning after going to bed after 2:00 am....we are totally giddy from sleep deprivation and ended up staying in bed this morning for about 2 hours futzing on Facebook...including communicating on there with each other....we finally got up and Chet made some coffee....I am all grown up now and am drinking 'real' interesting thing I discovered is that it doesn't bother my stomach like decaf does….also, since I drink water 97% of the time it is nice to have a change and it counts as water consumption and it is supposed to be good for women and for one's memory....I have fallen in love with Peaberry coffee from Trader Joe's so we have to get a case before we go to Twillingate...we also need rice cakes, rice cereal, gluten free pizza, a few cases of Almond milk and if we can find boxed Coconut milk....not water....I will be a happy girl....fortunately we don't have to stock up for our usual 5 to 6 month stays....

Oooooooohhhhh sometimes it tears me up knowing we are going to sell our beautiful home, Faerie house, my dream house that we never really finished moving to pack again and since I am really interested in 'tiny houses' I will have to seriously think about how all of my treasures are going to fit...ha ha....I want a 500 sq. ft. 1 room house with a bathtub and a large deck with an inside and outside kitchen....and rose bushes, tulips, lavendar, and wisteria a necessity....I really want my bathtub/shower from Twillingate but I don't see that happening whine, if any of our friends or family (right) wants to come see us it hopefully will be next year....

My right knee is feeling some better and I tried wrapping my left knee in the large bandage that Chet's $6,000 visit to emerg got us...also the knowledge that he did not have a blood clot....thank goodness for insurance....anyhow....sidetracked again....the wrapping has helped so much and for that I am thankful!!!! Here's hoping it continues to heal....

Lots of traffic in Illinois and some crappy freeway in between the road work. We are traveling by computer and GPS and it is so different than having a map in front of you....we have so little perspective of where we are. We remembered yesterday about our friends Sue and Jerry Little being on our route and also forgot my sweet Cynthia, my dear friend that I can call at any given moment and tell her anything and she will have a great story to share with me....we came from the same cookie cutter as did my Pequena....Cynthia and I can catastrophize about the strangest things....she is an ER nurse who has moved up the ladder very well to Patient Relations so she is a great one to talk to when a medical fantasy is in my mind which happens more often than I would like to admit....I really adore her....sorry we are not going to see her children but they are with their dad this weekend....5 hours and 59 minutes til we meet her....

We just got into our first Eastern traffic jam and hit the first toll is such a rip off....twice as much if you pay in cash....driving East it is so crowded as if we were in Los Angeles or the freeway going North in Portland....we just went over the hugest quarry I have ever seen....except for the Queen Anne Mine in Bisbee, Arizona which is a seemingly endless open pit copper mine that we camp on the edge of when we are there....Bisbee has the cutest rv park in town that is made up of vitage trailers and a couple of boats that people can rent to sleep in but that is not where we stay....there is even a diner there...what a cute town....why, I have even visited the emerg there for a $1,200 tetanus shot, a prescription for antibiotics, a band aid and some small packet of antibiotic of my old boy cats we had bit my hand as I starteled him or hurt him when I picked him up....he was as surprised as I was and he hit a vein that was pumping blood straight up in the air like a was pretty fascinating to me but not to Chet as he was in a panic, I think for me. I watched in amazement and then when I assured Chet I was okay he went outside franticly trying to find out where a hospital was....I yelled to him and told him I had seen a sign with a big blue H and not to worry....first, we wrapped my hand and then cleaned the carpet and my shoes....It was pretty funny at the time....once again thank goodness for insurance....

Just bought fuel again as we are getting it at around $300 increments so it won't hurt so much....we left Illinois and are in Indiana now along with lots of stop and go traffic and nasty billboards everywhere....they are big into advertising their strip clubs....

I have a really pretty glass and bell wind chime hanging between the bathroom and the bedroom and it has such a soft tinkle tinkle sound that I intermittently is really soothing....

4 hours until I see my friend Cinny...are you getting the feeling that I am excited!!!!

We are so close to Lake Michigan and there is a good chance we won't even see it. We could go up into Canada and past Hamilton area but we don't want 3 trips through customs. We have always had an easy time in Maine so here's hoping....

It is now 10:39 pm and we just entered Ohio sooooo we have been in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,and now in Ohio and are on the toll roads. It wouldn't be as bad if the roads were at least decent...they are the worst and a lot of money when you are driving your house down the road.

Cynthia met us at Walmart at 7:00 and we had such a woderful visit...It has been at least 3 years ince we stayed with her last or maybe even longer....she looked absolutely beautiful and it is like we never skipped a beat....sorry we didn't get to see Jack and Annie who are 9 and 12 now....we have known each other for 20 years and she has also been like a daughter to me....I wish we had time to have stayed with her for a while....oh was not fun saying goodbye. We had a great chat about my realization I am "elderly" and she says she is "late middle age" is pretty funny as we aren't at all.

We are pulling into a service plaza to spend the night now.....that is what they are called on the toll roads....I think we will be able to get water at one of them tomorrow as we need to fill our tank....they even had electric hookups for $20.00 a night but we don't need it as our generator will do us fine.

I am signing of now....sleep well and pleasant dreams….XOXO



So As to Not Inundate You with Short Posts...

14 August month 2014

I have a lot of time to post things so I thought I would write a muze instead….

We woke to a gorgeous day in the York, Nebraska Rest Area….the air was so fresh and cool and the earth was so damp and fresh….we haven’t seen wet earth in well over a year….we walked a bit and then checked all of the pertinent things on the vehicles and off we went….I could feel the anxiety well up as we went onto the freeway as if I was still driving….it took hours to have the adrenaline pass through my being last night….

It was time for bed, and a police car came into the rest area so I, ‘Nancy Grace II’, as Chet calls me….his investigative reporter…. naturally had to stand and watch for more than an hour, go to bed and then get up again to watch some more as the driver was thoroughly frisked and handcuffed. Two other Sherrif arrived shortly and the sniffer dog was brought over to the car and then the woman who was also in the vehicle was taken out. EVERY thing and inch of the auto was being searched and things were being bagged….I finally gave up and got into bed around 2:30….I feel a nap coming on today.

We are in Iowa now after a stop for fuel in Lincoln, Nebraska and a stop at our favorite….Costco’s luncheonette….we bought a few things and are on the road again. Boy, there is an awful lot of roadwork going on….funny, I have not asked to drive yet…LOL

After all of our lengthy trips across Nebraska, all of the jokes, and the dread of the drive….it turned out to be absolutely beautiful….corn as ‘high as an elephant’s eye’, miles and miles of it, green fields, lots of cows, and a field for buffalo that were no where to be seen. It was truly gorgeous and now Iowa much the same but more rolling hills…. It also has cooled down a bit. We are just ahead of a storm front….

I finally got the sofa recovered with other blankets last night as I was still shuddering from that morning's experience….

Life on the road certainly has to be a partnership, particularly when the slides are not out….food prep, dishwashing, cooking has to be done in a production line fashion. Sleeping can be problematic as we usually stay at a rest area or a Walmart parking lot. We don’t bother to level up so we sometimes have to sleep at the foot of the bed or put a pillow at our back so we won’t roll out of bed….it is all good, tho….we wouldn’t opt for anything different yet.

I hurt my knees, we think last Friday, and I could barely walk on Saturday….it isn’t fair….I finally got my back okay enough to walk after a year of PT between Portland and Los Angeles and then my 'Balance Institute’ exercises helped so much so we were picking up the distance of our walks….I don’t know what I did to myself but sometimes it makes my stomach turn over to take a step….we have been slowly walking short distances as I feel some activity is better than none….I just wish they would feel better.

My 5 avocado pits are happily riding on the dash and the one that had somehow survived the squirrels desecration is sprouting new little branches where the cute little tree WAS growing. One more is almost ready to send up a sprout….I have this need to constantly be ‘mothering’ something….you don’t have to put toothpicks in the pits and set them in water….all they need is a pot of well watered dirt….oh, and in optimum conditions 8 years to produce fruit….chuckle….

We are at a rest area and are going to undertake a shower….heat up the water, empty all of the things stored in the shower and have at it….oh joy….clean hair!!!!


I’m back, all clean and coconut oiled….my hair loves it….another great Costco find….

We just pulled into another rest area with dump facilities….it is really nice to find them as a lot of places have shut them down….I 80 has had them all along the way….this time we pulled in on the correct side to be able to use it….

Chet is rolling through Iowa as we have plans to meet some friends from the road for coffee around 8:30 or 9:00 pm….Sue and Jerry Little….soooo looking forward to it!!

I was just reading CNN on my phone about the couple who were on the 15 “most wanted” list….they were cornered and apprehended on Tuesday afternoon in the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center directly across the street from the Jantzen Beach RV Park where we have stayed ever since we started traveling….we walked there all the time as it is a huge outdoor place….Target, Home Depot, etc….that would have been much more exciting than my investigation last night!!!

Everyone be well….Twillingate here we come!!!!


Lessons Hard Learned

12 August month 2014

I had been writing a muze and I usually do them in an email….soooooo for the first time Firefox crashed and my muze, which was in 'Facebook Notes' this time, went away and is floating around somewhere but not on the frigging page called NOTES….won’t do that again….guess I was supposed to start over….grrrrr….

….since I started a few hours ago, more has transpired including our being at our 5th rest stop by 12:30 pm….pit stops, small walks, and the absorbing every moment we have been in the mountains in Wyoming. The terrain is absolutely beautiful and we are stockpiling for the "Great Plains” trek….we are at 6,000 feet + or -….we saw a momma Antelope with her twins skittering near one of the stops. Natch I couldn’t get to the camera fast enough….I just checked and may have one short video of them far away….hey, we got it….

Last night we stayed at Echo Canyon Rest Area at the edge of Utah….we went out for a walk for a while and I imagined one person who was sitting at a table was a murderer….it was nice when he got in his truck and left….Chet reminded me that we were perfectly safe and that my mind is entirely too busy.

There were many bats out feeding on the gazillion bugs hovering around the lights…he was fascinated with them so we stood and watched them for quite a while….he had never seen so many at one time. He, being the dear he is, was enjoying himself so much that I stood and pretended I was a very brave person for as long as I possibly could.

It was so beautiful out last night and the air was just delicious….I was trying out my sore knees to see if I could walk and I actually did, slowly, and felt better enough to take 2 short walks already, today….here’s hoping.

I was up this morning MUCH earlier than I like but Chet wanted to get out of the canyon as there were thundershowers predicted….7:30 am and I decided to sit in my seat with a pillow and my favorite little snugly throw. I am all tucked in and comfy and off we go….

Next, I hear this guttural yowl from Moose and thinking he is going to heave, I grumble and turn around in my chair to see Skipper taking out after Moose, who is on the back of the sofa. Skipper is all puffed up and hissing at Moose….I thoroughly enjoy their tussles, but not when there are guttural noises coming out of one of them. I was not at all ready to take chase to catch Moose if he took off. Out of the corner of my eye I see a mouse with all 4’s straight up and I let out quite a pitiful whine/yell, demanding in no uncertain terms, that Chet stop immediately. That being a bit unreasonable as we are 40 feet on the outside towing a car totaling 58 feet (of which I am acutely aware as that is what we pay for on the ferry our way to “The Rock”) and driving up a canyon which included road work….

There I sit frozen, willing those cats to within an inch of their lives, not to dare move an inch….I was not looking forward to having one of them taking their treasure under our bed to be lost with everything else we lose that is easily taken by a cat.

Whine I did, as Chet is telling me how ‘close’ the next rest area was….falling on my instantly deaf ears, I nicely told him that was totally unacceptable as I am not at all enthralled by creature on my sofa, that could have very well been with my feet if I had chosen to lie down or better yet it could have been stuck to the throw I was all snuggled in….Chet wisely chose the very first area where the shoulder of the road was wide enough to pull over and save his 'damsel in distress’. He nicely put it down the toilet which really bothers me that it is floating in the holding tank….why didn’t one of us just open the door which was ever so much closer and let him flip it outside….it probably had a lot to do with being on the shoulder of the road!!!

Once again we stopped at a rest area and one hardly ever sees a dump station at a rest area but there was one there. I could not insist that he dump a relatively freshly dumped tank at that time….soooo I had to go for a walk to get the negative chemicals to start working their way through my body as I still shudder every time I think of the whole incident….we made lunch and actually sat outside at a picnic table which we rarely do….we then shook out the blanket and wadded it up to shove away as I had no intention of sitting on the sofa until that was done. Needless to say, there are several more to choose from to put back on the sofa….

I still have the feeling in my body/mind of the time we were in a motel in Boulder Colorado with my former husband and two little boys, before Brett was born and he is soon to be 40 years old. I slid into the cool bed and when my feet got to the bottom I felt this fleshy thing and threw back the covers, while probably alerting everyone else in the motel that I was there. Aaahhhhh there was a sizable spider in my bed and I cannot tell you what an arachnophobe I am….c’mon, it is over 40 years ago and I still feel it and don’t even like to go through Boulder Colorado…..(I am rereading the muze now to post it and I just shuddered as I read this paragraph).

My darling, whom my son Mitchell calls “Chetapedia” because he seems to have information on almost anything that is mentioned, has always tried to figure out about my weirdly wired ganglia. He is always amazed how I react to things with such strange mind/body experiences….he just laughs and shakes his head. He said it runs along with synesthesia, but I don’t see numbers in color….I was Googling it and reading about all of the forms it takes when my Firefox crashed and I lost the first muze I had been writing. What a fascinating search as I finally have some words to some of my reactions to so many things….we are never too old to learn more about ourselves if we choose….I feel much wiser now and also understand, better, my empathic nature for one thing and what goes on in an artist’s head….

We will be to our next rest area in 25 miles….at the last one we walked and I think we are trying for all of them across Wyoming….we are just passing over the 7,000 foot Continental Divide….onward to the Atlantic. It is starting to cloud up a bit now. We are pulling into our favorite truck stop place now instead of the rest area….Flying J here we are….to spend inordinate amounts of money on fuel.

You have a blessed day and a special call out of love and support to Leslie, WC and Randy Earnst…XOXO


On the Road With My Thoughts...

11 August month 2014

….we just reentered the freeway as we were going through Boise, Idaho and a whole lot of road construction….cones, cement barriers, etc….every RVer's nightmare….Chet was following the road and all of a sudden the freeway was headed off to the left….we were on the offramp to the truck by-pass…pretty funny but probably a stroke of luck….that 'being exactly where we are supposed to be’ as we ended up back on the freeway past all of the construction and 1 mile from our rest area….

Chet just took one of his power naps (which always amaze me)… he will lie down, go to sleep for ten minutes and wake all refreshed and ready to go….I offered to drive yesterday which he respectfully declined and it was a good premonition as there was a ‘gusty winds for the next 50 miles’ sign just as we left the rest area….I just offered again and fortunately he declined again….he likes to drive and listen to ‘books on CD’s’….my mind wanders too fast to concentrate on them so I busy myself with other things….

There is soooo much land out here….a lot of “res” land which seems so unproductive….signs at the rest stops document the the plight of the emigrants as they came along the Oregon Trail….it always tugs at my heart as so many tribes were wiped off of the face of the Earth….right now the “Christian Genocide” happening….genocide in Africa and the Middle East, and reminds me of the Holocaust that some like to believe never happened….fortunately my ancestors on my daddy’s side were sent from Minsk and my past husband’s family came from there, too, or I may have not been able to experience this life….my husband thinks I was at one time in one of the ‘death camps’ as a little girl and to him it helps explain my idiosyncratic behavior….I look out of the window and see the wild ponies, buffalo and the Indians galloping across the plains….I have heard the cries of death at the forts and battlefields we have visited.

We left this time and what I am feeling, and have been since we drove away from the park in Portland, is a feeling of elation and relief….usually I leave places with fear, anxiety and sadness….I feel the relief from 3 years of continual care taking….never having a blank page. I feel no regrets, as being able to help the ones we helped and loved was a gift….the pain inexplicable but a gift to be able to be there….Brett is so improved on his new meds that we are startled over and over at the expressions and the quality of speech that is coming out of him….for him it is a glacial change….

We are not on one of our forced marches to Newfoundland…we will take the travel as it comes and not push to exhaustion and this is a nice feeling. It is funny, it has been so long since we have been on an extended trip that we have to relearn certain things about living in an RV down to flushing the toilet….we hope the servicings, tire checks, sealing of cracks and screws, our new wonderful refrigerator, my quiet, faster, new beautiful all in one washer/dryer combo will carry us well once again.

A dear friend wrote about ‘getting old’ on FB the other day….it was interesting….my head is still who I am but my body is certainly suffering the ravages of time….we had a great time at the water aerobics classes in Portland….except for the trip from the pool to the shower at 9 p.m. …..chatter, chatter. We have been walking and had picked up the distance and I was so excited….several nights ago I must have slept with my knees in an awkward position and have hardly been able to hobble for about 3 days….we were able to slowly walk a bit at the rest stops last night and this morning but I will not trust myself to get up while we are moving….I know my right knee is not in good shape but it didn’t really bother me so the doc said to leave it alone for now….it hurts in the front and now my left knee hurts in the back….hopefully ibuprofen and sitting will help them heal as I am so looking forward to some beautiful hikes on the island…also berry picking which are ripening now. I even brought coconut flour and gluten free flour to make myself some goodies….

We are putting it out to the Universe that the house will be up for sale to pre qualified buyers and hope we will sell it in the next year or so….it is a hard decision but it is just too far away and we want to cut back on obligations….we had also dreamed of our family enjoying it as we do….just to gaze upon the clarity of the water from behind the cabin….
it is an experience that we will NEVER forget….the inexplicable beauty and the loveliness of the friends we have made….another of life’s gifts!!!!

We are 529 miles into our trip now and I am drinking in all of the hills, quasi mountains, streams, rivers, trees and bits of uneven terrain before we hit Wyoming and Nebraska…we just went over a little canyon….

Have a wonderful day and we will, too….


Muze....What a Rude

10 July month 2014

…We found ourselves sitting at McDonald's this morning at around 9:15 am….that is a rude awakening to me as it is not wakey wakey time in my world!!!!!

What is even worse is that it has been 2 days in a row, as I had to go to the eye doc yesterday morning and today we dropped the RV off to have its yearly servicing….we were EXACTLY on time….

…..soooooo, there was a McD right at the corner down from the truck service company, so we had coffee, an electric socket to charge my phone and free wifi…like hitting the jackpot….we shall see how I do on a whole large cup of coffee….it may prove interesting….

Right now we are crossing into Washington to have the tire pressure sensors on our Jeep tires reset, as we got a new battery and they are not reading…how to fill a day in the Jeep with 3 tired people and two cats shut in the bedroom and bathroom of the RV….crazy Skipper will spend the day under the bed in abject terror and Moose hopefully will snooze….we asked them to turn on the generator later so it can cool down in the coach, as the dark brown just sucks up the sun and heat which is heading towards 90 degrees today…

After that, back to Costco as the beautiful peaches we bought yesterday are all pithy inside and tasteless….what a disappointment when I bit into it last night for my dessert…we ate dinner at Costco last night…a veritable feast….we bought a roasted Costco chicken for Chet and Brett, and then we had grape leaves, hummus, and quinoa tabouli….mmmm delicious….
It is now 11:00 am and it is amazing what can be accomplished when one starts the day early….ha ha….

Last Friday I was cleaning my teeth and out popped a crown….I had it glued in on Monday and it has hurt ever since….please keep all of your fingers crossed….NO ROOT CANAL PLEASE….

Brett, our sweet Brett….after my latest of sooooo many calls to Brett’s neurologist on Monday….he suggested we give him his evening pill at 6:00 pm instead of later as it can cause insomnia ( I think I have every side-effect memorized)….it also can cause indigestion which he was having terrible bouts of….I must say it has worked perfectly as we were out last night and he didn’t get his pill until 9:30 and had a hard time getting to sleep….we have also made different sleeping arrangements which have worked out well.

We decided to give Brett our bed so we could close the door and we could still have the ‘run‘ of the rest of our space until we were ready to go to bed….my dear friend, who is a superb nurse and administrator, confidant, and as crazy regarding ‘catastrophizing' as I am, mentioned “Sundowner’s Syndrome” which, as the day wears on, people who have a regiment, get very disoriented when their world is rocked….and rock we did to Brett’s world….we are on day 4 of having Brett ‘back’ and his beautiful smile ….

We have been going to water aerobics at the RV park and I must say it is sooooo relaxing to do that before bedtime….(coffee working too well)  woo hoo….we are at Costco so I shall return my peaches and then return to you!!!!

I have returned….I am FLYYYYYYING….I can not remember the last time I have had a whole cup of coffee….actually 2 large 1/2 caf 1/2 decaf cups full….I haven’t even had a whole diet coke in well over a year….water is all I drink 99.99% of the time….poor Chet thinks he is going to go get me a Tequila and it is only 12:20pm….and I had my first one of those at Jon and Erin’s in many, many, many years….it was really good….

We needed low-dose Asprin and couldn’t find anything but Bayer….not Costo's Kirkland brand, so we spent $12.79 on not even a year’s supply….we asked 2 different people at the pharmacy and they nicely told us there were no Kirkland ones to be found….not good enough for 'Nancy Grace', as Chet calls me, as I have to investigate everything….I asked at customer service and they ONLY had 778 packages of them to they got some nice young lady to help me and took me DIRECTLY to the Kirkland brand….$4.79 for a 2 year supply….c’mon husband….I can’t help my self….I only like getting ‘screwed’ with a smile….  :)… will help pay our RV bill this afternoon….she asked if there was anything else I needed after saying “that was really easy”….I said thank you, no….

What’s next besides my jaw ache….we called FMI to see if we had time to go look for glasses for me and we surely do' as the part that is broken is not the correct one, so they are trying to find it now….groan, groan, groan….it is a good thing we rescheduled in the first place so they would have the correct part.  It is not an easy job to close up our RV and move it so I am hoping against hope they can get the right part….

There was an article about a cup of coffee really helping before one exercises as it gets your matabolism moving….I am having a wild ride….I could drink cans of diet soda, in the past, and it didn’t affect me but give me a 1/2 cup of coffee and Chet says I am ‘dangerous’….

Fortunately for my darling husband, he just told me he forgot his hearing aids today…lol….

I have a funny story to share, one day, about my younger years….I have decided to start sharing some of the humor of Gaye in her 40’s….

….to be continued….

Have a blessed day!

Muze....An Update

27 June month 2014

I haven't been checking FB for several days due to being with the whole family; Chet, Brett, myself, Jonathan, Mitchell and his lady Siulan, Erin, the boys dad and wife Irene, and Lilli and Jack (there were 11 of us)....the joy of that and then having to watch over what has been going on with Brett has taken every ounce of my resources. 

Wednesday we were all, eating dinner and watching Brett who had been sinking more and more inside himself and becoming more paranoid and fearful....we took him home to bed and he didn't fall asleep for several hours.  There were still bouts of crying and bizarre dreams.... 

Yesterday, he was jumping if his phone got a notification and while showering down at the house he thought he was going to be sent off the property....he came back to the RV in a panic and I checked with his dad and Erin if anything had been said about custody or anyone not being allowed on the property to a resounding NO...I couldn't take anymore and left the doc a message that I needed to talk to him as I wanted my son back. 

I spoke with the family to get any feedback about Brett's behavior....we were all on the same page that it just wasn't right or okay....his step mom, Erin and Jon, his dad, Mitchell and Siulan, and of course us....we felt he had stopped talking very much and there was very little communication at all....Chet and I have felt, all along, his brain was being flooded with all sorts of thoughts and information that Brett was trying to process....I gathered all of the information I needed for when the doc did call....finally....Chet and I talked to him and he wanted us to knock his pills down to 2 a day starting last night and see if he does any better sooooooooooo here we go again!

Brett does seem happier and more talkative today and the old sparkle in his eye has somewhat returned.....he was able to verbalize he was very sad about leaving and hurting but also excited about going to Oregon when we left....he just said a few minutes ago, that his heart was hurting because he was sad....this is glacial for Brett....absolutely glacial....we hope he keeps perking up with less meds and that we don't have to put him back on the Tegretol as it seemed to be more would also have been an almost 5 month experiment to no avail....keep your fingers crossed that this reduction will work...we will have his blood level checked on Wednesday.

I just wanted you to know what has been going on and that we are okay.... Chet is on FB several times a day so he keeps me up to painting gives me solace and I try to do that as often as I can....also, I am knitting a blanket....I reiterate, I am sooooo happy to be back in the RV and so are the cats....

Big crash behind me as our 3 tiered rack from the computer desk, (or should I say desk full of crappola) just fell on to the floor and a few minutes later turned from its' side to upside down....we will be stopping soon at a really pretty spot by the ocean before our ascent and descent along the Smith River....the ride I always talk about in my muzes and posts....a most beautiful ride but one I can't look at in many places due to the steep terrain going straight down to the river....we want to get past it before dark....

We are now at the ocean and I have to help pick up a lot of stuff that is scattered on the floor....welllll I should say Chet did....heh heh

We miss you all and send gratitude for your concern, love and sweet thoughts....

Oh, if you could see the scenery with the Coastal redwood trees, the ferns and fauna and the river along this 2 lane road that you could almost reach your hand out and touch the sides....


On the Road Again...

20 June month 2014

I am sitting in the chair behind Brett as we roll along Interstate 5 on our way to Loleta to the Lilli-J Ranch….the sun just went away for the night and we will be stopping at a rest area for Chet to get some sleep as he has been on the go all week….installing our beautiful new fridge and doing all sorts of repairs to get us ready to go….then the packing….it took days and and Chet was carting stuff since 8:00 this morning….trip after trip after trip….the best part was he thought we would be on our way by noon….yeah, right….we had been living with Brett for 4 months and had moved an awful lot of stuff into the apartment….

We got on our way at 3:40 p.m. and pulled out from the storage yard and right onto the freeway…I heard screeching and Chet thought it was the air-conditioning ducts and I said no….he finally heard it and stopped immediately (on the freeway) and checked the car which somehow had kicked out the tow key in the ignition and the steering wheel locked and the front tires weren't turning. We had just finished our prayers we always say before getting under way (our travel prayers)….we were soooooooooooooooo lucky!!! Chet got it all fixed and off we went in 5 mph traffic on a Friday afternoon….I don’t mind the slow speed so much, as I am always nervous when we haven’t been rolling for a while….it took a looooooong time to get out of Los Angeles….I could have driven as it would have been my speed level. I don’t drive this thing….but one never knows….

Skipper, our crazy little cat who likes no one but us, took up residence under our bed in Brett's front room and it took a couple of weeks for him to even venture into the bathroom. Brett has garbage pails that are battery operated and has a small one in there which Skipper must have had confused with some kind of a monster with a HUGE mouth that opened when anything got near it. The one by the kitchen used to open every time anyone walked by so it became a friend that was always saying ‘Hi’….after about 3 months he would come out when Brett’s counselor came over and he even got to touch him….Kitty Treats played a big part in that. Brett has someone come in M, T, Th, and every other Friday afternoon to help with shopping, cooking, etc.

We have our own way of traveling….we start with good intentions but ALWAYS end up with everything strewn all over the place….it gets put away as we go….the only thing that fell this time were the apples that ended up in the cat food dish which flipped up and landed in the clamshell package….when we are able to find the sink, either one, I will wash them off….

It feels so good to be crunched up in my unmade bed, covered with piles of clothes and 2 sets of clean sheets all nicely folded….I am home….Moose is as happy as can be but I swear, Skipper has been smiling all afternoon and evening….he knows he is home….I cannot even imagine what it will be like when we take him into the house in Twillingate….he may never even make it out of our bedroom and bathroom….all wide-eyed and totally terror stricken….

Brett has a little patio and I thought that I would let them out but as soon as Moose sneaked out the door he was up on the ledge on his way to the apartment next door, 4 floors up….so much for that….Skipper has never touched the ground outside of his living area and doesn’t even show any interest, which is a good thing, as it was always such a battle with Twilly, our beautiful boy, who finally became late lunch for a coyote in Beverly Hills when we had him at my son, Mitchell’s, house….it was right across the street from the golf course and I am sure the boneyard for many household pets and other animals as the coyote’s live there. It is so sweet to see how happy Skipper is to be 'home'….

We have Brett with us for a little vacation and also to keep our eyes on him for a few more weeks….we finally got him off of his Tegretol 2 weeks ago and it was really rough on him and on us….I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have a full night of sleep again….he would dream the most bizarre things, cry, (which he NEVER even did as a child) he was agitated but was also coming alive in ways we have never seen….the past week has been bad, tho, and he seemed like he was regressing and all he would do is sleep….for hours….going to the movies was a strain for him and on Father’s Day when we got home he just fell into my lap and crashed for a couple of hours….

Chet kept saying he felt Brett was on too much medicine. We took him to the doctor Wednesday past and the doc said that when Brett was on both meds they fought each other and kept the levels in his blood down and now that he was off of the Tegretol he felt the Depakote had shot up so we had another blood test and lo and behold, his levels were too high so we have cut him back 1 pill. It has only been 2 days so we will see….have to get another blood test in 2 weeks in Oregon. He woke from a sleep this afternoon and thought the show “Master Chef” was on behind Chet’s chair….it took a few moments for us to convince him it was not in the RV with us….he has been such a trooper along with being frightened and having to suffer through withdrawals the past month. This is the main reason he is with us now….we literally have not taken our eyes off of him through this whole experience.

It is 9 months today my girl left and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her with every ounce of my being….how dearly I loved Pequeña….hey, I just figured out how to make the ñ correctly….

I am really looking forward to seeing my grandchildren….I miss their sweet faces….they are growing so fast….Jack just got back from Washington DC where he attended a Leadership camp he was invited to….we are so proud of him….he is a math wiz and has gone from 5/6th grade math to 7/8th grade math….he will be attending another camp in July at Humbolt State University….along with his 2nd rodeo in July….Miss Lil Lil is very busy being a girl….gymnastics, cross training and horseback riding lessons with her mom.

It is getting late and I have a feeling Chet may get up and drive in the night so I will be riding “shotgun”.

The past 3 years have been hellacious and we so need to recharge our batteries….when it is time we will….there is more to tell, but….

Have a day filled with love…..



Time Flies and I Don’t Write But I do Think a Whole Lot…..

28 April month 2014

13 years today, we celebrate our Anniversary….out to dinner tonight and tomorrow to a movie….that sounds perfect to me….what a wonderful ‘ride it has been’….

We have seen such beauty on our journey, we have met wonderful friends, we have felt such joy and happiness, we have suffered unimaginable tragedy, had some wonderful healing experiences, felt intense betrayal and humiliation, precious moments of new life in the family, moments of hilarity, tears that must have helped fill the ocean a bit, felt true love; given freely…. deception beyond belief, the gift of being able to help others in times of need, the inexplicable lifestyle of Newfoundland; the gift that has been…on and on and on, but most of all the love that Chet and I give each other through each and every emotion that has been felt….

….to take a walk and feel my hand in my husband’s….to have the car door opened for me, not a night without a kiss ‘goodnight’, to have breakfast made for me, to have the most amazing support as I go through my catastrophizing, to be with a man with the patience of a saint that I can even ’try’ on occasion…

Blessed, blessed, continuously blessed by the love I am given by the person I share every aspect of my life with….the Heavens opened and dropped him right in front of me and helped me see through different eyes than the ones I was used to looking through….

Happy Anniversary to us…Happy, happy, happy and may we have many, many more!!

Okay, now on to what is going on other than the above…."Mrs. Graceful of the Year Award” was presented to me a week ago Saturday….I might need to change my name from Gaye to Grace….it has taken some time to share this as it is difficult to let you see the inner me sometimes as I am embarrassed….which is totally stupid, I know….but…

I fell on a walk a bit over 3 weeks ago, then several days after I had the violent fall over the tree stump and got a slight concussion, skinned knees and a tremendous amount of fear about falling again….less than 3 weeks later….a week ago Saturday, we were at the movies and I tripped over nothing in the ladies’ bathroom and had an even more violent fall because my hand was not in my sweetie’s hand….fortunately I did not hit my face as I caught myself with the heels of my hands….but my head snapped back really hard and my poor knees….once again being watched by the gods….two lovely women stayed with me while I cleared my head and moved everything and then got up and took my wounded pride out to Chet and Brett who were patiently waiting for me….I needed to sit for about 15 minutes to get myself moving to head home….results: a concussion on top of a concussion, (which has made me look at contact sports in a totally different way) it is like walking around with cobwebs in your head….my doctor has me going to a neurologist on Friday and then wants me to have some gait training so I can walk better….oh, I don’t want to do this again…I had a huge bruise on my right wrist, a skinned elbow and my kneecap kills to touch….and is a lovely shade of yellow from bruising or probably a crack….not much sense of an X-ray as I don’t think they would do anything to it….I can walk and it doesn’t hurt….my head has finally stopped hurting and we were able to walk almost 2 miles yesterday….I am taking it easy as I have suffered almost every symptom that comes with a concussion and have started to take my walking stick everywhere now for a feeling of security….here’s hoping everything goes okay at the neurologist….oh anxiety….

Brett is doing great and tonight he will be decreasing the pills he is stopping, to 2 a day…so far so good….2 more to go after that….we can see a difference in his communication as does his dad, which is phenomenal….more joking around and an overall lightness of being….what a blessing….

You all take care and stay well and I will try and stay on my feet….

Blessings to us all!!!!!



All right, All right...I Hear You....

10 April month 2014

I have been busy doing a lot of little things and nothing, so my excuse for not being on FB is merely that I just haven’t felt like it….it is really frustrating because if one doesn’t stay closely connected to people and pages, etc. FB has kindly stopped letting us see many, many people’s posts….yet another change in the big wheel….

Tomorrow, being my birthday, has me in a strange place as I think of all of the years I had to look forward to….aging certainly makes a difference and I find myself wondering what sequels I will be seeing in the future….that is very deep…LOL…I do find the wiseness that comes with age should have only been there my whole life….I think it is a process we all go through.

I have been recovering for 10 days from a very fast but violent fall a week ago Tuesday….I really didn’t want to post about it as I am starting to feel like the world’s biggest clod….we were walking, again, in the area near the Karate Studio and there was a Palm tree stump sticking over the sidewalk in front of a house….I hit so hard and fast, that I tweaked Chet’s back when I fell…this time I did not get up very fast as I really shook myself up, lost my shoe and had a headache from snapping and wrenching my neck and back that had just finished months and months of PT in Portland and here….I finally sat up for a while and eventually got up to wait for Chet to go and get the car….a bloodied knee and a bruise on my other leg….

The people outside came to see if I was okay and offered ice, a ride, etc….as soon as I took some pictures they stopped talking to me….litigious California….we drove back to the Karate studio and slowly walked around for a little bit and then home to the Jacuzzi…I called my doc the next day as I was really feeling fuzzy in the head….she told us my brain was swollen from the fall and it would take a week to 10 days to quiet down….the gods were looking out for me as I did not hit my head…I was ashamed to say anything on FB at the time!!! 8-/

Tomorrow we take Brett to get his blood checked to see if his blood levels are at the proper amount to start weaning him off of his other medication….I think we are all feeling a bit apprehensive but the doctor feels good about it….my “momma” gut feeling is he was having some siezure activity when he was getting the terrible headaches as that is what would happen when he was young….that is the “Doctor Mom” side coming out….we are also going to his internist as he has had a cough that has lingered for over 6 weeks….glad they are in the same building as time wise it is like driving to Lewispotre but less than 10 miles away….

Things have been going exceptionally well living together….only 1 blow up over his not shaving so I would say that is darn good…Brett is such a dear person anyhow!!!! Separating is going to be a bitch….

We just went to the 'grand opening’ of a restaurant that is run by the people who run Dinah’s where Brett works….it is Mexican food and we all agreed that it was DEEELICIOUS….they even sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish…

We are going out for a walk now to pick up some meds and then a stop by Costco….at least it has cooled off…stop laughing all of my Newfoundland friends….

I don’t know what we will do tomorrow but we will be near my favorite shopping center which is like Disneyland to me…”The Grove”….Randy, Tracey and Tia got to spend time there when they were on a layover in Los Angeles on their way to visit Matt….we were supposed to meet them but couldn't leave Pequena at the time… :”( at least I will get to walk through the ‘American Girl” doll store….one of my fav’s….maybe a movie and dinner at “The Cheesecake Factory”….

I hope you are all well…Chet is slowly getting the web page back together….things got corrupted and he is having to go through all of his emails to find my ‘muzes’ as far back as 2008….glad it is not me!!!!

I am working on painting # 20 now and it is really fun….

Have a wonderful weekend and hugs to you all…..I wish we were all together to celebrate tomorrow….



Creative Energy Sliding into Painting

5 April month 2014

Maybe my ability to write muzes has gone into my painting….maybe it is just the pain and stress that has been in my life for well over 2 years….I know I just couldn’t write one more thing about my pain and heartache and feel like I was inflicting it on all who read…in a way, I just now see, it would have been better to keep writing and not posting it….it probably would have been very therapeutic….

We have been in LALA Land for 5 months already and it has been the longest I have been here since 1998….it has taught me quite a bit….traveling is an amazing way to live but being away from the family was always something that ate at me….

It is over 6 months since we lost my beloved Pequena and hardly a day goes by when she is not in my thoughts….I think of how kind everyone has been through my FB ‘Family’….you took over holding me together when I felt I could put no more on Chet who was also suffering terribly….sometimes I pick up my phone to call her and then I remember her tiny hand holding mine during her last hours; never letting go for one second…

We came to Los Angeles and spent 3 months at Mitchell’s new home above the Pacific trying to help in any way we could….we then moved to the Malibu RV park for 5 weeks and then fell into another calling….one that I would have no other way…nor would Chet.

We took Brett to the neurologist, at his internist’s suggestion, and had an EEG done after an MRI the year before….Brett was experiencing horrific headaches that I could only relate to the seizure activity he had when he was younger….He has been on meds since he was a baby and changed from one to another around 2 years of age….there he has stayed since; having his blood levels and liver checked every 6 months….the neurologist felt it would be very beneficial to change Brett to a different medication and he couldn’t be left alone during that period of time which is a minimum of 3 months….the living together in his 1 bedroom apartment has been fun…we put a bed in the living room and rearranged the furniture…it turned out really cute….it has also offered an amazing amount of free time being here and not having to drive 2 hours to see him….the best part is the Costco 1/2 mile away where we walk to quite often….

….we found a storage yard walking distance from his place so in we moved with our 2 cats….it has been a month already and our little cat Skipper is still freaked as he has only been in the RV since we got him…. he is a funny little cat that drives Moose, that we got in Newfoundland 5 years ago, crazy….Moose has grown into an 18 pound, gentle, sweet and very trusting boy…how I wish we could get another kitten from Cavell Rideout Adams….we want another Newfoundland cat due to their slightly idiosyncratic behavior….but only one we could bond with before it left its’ momma….

Life, as we age keeps teaching us lessons…some wonderful, some not so great….we have to learn to take the good with the bad….my heart has been broken into tiny pieces these past few years but my doctor gave me some great advice as I went to her to tell her I wasn’t feeling safe anywhere….I could take meds or start more walking…I chose more walking and I must tell you it has helped so much….gets the endorphins pumping and makes me feel better….we have had our physicals and one more year of great reports….I had to have several tests done regarding my stomach and pain in my side but it was all due to stress…the stress was not only from Pequena but from other matters that have come along that have taught me some very big lessons….

I have thoroughly gotten lost in my painting….no different than all of my artistic endeavors….I paint and I can hear them start to make noise too me….it is amazing to feel what comes from my tiny little brush I use as I put layer after layer on the canvas….then it comes time to stop but I have trouble finding that place….I find myself staring at them and smiling….

Chet did a lot of work on the web page but is still reconfiguring it and getting things to work correctly….he is a happy man playing on the computers….we have a constant stream of photographs on the 27 inch iMac….I get lost in the ones of Newfoundland and dream of returning….

We are off to see 'Captain America' shortly so I will close and send lots of love and good wishes your way….



10 March month 2014

…. I am going to try speaking this so that I don't have to type, as you all well now how much I hate to type. Well, maybe that's a strong statement, because I never learned how to do it properly. I think it comes from that thing I have about following directions…. never was one of my favorite things to do. This is amazing as it is actually working, except that I can't keep my husband quiet in the background.I seem to be all okay except I have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to hear about the results of my stomach biopsies and the final report on my CT scan…hopefully enough said about that….please….

I want to let you all know what the “Next Chapter” in our lives is….seems to turn on a dime at any given moment. Several weeks ago we took Brett in for a EEG to read his brain waves as he has been on seizure medications since he was 10 months old. We changed the meds when he was a couple of years old due to side effects and during that process he was vomiting and I did not get the proper information from the neurologist and his amount of meds in his blood dropped and he went into a status seizure….it is one that starts and doesn’t stop….we rushed off in an ambulance and I was convinced I was going to lose my boy….he was given injections of Phenobarbital to get it under control….I don’t want to go into all of the details regarding the neurologist but needless we did not part as friends….at my expense, he put information in his waiting room so people would be able to have more knowledge about seizures and medications…. Brett has missed only 1 pill in his life as I have monitored him relentlessly….he has always been very good about taking his pills….we all goof up sometimes, tho.

Over the past few years he has had a few blaster headaches that make him sick so in 2012 he had an MRI of his brain. He still had the headaches and so the EEG was ordered. There was no evidence of any spike activity but the doctor wanted to change Brett's medication to one that he felt would be better for Brett and it also helps with migraine headaches. It will take between 3 to 4 months to start his new meds and when they reach a therapeutic level he will SLOWLY be weaned off of the medication he is presently on. Brett started his new meds last week and increases to 2 pills on Thursday morning….1 in the morning and 1 at night….after 2 weeks we take him to have his blood checked and see where we go from there.

I called the neurologist and Brett’s internist 2 days after he started his new meds as he and all of us were more than a little apprehensive about what is going to happen…the internist left it at "do whatever we want" and the neurologist said "he felt the change would be very beneficial for Brett”. I mentioned Brett lived alone and thankfully Jonathan mentioned to me he didn’t think Brett should be alone while he was being tapered off of his present meds….I had been so stressed about myself that I couldn’t seem to even think of anything else….it certainly sounds selfish but I was feeling so sick and was crying every day….I so desperately needed to take care of me…. I posted 2 pictures of Brett’s apartment last night….it now has a new bed in the living room and Chet and I, and of course the 2 cats, are moving in to be with Brett as he makes this transition….his neurologist said he felt it would be safer if someone was with him the whole time during this time….we feel so much better and I am sure the rest of the family feels better that Brett won’t be alone. I wouldn’t have it any other way….and Bless my husband who married the whole family….

This will put a crimp in our plans with Jon, Erin, Jack and Lilli in April and our visit with Pequena’s family after that…then it was off to Newfoundland…. "We aren’t in", charge is very clear….life happens and I almost had myself convinced that maybe I might just possibly, perhaps start to think about entertaining the slight chance of flying to “The Rock”….this whole Malaysian Air thing is freaky… We will keep you in the loop about our ETL(estimated time to leave) for Newfoundland…. Blessings to you all and thank you one more time for all of your support…. SMOOCH……

21 February month 2014

I think I have finally found my sport to watch..... With all of the things to watch I rely heavily on instant replay because I lose the football when hiked, can't follow the soccer ball...getting a bit better with basketball, have no patience for is impossible to follow when the goals are made....twizzles and triple lutz are lost..all of the somersaults in skiing...well...they're just plain crazy...on and on..... there is my new favorite spectator sport....the rock go just fast enough for me to follow and I get a lot of giggles listening to the jargon in a foreign language....perfect...maybe we will go watch a real live game in Newfoundland this summer.. I have to admit I am ready for the Olympics to be over. I need to get back to my silly shows that I am missing....I think I will not bother you with a long list as we are going to go for a walk.... Blessings to all of you and hope the snow stops soon....XOXO